Help stop/limit Muslim immigration into YOUR country

2-16-11-kick-the-muslims-out-europaWe have no way of determining which Muslim supremacists come to the West with the goal of carrying out violent jihad to overthrow secular governments or which ones will be radicalized after they arrive.  It is even harder to spot the stealth jihadists, i.e., CAIR, because they say all the ‘right’ things, then start demanding that non-Muslims comply with their over-the-top religious demands. It is time to  pressure your elected leaders to either stop or significantly limit immigration of Muslims. (Sign your country’s petition below)

Citizen Warrior  (h/t Susan K) When Muslims move to a country, a certain percentage of them start agitating for special considerations. They start to organize and influence the nation politically in a way that is good for Islam and bad for freedom and equality. When the percentage of the Muslims in a nation’s population becomes high enough, freedoms and rights begin to disappear.

Until we have a way of determining who is an Islamic supremacist and who is a heterodox Muslim, no more Muslims should be allowed to immigrate into free countries.

Does this seem extreme? It’s not as bad as it might seem. Each country already chooses who can immigrate and who cannot. We are not under any obligation to allow anyone to immigrate who wants to. They do it with our blessing or they don’t do it. So this policy is simply adding to the already-existing filter.

This is not racist. Islam is not a race; it’s an ideology. The policy of stopping Muslim immigration is simply acknowledging the reality of the Islamic teachings. If you don’t know what Islam teaches, please take the pledge and read the Quran.

There are Muslims who reject the violent and intolerant verses of the Qur’an. But Islam also teaches the principle of “religious deception” (taqiyya) and we have no way of knowing who is sincere and who is deliberately deceiving us.

We should not take the chance, at least until we find some way to discover who genuinely rejects the political goals of Islam and who does not. In the meantime, we should stop all immigration into free countries by Muslims while we can. 

Right now it would be impossible to pass this legislation because too few people know even the most basic precepts of Islam. Until a large percentage of our population knows about Islam, we will not be able to politically protect ourselves from the Islamic invasion now underway.


Stop Muslim Immigration to the U.S.

Stop Muslim Immigration to the UK

Stop Muslim Immigration to Canada

Stop Muslim Immigration to Japan

Stop Muslim Immigration to Australia

Stop moslim immigratie naar Nederland

Stop muslimske indvandring til Danmark

Stop Muslim Immigration to France

Stop Muslim Immigration to Germany

Stop Muslim Immigration to Austria

Stop Muslim Immigration to Norway

Stop Muslim Immigration to Sweden 

Fermiamo l’immigrazione di Musulmani in Italia

Stop Muslim Immigration to Spain

Stop Muslim Immigration to the European Union

Although this petition to the Obama Regime has a snowball’s chance in hell of getting any attention, it’s good to start it now.



In the light of the recent tragedy in Boston, we ask ourselves once again why anyone would commit such diabolical and abominable acts. What could possibly have motivated Dzhokar and Tamerlane Tsarnaev to become terrorists?

Some have blamed social isolation, video games, and the conflict between Chechen separatists and the Russian government. The U.S. has never had boots in Chechnya, in fact, during the 90’s, many American politicians and lobbyists were sympathetic to the cause of Chechen independence. All of these theories have missed the elephant in the room, which is Islam itself.

The basic tenets of Islam mandate sharia law and the subjugation and terror against infidels, in anticipation of the day when all of the Earth becomes “Dar al-Islam”, either through proselytization or force.

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  1. I am a racist and proud of it , I hate all Muslims dirty race horrible people , go back to your own country you complete scum ,dirty stinky race of people . They are all on the fiddle wether it be housing benefit or some other scam , never ever should have let the complete scum in to my country ,remember you will never be English only born here nothing more .

  2. Its good to finally read and find you guys lets leave these people where they are they just cant go to a free counry without causing trouble …I heard they asked putun uf they could put one of their places of worship (hatred schools)un Russia and he said only if we can put a bunch of churches in your country they declined thats the general reasob their isnt much Muslim hatred in Russia

  3. Islam should be stopped now ! I am sick and tired of hearing about Muslims everything about them from honour killings child marriage halal meat women beating the list goes on and on

    • Lets face it ant religion which so dictatorially controls its young to the point are free society has no meaning, leaving are women often pregnant carrying mix race children, that will never know there cultural identity, because the men in question parents spirit the boy in question off to marry there 1st cousins (inbreeding), is a major insult to are culture and are society. and what ever racist slurs or so called insults pail into insignificance, compared to the indignity of having to roll over and let them have there way for the sake of some bleeding heart liberal posh kid knob politician, who hasn’t even the vaguest clue of what is happening to are own culture.

    • Don’t trust your educated decent Muslim neighbour, they will show you the real face of Islam when time comes. Look what happened to yazidi’s. Those smiley peaceful Muslims will change very fast.. Am from India and I know them very well.. Please act fast to save your country..

  4. and please anyone who can find it on internet to sign slovakian petitions against building mosques in Slovakia and also Against immigration of muslims into our country as it very well may become the only place where white non-muslim people can live in peace….ignore the gypsies, they are just minor unpleasentness and can be dealt with later…hopefully……so please help us preserve places which are still ours!!! Slovakia and Japan!!!!

  5. I believe we should herd them into one or two states, close the borders , spread the ebola and to be sure nuke it all! that should take care of two problems…retarded religious nuts and overpopulation, which again seems to be mostly caused by them! I am deeply disgusted and very afraid….that one of these days i lose my already fraying temper and damage some of them beyond repair…..well i can always plead temporary insanity or PMS 😛

  6. they become rich in our counries and then start to kill they are the worse people we ever let in our western countries i am sure!!!!!

  7. Problem is that how do you determine who is Muslim? I am from Muslim family but I am an atheist. How do you proof that I am a Muslim and how am I proof I am an atheist? Even if you ask me what I believe, may b I would lie. Many people don’t know that Sharia is not part of Islam, and this word’ sharia’ is not come from Qur’an. But it is true Qur’an itself is a cruel, racist, inhumane, illogical and non- science book. What we should do is stop all religious schools and colleges, make a legislation to stop to teach all hatred religious verses. So my view is closing the door for any Muslim in Australia is a non-sense idea. Thank you.

    • You can never get rid of all of them, but you can limit their numbers by not knowingly allowing any more to come in. We know that muslims are excellent liars, so if it looks like a muslims, sounds like a muslim, and smells like a muslim, they don’t get in.

      If you are no longer a muslim. you should change your name or someone might kill you.

      • The problem in Canada is that government will not allow anyone to critcize Islam. This video shows a Christian pastor who was being critical of Islam taking control of public schools in Toronto “and the judge sentenced him to prison”. Due to his age and ill health he settled for being forced to study the Koran at a mosque in Brampton for many days. Canadian’s have lost their basic rights to free speech and expression now that they have a police state government that panders to radical Islam. Even the Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau is attending a mosque with his family on weekends. The Human Rights Tribunal courts clearly state that “the truth is no defence” in their courts, if you offend a minority you go to jail, that is the law. Pandering politicians are destroying the quality of life in Canada by pandering to radical Islam, and Canadians live in fear of saying anything about this situation as they could be jailed for speaking up.

