DESPICABLE! FOX News’ Geraldo Rivera sympathizes with his ‘Muslim brothers,’ NOT the victims of Muslim terrorism in Boston

geraldo-rivera-gerry-riversWell, he DID vote for Barack Hussein Obama for president in 2012, despite claiming to be a Republican, so what can you expect? We thought Fox News host Geraldo Rivera reached the pinnacle of jackassery when he blamed “homegrown anarchists” for Monday’s bombing at the Boston Marathon. But no. He was just getting warmed up.

TWITCHY  Tonight Geraldo is expressing regret not to the victims of the Boston bombers, but to his “Muslim brothers/sisters.”


That’s right. Because what Geraldo really regrets about what transpired in Boston this week is not that four innocent people died or that scores of people got their legs blown off. What totally bugs him is the added “friction” that Muslims will now feel.

Now’s a good time for Muslims to feel pride, he says.