  8. As a white woman who is canadian let this be my warning. Islam will not win to take over my country of America! We are blood brothers with the americans. Also Canada and America are 80% Christian in our history. Pretty soon Obama will be impeached as almost ALL the blacks hate him as do almost all whites (the rest dont really matter!). Stay in your moslem nations where you can bred more hate towards anyone not like you, since you are tribal people who have never progressed since the beginning of time!

    • After watching Calgary Alberta Canada police run from Hamas protesters a week ago, I’m concerned about our politicians – police – and military not having the testicular courage to keep Canada safe from Islamic extremists. A Canadian cop would be on his knees bleeding from a beating by a radical Muslim protester “and he’d never pull the trigger” to protect himself “and that is scary”.

    • Hello Jane – I hate to give you the bad news “but Obama is a Muslim” who has very little interest in saving Israel. Obama has declared that the US is no longer a Christian country, that the War Measures Act replaces the Constitution, and he is continually quoting from the Quran. His education was paid for by Islamic billionaires, and he is on a mission to strip all American’s of their right to bear arms.
      On top of this; He bows to Islamic leaders while discreding other world leaders like Harper. The US must get rid of Obama during the next election.

  9. islam IS illegal in Canada , detailing islams criminal intent against Humanity, as well as Islams’ Illegal intent to overthrow govt, laws, replace with islam = jihad law, as stated all thru out the islam jihad guidebook, Koran
    The People are to issue cease and desist ( banning muslims, everything islam ) TO our all schools, our justice and legal systems, our law makers, in our neighborhoods, on our streets . . never legalizing anything islam in Canada , ever

  10. I am muslim and I am proud of being so . My position in this world destroys all your theory . I am proud of being successful man while I am muslim . Thanks god, I never killed an animal to be considered a terrorist by you druggy !!

  11. Islam is a dangerous cult. Quran advocates killing of infidel, stoning of Homosexuals, amputation of limbs and arms for theft. Muslims immigrate or rather migrate to Christian countries, US, Canada, Netherlands, Sweden, Australia, New Zealand, UK from repression in their own country but continue their legacy of cult of hatred against non muslims. 9/11 (US), 27/11 (Mumbai attacks) 7/11 (UK), Spain train bombings, Bali bombings, still attempts are being made by the Islamists for destruction. Iraq, Syria, Egypt are in seize and many will migrate to rich christain countries where they will do the same.

    • Islam is a totalitarian expansionist militaristic sadistic political system that wants to destroy the free world by introducing Sharia Law. “Islam is not a religion”, and we must do everything possible to keep islam from taking control of our nations. There are many good Muslim people on this earth, but we cannot afford to gamble by importing Islam into our society.
      The politicians who pander to the desires of Islam to secure more votes for their political parties, should be charged with treason.
      Also make note that the Campbells soup company of Canada is now using “Halal Muslim meat” in many of their products. Look for the letter “M” in a circle when purchasing their products.

  12. I’m a woman and therefore I feel especially threatened by islam…. I consider this religion as the most oppressive, harmful and aggressive of them all. I don’t believe in any god, but if I had to, allach is the last one I’d choose. I want to live in SECULAR, FREE, NON-HIJAB, WELL-DEVELOPED EUROPE. If Europe turns muslim, I’ll move to Antarctica.

    • Based on the fact that every European country has fallen to Islam, especially Britain that has Sharia courts and Muslim “no go zones”, I’d say that all industrialized countries should be on guard for Islams intensions of taking over the world and introducing Sharia law. There are some good Muslim people, but I still feel that all Muslim immigration should be stopped “as a safe guard”. Now that the US has a Muslim president, “who has declared that the US is no longer a Christian nation”, I think there is much to worry about.

    • In Canada the politicians are pandering to radical Islam to secure votes for their parties, while the police are afraid of Islam. Canada recently had three violent protests by radical Islamic groups “and not one person was arrested”.

    • you are welcome in Slovakia! they will NEVER get us! We are currently possibly one of the last european countries where you do not have mosques ( and we are fighting still against it) and we dont make life for them easy either. We do with them as we always dealt with gypsies…..and with anyone else who threatens our christian country and our way of life!

  13. A cult is: a system of religious veneration and devotion directed towards a particular figure or object.

    So what are you doing here exactly? Directing Christianity towards Muslims in countries? Does that make you a cult? Last time I checked, this would come under hate speech in many different countries actually and Christianity as a religion does not allow hatred now does it? Also, you really think you petition would anything? Realize the fact that there are a lot of Muslims could start a petition against your idea.
    We are all humans and each religion and country has had it’s weak moments in history where not all men or women in that race or religion were bad. Not all Germans were Jew blood seeking monsters. In fact, many Germans helped to rescue and save Jewish men, women and children. Christians sacrificed children that were sold into slavery during the Children’s crusade. We have all had bad pasts. Just like humans, we all make mistakes that haunt us. It’s just the fact right now that Muslims are going through this moment.
    Do you realize that some Muslim politicians are actually good and that you would never realize that because of your fear of them taking over? Maybe if you look at everyone with open eyes, you will see the real reason behind it. I mean even if the Muslims are voting for their own religion, aren’t you voting for yours too?
    Look at everything from two points. I have been taught that Christianity is a peaceful religion and this website does not highlight that and has instead played against that.I am blessed to have been born and raised in Canada where everyone has an open mind and we are taught to respect everyone, no matter their religion and culture. I am blessed to have been raised in a country where nothing else but you as a human matters. As for our country being broke we are not. In fact we were hit the least by the recession. We have a great economic plan. Give Canada a bit of credit please.
    If you think that all Muslims are bad since they defend their religion, then realize that it might be because you yourself are making them become defendant. What if someone was to say ill words about your religion? Stereotype you by ill actions that others had done an you had not been part of? Would you not defend?
    It is one’s actions that should be the reason as to why he or she is disliked not their religion. I am not pinpointing that it is all the Westerners are bad and the rest good. Some are bad and extremists indeed. But on the other hand, if fires were fought and extinguished with fire, we would not need the fire department and fire hydrants. Fighting fire with fire will only create more fire. Maybe even battles and wars and world peace can never be a reality. One has to be the bigger person and find ways to SOLVE THE PROBLEM not make it WORSE.

    • Well, these three documents pretty much lay out the Muslim plan of attack:

      “The Project” dated December 1, 1982
      “An Explanatory Memorandum On the General Strategic Goal for the Group In North America” dated May 22, 1991
      The Underground Movement Plan

      Then there’s the Qur’an, Hadith and SIra. Yikes!

      The organizational structure of the Muslim Brotherhood covers all the bases and they’re doing a good job infiltrating society, especially with the help of liberals and sympathizers.

      We can look at Europe, especially England, to see the future. It’s very obvious to anyone with two brain cells to rub together what’s going on. Islam is an organized invasion and must be stopped at all costs.

      Hitler’s problem was trying to do things the old way. He should have declared being a Nazi a religion and should have made up visions and written a book. Then, he should have infiltrated societies and taken over that way. No one would dare stand up to him.

    • I know for a fact that many Muslims are good people with no intensions of forcing Sharia Law on industrialized countries. Unfortunately! there is a percentage of Muslims who are radicals and extremists, and for that reason we must stop all Muslim immigration as soon as possible. Up in Canada the pandering to islam is totally out of control, as government is even now jailing Christian pastors who openly criticize Islam taking over public schools. See YouTube video: EZRA LEVANT INTERVIEWS MAN SENTENCED TO ISLAM. The Liberal party leader in Canada is even attending a mosque every week, to secure the Muslim vote for his political party, see YouTube video: JUSTIN TRUDEAU PANDERS TO RADICAL ISLAM.
      Any politicians who panders to Islam should be charged with treason.

    • As we in Canada watch what is happening all across Europe, we would have to be e
      idiots to believe that the Muslim population here, along with the ones awaiting decision on their immigration applications have different plans for us. As for Western countries making Islam followers `defendant`, how do you explain war in the Mid East that has been non stop since 3500 BCé Muslims have been fighting amongst themselves for 6000 years and are still going at it. They already hold relatively small numbers in Canada, yet have major crimes criminal cases before the court and are demanding to be judged by Sharia, rather than the Canadian Criminal Code. The way to solve the problem is to keep Muslims out. While our Constitution and Charters protects everyone in their religious beliefs, it does not protect actions, which based on the Criminal Code are illegal. Canada won`t be bouncing Muslims faster than you can say `snap` on religious grounds anyway. We will be bouncing and barring entry based on the political system and law set out in your Holy Books. It`s a lot easier to attack a political group, or law breakers than it is to persecute a religion.

      • Hello Steve – Canada has just gone through three violent Islamic protests where people were injured and taken to hospital “with not one charge being laid by police”. Canada’s politicians and police are afraid of radical Islam, just like in all European countries.

    • Canada – I think you need to do more research on the impact of the migration of islam. I suggest you have your eyes closed. Research will reveal destabilisation in migrant countries. Islam cannot integrate with societies that don’t hold the same belief, please research the Koran. Under the guise of religious tolerance and democracy, the precepts of islam are infiltrating western society. This is what’s causing the problem. What causes anger is that doors in countries have been graciously opened to receive muslims but it’s clear they’re not willing to adopt western precepts, simply because they can’t. While people like yourself desire all humanity to be able to live in peace, it’s clearly not happening. We can’t ignore this. The word islamization is used for a reason. Muslims can’t live any other way.

  14. OH Canada, please for your true people, please don’t let this happen, Muslim are not HUMANS THAT LOVE, THEY FUCK TO KILL AND KILL TO FUCK. While you guys are going to let these people that hate this country so much move in, they will try to change us, PLEASE as a true CANADIAN look out for the people that builded this country, not for the ones that will destroy it….

    • Muslims have become Canadas chosen immigrants, why do you think they are getting financial help to build mosques? Why do you think Justin Trudeau is reporting to a mosque every week to pray to Alah? Canadian politicians are too blind to see what Muslim immigration has done to Europe, and don’t seem to care less about what their grandchildrens futures wll be like living under an Islamic government. The average Canadian of European ancestry hasn’t got the testicular courage to even confron government about the money being spent each year to finance their excessive immigration policies, and that’s borrowed money from China.

      Over 900,000 Canadians visit food banks evey month in Canada according to a report last week. If that is the case, why is government spending 23 billion dollars each year on immigration? Why are elderly Canadians being forced to work to age 67 to get an Old Age Pension? The government says the country is broke, and must increase the retirement age to pay down the debt. I think they are cheating the people who built Canada to raise money for their excessive immigration policies.

      There are some very good Muslim people, they are not all radicals, “but”…
      when they go to the election stations they will vote for a Muslim candidate, and that’s what will result in Canada becoming an Islamic state. Belgium and London will have an Islamic government very soon, it’s unavoidable.

  15. Some facts about Islam
    I am a Muslim and after reading the topic, I just wanted to write some facts.
    1. Women in Islam. Women are regarded inferior to men in Islam as you all know. Their rights and duties are well defined. Main features are:-
    a)They get half of inheritance from their father/mother as compared to their brothers.
    b)They are only allowed to marry one man at a time whereas a man is allowed to keep four wives at a time (plus unlimited number of slave girls).
    c)Their pattern of getting divorce is much more difficult as compared to men.
    d)They are not allowed to get out of their homes unless ‘necessary’
    e) They are to cover their heads all the time (covering face is not necessary)

    2. Dogs. Dog is not considered a very good animal in Islam (probably due to disease caused by mad-dog bite). However, it is allowed to keep them for guarding the house (doberman) or herding (german shepherds). Accounts of killing dogs are also written but now it is not necessary and they can be kept in houses. However, horses, donkeys, camels, sheep, goats, cows etc all are favourite animals of Muslims.

    3. Jihad (War). The ultimate goal of Muslims is to converts whole earth into a Muslim land. In order to pursue this objective they are continuously struggle throughout their lives. However, when a non-Muslim government blocks such attempt (everyone protect its culture right?), a Muslim government is to give them 3 options:-
    a) become Muslim
    b) If you want to remain non-Muslim, then leave the government of the area for Muslims and pay taxes under Muslim rule.
    c) Get ready for war
    During the war (most likely scenario?), it is totally not allowed to kill women, children or older people, civilian men not participating in war, trees or crops. However fighting should not stop unless the opponents have been considerably weakened.
    After the victory, non-Muslims who want to remain as such have all the liberty to do so and their life, property and places of worship should not be harmed. They have to pay taxes as they normally do. However, they cannot be president of the state so they are 2nd class citizens as such. For a muslim, if he does not do jihad, even then he can be a muslim, it is not compulsory to do jihad.

    4. War by ones own?. It is forbidden for a Muslim to kill anyone (Muslim or non-Muslim) or wage war unless he is defending himself. It is only the prerogative of the government to do so. All these jihadis are doing the exact opposite so they have no such claim from islam. They are infidels and barabarics, lowly of the lows.

    5. Relations with Non-Muslims. According to Muslims, non-Muslims are impure, infidel etc. and keeping friendship with them especially with jews and christians is totally not allowed. Nor should Muslims keep any love for them in their hearts; otherwise they will be considered among them. Muslims should not eat with them unless they have no other option. Meal cooked by them should be avoided.

    6. Moderate Muslims?. There is nothing like a moderate Muslim, if anyone tells u he is just saying bullshit. He has all the faith in above things I mentioned. He is simply a non-performing Muslim just like many christians who does not attend church etc. but there is a reasonable possibility that at some stage in his life he may start practicing his religion. So for a non-Muslim, he should always be seen with suspicion.

    The list is endless but from above, it is very clear that non-Muslims and Muslims cannot co-exist with each other. Western values and Muslim values are totally opposite to each other, it is a fact. If western governments think that Muslims will assimilate with their culture, no sir it will not happen. A substantial number of them will keep on doing the same things as they are doing. Islam gives them a complete code from birth to death which is totally different from western culture. I support following actions:-
    a) Completely ban Muslim immigration
    b) Deport all Muslims already living there (they should not be living in a non-Muslim country in the first place). This is the only way to stop terrorism and crime in west
    c) Ask your governments to ban oil imports from Arab countries to strip them from money going to terrorist groups (Try american and Russian oil) and find other sources of energy. Business relations can be resumed once they stop their anti west activities.
    d) Dont intervene between Muslims fighting Muslims, let them sort out their wars themselves and save western tax payers money from wastage.
    e) If any Muslim country wages war against non-Muslim country, try to support that country and teach that Muslim country a lesson.
    f) Ban construction of mosques in your countries.
    e) After deportations, remaining Muslim should be told to live as Western society lives. They can keep their faith but only with themselves, stop preaching Islam to others (Preaching Christianity is already banned in almost all muslim countries and punishment for a Muslim convert is ‘death’)

    Only in this way you will save your countries and children from terrorism and also your western culture. As far as we Muslims are concerned, we will keep on fighting among ourselves and killing each others throats, but atleast you people will be safe. I am a Muslim but I am so much fed up with all what is going on in your countries and my country :(.
    Lastly if you have some money left after doing all this, try to support those Muslim groups who are anti-Jihadis and terrorists so that one day we may also live in our countries with peace.

  16. In Canada, and most likely in every industrialized nation, politicians pander to privilaged minority groups to secure more votes for their party. In Canada government spends 23 billion borrowed dollars each year to support their excessive immigration policies. Liberal leader Justin Trudea is so desperate for the Muslim vote that he reports to a mosque every week to pray, he even dresses like a Muslim, and even brings his wife and mother-in-law. This is how hard politicians are kissing Muslim ass for their votes. See Ezra Levant youtube video on Justin Trudeau.

  17. What’s your point? Showing how all us “haters” and “islamophobes” are correct in stating that infidelophobia is allah/mo-proscribed? Ayat 9 contradicts ayat 7. Also “must read” tafsir makes it clear that only allah/mo will make allies of “enemies” who fight islam. Fight is a strange word for “must read” tafsir makes it clear that fight, according to mo/allah is simply rejecting his bronze age arab tribalism. Refusing to convert to your chosen insanity and refusing to “respect” your insanity are per mo/allah’s definition “fighting.”

    Rejecting beliefs or ideas is not fighting. Kicking mohammadan ass is fighting, but the “enemies” who are being ripped apart in all of surah 60 were folks who rejected lunatic mo and his insane bleatings. Yes, they probably did (and rightfully so) verbally abuse him, but that is not “fighting.”

    So, thank you for, clarifying why we wholeheartedly reject you, your bronze age tribalism and rightfully call you dangerous, tricky, and dishonest snake oil peddlers.

  18. I love my country i love europe . What they want; why they come in europe ; they mudt go back they must leave now before is too late for europe for democracy

  19. In Canada the Liberal Party Leader Justin Trudeau is now reporting to a mosque every week to pray to Alah, all in the name of securing the Muslim votes for his political party. Mr. Trudeau knows very well that the Koran calls for the death of Gays, Jews, and Infidels, but yet he continues to worship in mosques. One of my best friends is a Muslim, but I still feel that all Muslim immigration to Canada must be stopped. I’m an old man who fears that my grandchildren will some day live in a country governed by Islamic rule and the Koran.

  20. Siiiiii1907 – The problem is all you muzz-scum are in the West because you like what we have, but guess what?? your lot ain’t getting it !! so get the message-and get it REAL, (and it goes something like this)…..GO FUCKING BACK TO WHERE YOU CAME FROM!!! and take all your filthy unwashed uneducated relatives with you, we don’t want you in the West…we want you in the East.

  21. Chris.Curran: Son of a bitch .
    how you can you insult our prophet? All you racist little band who can not tolerate Muslims hate Muslims as much as you want but do not forget that this site is public and even Muslims can read your comment ignoble, reading all this do not be surprised that white people are still persecuted, along with your comment you insulted us so that we too will hate the little white America, France, Germany … Do not forget that this is not about Islam he must throw the blame on Muslims but because Islam is perfect but not all Muslims. There are good Muslims in his country, but with your comment you become the beginning of the source of their hatred towards you. Thank you for these people here who tolerates and defend Islam without insult, the rest going to fuck you.


    • Go fuck a camel (I know your scripture allows you to, you perverted non-humans). You are so afraid of women that you have to hide them away in tents and rob them of all their rights, and individuality, and freedom. You are not men, you are pussy cowards, and you are the cancer of the earth.

      You are never going to get Europe. We are civilised people and not desert rats, and we might be slow, but when push comes to shove, you will not have a fucking chance to spread your disease on this continent.

      Fuck Allah and fuck your pedophile prophet.

  23. LOL u fucking bunch of losers u think you live in jungle kick a muslims from country do you think is simple and easy ?? there no law and justice ?? keepin dreaming you racist pricks do you know your racism and hatred keep us strongers

  24. Islam is a totalitarian ideology. while there are peaceful muslims they are not peaceful because they follow islam as islam’s core beliefs are that muslims are the best of peoples & are not to be dominated but to dominate over the whole world. Those that are peaceful are like that because of their individual character or personality, not because they follow the “peaceful” & “tolerant” verses of the koran which have been abrogated & is not valid for that time in history but is meant to be for all time. Those who deny that the koran is a book of hate & intolerance themselves are propergating islam & further helping their agenda. I myself would be willing to accept that a few verses can be “misinterpreted” or “taken out of context” but not over 100+ verses… Yes you do find violent & intolerant verses in the Old Testament or Tora but those were about that period in time where as the koran says its for all time. Christians have moved along from those violent & intolerant verses/thinking & now follow the New Testament & the way Jesus Christ behaved in those times where as those muslims who go around beheading & doing all those barbaric actions are just following their fake prophet moHAMmed. To put this perspective just compare how Jesus Christ led his life & the way that murdering, pedophilic, thieving gangsta moHAMmed behaved & taught.. He started out good but when he couldnt convince ordinary sane people that he was a prophet he then began to do those evil things which are described in the koran & not made up… We must save our country from this cancer as you can see already that Europe is already too late & will have islamic states in a few more decades because of immigration & they out breed the host nations native people. Just look at the problems they have on the streets with them. The worst part is those muslims who aren’t really following the koran to the letter are just sitting on the fences quiet as a mouse afraid to speak against their fellow co-religionists… so they infact are just as guilty for what happens to the rest of us non-muslims.. so sad they also use the concept of
    Quran 3:28: enjoins Muslims not to take the company of non-Muslims over Muslims unless as a means of safeguarding themselves. “Let not the believers take those who deny the truth for their allies in preference to the believers – since he who does this cuts himself off from God in everything – unless it be to protect yourself against them in this way…”[10] Regarding 3:28, Ibn Kathir, a prominent authority writes, “meaning, except those believers who in some areas or times fear for their safety from the disbelievers. In this case, such believers are allowed to show friendship to the disbelievers outwardly, but never inwardly.” He quotes Muhammad’s companion, Abu Ad-Darda’, who said “we smile in the face of some people although our hearts curse them,” and Al-Hasan who said “the Tuqyah is acceptable till the Day of Resurrection.”[11]… Anyway, i myself fear for my 2 boys lives in the future but hope to GOD they rise up & defeat this cancer in anyway possible..

  25. Islamic world domination, I’d like to see how they go in China, their not infected with the political correct disease, in fact in 50 years time when you are tired of living under Sharia law, you will probably have to migrate to China, let’s face it they will never let those fanatical creeps dominate their society.

  26. We don’t worship our prophet. we’re just trying to follow his teachings and respect him as a messenger of Allah just like Jesus and Moses (PBUH)

    I know there are some misconceptions about punishments in Islamic law. take for instance “chop off the hand of a thief”, Islam is brutal right? but it is not just to execute it blindly. State first make sure that there should be no proverty in the society and everyone is doing Job.
    This 3 minute video explains what I’m trying to say

    About executing “The Enemy”. Who is the enemy? if you mean no harm to me or my relegion you are not my enemy and I’m not allow to hurt you, according to Islam. This was my actual point and I explained that in my above reply to Istanbul_Chick too.

    You asked about

    child marriages: Islam says if a person, when reaches to his/her adult age is permissible to marry. before that age, impermissible! and without his/her will, impermissible!

    Dog killings: impermissible in Islam

    Animal Abuse: people eat meat. Islam tells a way how to slay (HILAL) an animal before eating it.

    Women’s rights: Islam gives full rights to a woman. Its sad that few muslims don’t follow this rule but a true muslim is liable to give rights to his wife, his daughter and his mother. support them both financially and morally.

    Muslim immigrants harrasing people in europe? I never go to europe but this seems to me totally unbelievable. converse may be true. An example, Europe (France and few others) banned woman to wear veil/Hijab. However, still, If there are muslim boys raping women of europe, They don’t know true meaning of Islam and in a true Islamic society they would be executed. (as per Islam’s so called brutal punishment)

    There’s nothing like Taqiyya in Islam. We are not allow to deceive anyone irrespective of what relegion he/she follows. I’m a freelancer working as a webmaster for few website owned by Jews and christians. I have all the passwords and confidential information. I take care of those information more than my own. I’m not saying I’m nicest person of the world I do take care of there information because my relegion tells me to do so and If I misuse that info I’ll be guilty and punishable according to Islam.

    Whole idea for this speech is to not to judge Islam based on muslims around you, study ISLAM on your own. Allah may help you.

    • Blah, blah, blah…

      Here is a translation of Hasan’s typical mohammadan supremacist taqiyya.

      “Don’t believe what you actually read in quran. Only believe what I tell you is in it. Don’t believe what your eyes show you. Only believe what I tell you that you see. Read quran for yourself, but remove your brain and believe not what the words tell you it means but what I tell you the words mean. If you disagree with what I am telling you think you are a racist.”

    • Respect, worship, whatever. Do you think semantics makes following a pedophile warlord’s sick teachings is any better?

      Misconceptions? Really. You must be a pro stand up comedian. How can “chop off the hand of a thief” be interpreted any other way? It can’t. And what makes you think that you can justify this method of punishment, or any other method of punishment, by trying to sell off how great your welfare system is when you have none..
      Who do you think you are trying to fool here?

      Have you looked around lately? Towards the islamic states? Asia? Europe? No? Then it’s about time. Christians, Jews, and apostates/atheists alike are being persecuted and slaughtered. If you leave Islam the punishment is death.

      Europe is having a delightful time with peaceful Islam. There are rape waves in Scandinavia of girls just because they are blonde. People are being driven out of their neighbourhoods because they are being harassed by muslims for being too western looking, girls are dying their hair dark to be left alone, people are forced to move because their once safe neighbourhood is being turned in to a muslim ghetto. Creating slums; they even manage to do that in one of the wealthiest countries in the world. And these are your so called ‘moderate’ muslims, these are not the people you would label ‘terrorists’. Although this is terrorism of a different kind. A worse kind.

      Do you seriously think that a 9-10 year old girl is ready to marry and have sex? And most likely with a 50 year old pervert at that? Then you, sir, are as sick as the rest of you.

      Dog killings: In Islam the dog is considered a filthy beast. One of the hadiths in the Sunnah of Bukhari is very clear regarding the attitude of the prophet Mohammed towards dogs: Bukhari, Volume 4, Book 54, Number 540: Narrated ‘Abdullah bin ‘Umar: “Allah’s Apostle ordered that the dogs should be killed.”

      We see examples of muslims, even children, having fun torturing dogs with fire and gasoline, or beatings with sticks, often to death. There have been waves of dog killings in several European countries. Tell me again how much you love dogs.

      Animal abuse: Halal IS animal abuse. The animal suffers greatly for minutes, before dying, just because of your delusional beliefs of needing to slice the animal to pieces, alive, before you can eat it. What part of suffering do you not conceive as abuse?

      Women’s rights: The woman cannot walk outside alone without a male chaperon, and she is covered from head to toe in a tent. In some countries she’s not even allowed to drive. Do you call that rights? The Quran speaks nothing but down towards women; they are lesser worth, a curse, a possession.

      Two examples:

      Wives in Islamic societies face great difficulty in asking for divorce, but husbands can be released from their vows virtually on demand, in some places merely by saying “I divorce you” three times. Many muslim women stay in unhealthy marriages out of fear of poverty and losing their children as the husband usually wins the custody.

      Rape victims are often punished as adulterers(!!). This is because rape can only be proven if the rapist confesses or she has four male witnesses. Now, how often do you think that happens? Women basically stand no chance if they are raped.

      Even the Quran describes how women are lesser humans and must be beaten into submission.

      “Men are in charge of women by [right of] what Allah has given one over the other and what they spend [for maintenance] from their wealth. So righteous women are devoutly obedient, guarding in [the husband’s] absence what Allah would have them guard. But those [wives] from whom you fear arrogance – [first] advise them; [then if they persist], forsake them in bed; and [finally], strike them. But if they obey you [once more], seek no means against them. Indeed, Allah is ever Exalted and Grand.”

      Qur’an (4:11) – (Inheritance) “The male shall have the equal of the portion of two females” (see also verse 4:176).

      Qur’an (2:228) – “and the men are a degree above them [women]”

      Concerning ‘the enemy’: (Do I really have to spoon-feed you your own scripture?)
      Quran (2:191-193) – “And slay them wherever ye find them, and drive them out of the places whence they drove you out, for persecution [of Muslims] is worse than slaughter [of non-believers]… but if they desist, then lo! Allah is forgiving and merciful. And fight them until persecution is no more, and religion is for Allah.”
      Eradicate anything non-muslim.
      Quran (3:151) – “Soon shall We cast terror into the hearts of the Unbelievers, for that they joined companions with Allah, for which He had sent no authority”.
      This speaks of polytheists, but also Christians (trinity).
      Quran (8:12) – “I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them”
      Don’t even give me ‘spiritual struggle’ on this one.

      You never go to Europe so you don’t know anything about what’s going on there..? First off, you don’t have to go somewhere in order to know about it. Read the news, look it up. Secondly, if you don’t know what is going on in Europe, why the hell are you commenting on it?

      Do not try to deny Taqiyya in Islam. It is a written practice in the Quran that is encouraged in order to further the religion of Islam. I’ve also seen it in practice countless times in my own country.

      ‘Allah may help me’? No, fuck your Allah; your imaginary friend doesn’t mean a thing to me.

      • Yes I looked around all over the world I see blood of Muslims everywhere in Bosnia, Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India…
        and recently thousands of Muslims killed in Barma. I don’t deny that if few muslims are doing wrong things in your society or bringing terror. Those are not true muslims and Islam doesn’t teach that.

        What you have quoted is all over the blogs posted by anti-islamic group. let me try to clarify it:


        (CONTENT DELETED. You don’t mean “clarify,” you mean obfuscate. This space is for comments, not teaching a version of the quran that justifies and/or excuses all the violence in it. —BNI)


        You are right I don’t need to go to Europe to see whats happening there, Its all over the internet when I searched I found this

        – The most significant tragedy in Europe since the Holocaust was the war in the former Yugoslavia where 200,000 Bosnian Muslims were the victims of a widespread, government sponsored campaign of ethnic cleansing by Serbian armed forces and civilians.(Don’t pull that ‘victim’ card, here. Stupid Clinton fought on the WRONG side of that war. We should have helped the Serbs, who helped us in WWII, get rid of all you muslims. You killed as many Serbs as they killed you and its too bad the Serbs were not able to finish the job. I have posted many stories and photos of the muslim massacres of Serbs. muslims need to be ethnically cleansed from all Western countries. –BNI)

        – Blasphemous activities solely to hurt feelings of muslims in the name of freedom of speech.(You call it blasphemy, we call it the TRUTH and we don’t care if it hurts your stupid feelings –BNI)

        – Ban Muslim girls to wear Hijab. Europe is liberal? (Wearing masks is a security risk, especially from muslims –BNI)

        – Treating Muslims as Alians. Racist ? (What ‘race’ is Islam? muslims shouldn’t be treated as aliens but as invaders–BNI)

        – Reports was saying Europe’s Muslims Get to be the Continent’s New Jews (In your dreams, raghead. Jews never terrorized the Germans. They didn’t live off welfare. They never demanded Germany make special accommodations for their religion. They were some of the most productive citizens of Germany, not a drain on society as muslims are. –BNI)

        – Even US criticises (in front of camera) anti-Muslim sentiment in Europe and Asia. (If by the US, you mean Obama, he is a Muslim, what do you expect? And Hillary Clinton is paid shill of the Saudis. The majority of Americans now HATE muslims, according to polls. –BNI)

        Btw Why can’t Europe stop muslims (less than 25%) in the continent from accusing you? Instread Islam in Europe increased 142.35% since 1989 [U.N.] (That’s why white people are running away from Europe in droves. The people there hate muslims too, but their leaders are importing muslim filth who drain their economies in order to gain votes. –BNI)

        All I’m struggling here is to clarify you and all reader’s minds that Islam doesn’t teach us offense. If few muslims in your society doing it in the name of Islam, they are wrong. Yes, they are wrong and should be punished. (Muslims causing violence are behaving like good muslims according to the quran. We are not Europe. We have guns and will fight back the Muslim plague before we turn into Europe. —BNI)

        Thank you Irene for letting me search more into Islam as it made my beleifs more firmed!

        • “This is not true islam”.
          Do you have the slightest idea how many times we have heard that exact excuse? And that’s all it is; a poor, bullshit excuse.
          So let me yet again ask you this: Why hasn’t a single muslim risen up and spoken *against* these things? Against child marriages, dog killings, animal abuse (Halal), the theft of women’s rights? And every other grotesque act committed in the name of Allah or the prophet? Not ONE of you has stood up and condemned these things and actively fought to abolish these abominations. Not one.

          So you can keep serving us the same lies and nonsense again and again, on repeat, but that doesn’t make it any less true. Can you comprehend that?

          And fuck your ‘offence’. Muslims are offended by everything and anything non-muslim or western. And in the civilised part of the world, being offended is just a childish whine. Offending someone is not a crime. So perhaps muslims should grow up and put on their big boy pants for once.

          If you are so offended by democracy, why do you live in democratic countries? If you are offended by dogs, pigs, a woman’s hair, women having actual rights, people enjoying alcohol, people mocking your pedophile prophet because they think pedophilia is disgusting, well, then why don’t you just go live in islamic states where you can slaughter, rape, abuse, enslave, and murder as much as it pleases you, without the world’s (not yet) interference?

          What gives YOU the right to tell us in our own countries how to live our lives??!

          Besides critique of Islam is not an offence, it’s a valid questioning of your ideology; it’s freedom of speech. And you respond to that, not with words and intelligence, but with violence and threats. The definition of barbarism.

          Yes, you go find out why muslims are so goddamn offended by everything. I’ll give you some keywords along your way; political ideology, the Quran, totalitarianism, and some good old mental illness.
          Good luck!

    • well how about quoting a bible here for a bit…shall we? i like this one : EYE FOR AN EYE…how about that, hmmm? Your people raped and abused over 1400 girls and boys (underage) in the UK so how about we do the same thing to your kiddies? Would you like that? But we do it with broom sticks instead…just to be on the safe side….Hmmm, sick isnt it? Another one is : DO UNTO THE OTHERS AS YOU WISH THEM DO UNTO YOU! Well that one is beautifull…we should all do to them what they are doing to us…force some religions on them they dont want, call them racist considering that white british population in London is now only 49% i think we do have right for it….maybe to throw in some ethnic cleansing as a cherry on top of the cake….NOW HOW ABOUT THAT?!!!!

  27. Well, You guys are right about one thing. Its your country and you are free to ban whoever you like to. However I don’t understand why so hateful comments against Islam. People who are killing innocent people can not be Muslims and are not Muslims. Islam does not say that, Not in Quran not in Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) sayings not even a single place said Muslims to kill civilians based on their religion. Even in the WAR Muslims are said not to damage Tress, plants, Places of worship, woman, children and not even the people who are not fighting against you. If some Muslim does that he or she is not a MUSLIM and believe me most of the Muslims are having same thoughts. People who are doing so in the name of Islam are doing wrong and you can not blame Islam for that.

    Islam does not even allow Muslims to convert someone into Islam by force. Islam just says us to give them a message what what we believe is right and what is wrong. Its then their will to follow whatever they want to. Its not like if they don’t agree kill them. It’s totally a wrong concept.

    On the other hand Who in this world is suffering the most. Muslims! from Turkey to Indonesia. you can not imagine how many Muslims killed in a day. A family living happily in my country, not involved in any terrorist activity, was all of sudden killed in a US Drone Attack against terrorism. A boy left alive among his dead family. What was he thinking? Do they deserve that? Who he can blame to? Does any of you experience such feelings? He may try to kill some innocent people in your country in revenge BUT He will still be wrong according to ISLAM.

    Terrorism and labeling it with Islam is done by a purpose driven group and few stupid people called themselves Muslims are helping them out. Please try to see both sides of the picture.

    • What a load of bullshi’ite. *That’s why* “all the hate.”

      mein kuranmpf, hadith and sira are *FULL* of open-ended commands to kill kuffar. Not just “those who are fighting you.” In fact, mein kuranmpf makes it clear those who simply reject mo and his sock puppet allah, are “fighting” against islam. Sira is chock full of mo’s hatred for “the other.” (Other are kaffar. Period. Not “kaffar who are hurting, killing, harming blah, blah…asslifters).

      You are egregious liars. Your unholy texts are full of hatred for those who reject your bronze age bullshi’ite. Yet all of you assholes claim “oh it’s not in kuran and those who kill ‘innocents’ are not muslims, we’re the victims whaaaaaaa.”

      At least the mohammadan supremacists who rape, beat, subjugate and murder non-mohammadans are honest about what your unholy bronze age bullshi’ite is all about.

      • This was the whole idea I was talking about. “Just Killing Kuffar” is not ISLAM. those open ended commands are not open ended those are related to contexts and conditions. Reading those verses along with post and pre verses will give you the full picture. You’re in your home without any intention to fight and I kill you because Quran gives me command to do so is totally INCORRECT.

        A 2 minute video may clear my point to you

        I don’t know what kind of experience did you get from Muslims but my point here is to don’t judge ISLAM by muslims. You might have had encountered muslims with wrong concept or making Quran used for their own mean. I agree they are wrong, may Allah show them the right path but ISLAM itself is not the relegion of killing people. Try to study Quran by yourself. May Allah help you.

        • “This was the whole idea I was talking about. “Just Killing Kuffar” is not ISLAM. those open ended commands are not open ended those are related to contexts and conditions. Reading those verses along with post and pre verses will give you the full picture. ”

          Funny thing that you’re not screeching the usual “kuran is clear perfect and for all people for *ALL TIME” mantra. It’s not convenient for your argument right now so you’re biting your tongue.

          The claim that your unholy tome is clear and perfect and for all time makes null and void the argument that those “commands are not open ended those are related to contexts and conditions.”

          But let’s look at the “conditions.” allah the impotent arabic bronze age bogey man makes it clear (especially in the Medinan surahs) that rejecting mo and his sock puppet allah are one of those “conditions and contexts” that make is not just permissible but compulsory for you ass lifting supremacists to kill, rape, enslave, and extort money from “the other.” There are well over 100 ayats that have no “context” or “conditionals” nor were they narratives about “certain people in a certain situation.” They are nothing but allah’s ranting about who he hates, why he hates, what he will do to them “in the next life” and what you ass lifting supremacists should do to them in this life. The ones allah hates in those ayats were not “people who were attacking mo” or “attacking muslims.” They were nothing more than non-believers in mo’s bullshi’ite.

          That you read that bullshi’ite along with the scant few topically “peaceful” ayats, coupled with the loathsome behavior of mo recorded for all time in hadith *AND* sira, and still claim islam is all peace and love shows what a colossal lying asshole you are or the profundity of your cognitive dissonance.

          My guess is that like most mohammadan supremacists you’re just an egregiously lying asshole.

          Again, these lies, this bullshi’ite is why “all the hate.”

          And not “judging islam by the muslims” is like not judging naziism “because of the nazis.” That’s such a logically false and childish argument.

    • Why so hateful comments? Are you kidding me? You prophet was a pedophile warlord and he is worshipped by every single muslim on the planet. How can that even be rationalized?

      Your ‘holy’ scriptures allow punishments (for meaningless things as apostasy, alleged adultery, blasphemy, etc) such as stonings, hangings, mutilation, and beheadings. The entire mission of Islam is to defeat all non-muslims and crush democracy and freedom. This is all in the Quran. There are over 100 verses in the Quran about slaying and how to mutilate ‘the enemy’.

      So how do you even dare to speak of Islam as a peaceful religion who never harms anything or anyone? And in addition play islamists as the victims who are the ones suffering? From your grotesque violent and destructive death cult?

      Let me ask you this: Why hasn’t a single muslim risen up and spoken *against* these things? Against child marriages, dog killings, animal abuse (Halal), the theft of women’s rights? Among so many other things you manage to bring to the table.
      That’s right: Not one of you has stood up and condemned these things and actively fought to abolish these abominations. Not one.

      Terrorism is not just about bombs. It’s about the little sneaky things you bring to Europeans countries. People are being driven out of their neighbourhoods because of the growing immigration population of muslims. They are being harassed just for having blonde hair or dressing in their regular western way, or simply just for being a western ethnic. You are the racists, and you dare to wave the racist card wherever you bloody go.
      There are pedophile circles, and rape waves committed by muslims gangs throughout Europe and muslims boys are proudly saying that the women here deserve it. Because they are whores and pieces of meat. Lesser worth.

      So you can take your lies and deceit elsewhere. Thinking people will not fall for your bull any more.

      Your comment just reeks of Taqiyya. Reeks.

  28. Islamic terrorist attack in Europe!

    England under the base of mass Muslims.. It is yet another Islamic betrayal of the host country that unfortunately allows an unlimited inflow of Muslims and hard on the road to self-destruction. We are talking about the fundamentals of Islam. It is certain that the blood of halal is a Kafir. That is clear. As it says in the law. No one can disagree on that. That line can be found in the Quran and the Sunnah. The question is what consequences this has in practice.

    Koran; Chapter 2, verse 191: and slay them, where you met them and drives them out, from where they have turned you out; because persecution is worse than slaughter. And fight them not near the Sacred Mosque, before they fight you in it. But if they fight you fight them-so is the retribution for the disbelievers.

    Koran; Chapter 5, verse 33: the retaliation those who war against God and his messengers, and there strive to create mischief in the land, is only that they be killed or crucified, or that their hands and their feet one right and the other links, are cut off, or that the country be expelled. That will be a shame for them in this world and in the hereafter they will be a great chastisement.
    Here we go again, on to the next attack or riot, islam is peace? (said the imam during the daily teatime)
    No Sir Cameron, islam is the Arabic word for ‘ submission ‘.

    The massive riots in Stockholm is in fact much more frightening than the Cleaver murder in London … from where so that slack language, Cameron? There is nothing to find vreedzaams in the Islamic faith, all problems are solved, all violent 1400 years long!
    This is true islam. Unadulterated and pure. In the mosque, the Muslim faithful weekly on. It’s all in their beloved book, in black and white. The terror inherent in islam. The violence is the lifeblood of the islam. How many attacks have yet to take place before the penny. That Muslims who do not participate in this violence is not with islam but despite islam. Their doctrine is clear on that. Cutting off the head is fully compliant with sharia and it is fate that all those who reject (Allah), who continue to offer resistance to the faith of the peace. When will the Muslims flock to the streets to protest against this violence. I never think because that is tantamount to rejection of the most holiest in their faith and that is jihad.

    Anywhere in the world where Muslims are intolerant and violent is a large gang. The European political elites close their politically correct eyelets for decades and are directly responsible for subverting the society by these “immigrants”. There is, of course, screeching and screaming protested when a Muslim child is provided by infidels, ehhh after this murder as well? Of course not, the fifth column has its own subjective more.

    The Islamic faith (if you can call this a belief) is not abused. It is precisely the doctrine of this belief that massive abuses the people. It is a doctrine that the minds of people from their cradle solid manipulates and incites hatred and violence. Basically, you can say that these perpetrators their poisoned soul thanks to islam. Islam is an extremely dangerous ideology and it is time that this ideology is going to be instead of solid contested camped and everywhere free by gets underway. With islam in our midst will Europe dark times ahead. If we don’t look out the whole of Europe will Lebanese States many cities in Europe and will be a mirror image of Beirut.

    I believe that a moderate Muslim does not even exist.
    In the Islamic world it works like this: you’re completely Muslim or you’re totally not a Muslim.
    And what always amazes me is that the media put at the table at a good talking neat Muslim talk programs that supposedly on behalf of all Muslims is talking. While the Muslims who live in the areas completely different thinking and much more extreme. And that’s because of the mosque. What all there is called is disgusting. As everywhere in the world where Muslims are not in their homeland are comes this becoming more common, that’s because it’s that group the way they need to be, we should also do not adapt to them, we explain them in the cotton wool and this is the thanks under an underrated big group. They come to your country go get money at those fine points of single contact by their home countries to be added in here to do their thing.
    Peaceful Muslims do not exist, as soon as they smell their chance then apply their laws. Their mindset is not ours and there is violence. Look carefully what is happening in the countries around us and what our so called peaceful Muslims. People let you do no disorientation by these amateurs who see themselves as a world leader and call.
    How many Muslim idiots are going to impersonate these murderers? And the ‘ brave warriors for islam ‘ coming out of Syria come back? But that dangerous people are children that should be helped because they ever traumatized can come back? No longer let those dangerous crazies who are trained in terrorism and Salafism.

    To start would be the islam as a reactionary ideology should be labeled and not as a religion. That places those crimes straight into a different light and easier to prosecute and punish stricter Daily misery by Islamic religious fanatics is not limited to Boston, Stockholm or London: these are only well-known press moments of the last few days. This concerns organized and orchestrated a worldwide virus thoughts good from certain direction that are simple to spread through dish TV and certain places of worship. Goal is fear, discord and an eventual replacement of Western values. Our one-sided respectful answer in the form of housing, asylum policy, financial support, benefits and dialogue are only good for preservation of millions of industry

  29. no way am I gonna sit back and let the turn my country into some backward, messed up muzzi hell hole, S/S

  30. Stop Muslims invasion .
    Stop the stealth jihad .

    Problems in Europe a lot of peoples are not concerned by this menace. ..
    Too much lefties .

  31. BNI…signed…would like to see another petition like this:

    Ban the production, importation, distribution, sale and consumption of Halal Certified meat.

  32. I open a petition, but from Petition Online shutted down. I’ll send the videos and the texts to you. I’ll build the text with videos for you.

  33. Hello everyone, I have a bad news for you all:

    Brazil is one of the Western countries with the most number of Muslims, it received 1,8 millions, more than USA, Sweden and France. We Brazilians are afraid that in the future our country be islamised because it’s a secular and lay, we have human rights, freedom and freedom speech. Foz do Iguaçu, a city of southern Brazil, has been very islamised and in this city, a salaphist Muslim attacked and tried to kill an ex-Muslim who converted himself to the Christianity. In São Paulo, an Arabic mosque leader posted a video in Youtube, about how to beat a woman. 🙁 And in Rio de Janeiro, a Muslim woman entered with her veil into a Brazilian department of motor vehicles (DETRAN) school for making the tets, and during the test, the inspector asked her to take off her veil because it’s forbidden during the test according to the DETRAN’s laws, but she claimed it was a discrimination and used the human rights laws as an excuse for cheating the Brazilian Constitution. The Brazilian bloggers and journalists who criticised Islam received the death menaces made by the Muslims who live in Brazil. 🙁 Please, help us to save Brazil from the islamisation and let’s allow Brazil become Iran or Indonesia.

  34. All Muslims are not bad. Some Americans, Hispanics are bad also. So why doesn’t anyone else talk about them being boycotted. You all who are replying against Islam and Muslims are plain old racists. Just saying. Do not be prejudice.

    • Your right JG not all muslims are bad. The ones that aren’t are stupid. So.., evil or stupid.. don’t need either, as neither contribute to normal society. Get your head out of yr arse.. idiot

    • “There is no moderate or immoderate Islam. Islam is Islam and that’s it.”
      Who said that? Robert Spencer? Serge Trifkovic? Fjordman? Bat Ye’or? No, the Prime Minister of Turkey said it, on Turkish television.

      Apparently, however, he’s sick of the “moderate” label being bandied about. He’d like to remind everybody that, just as there is only one Allah, there is only one Islam. None of this “moderate” crap for him!

      Speaking at Kanal D TV’s Arena program, PM Erdoğan commented on the term “moderate Islam”, often used in the West to describe AKP and said, ‘These descriptions are very ugly, it is offensive and an insult to our religion. There is no moderate or immoderate Islam. Islam is Islam and that’s it.”

      (Source: Milliyet, Turkey, August 21, 2007)

      I’ve heard countless muslims and imams say the very same thing. The ones the west called ‘moderate’ is just the ground pillars to carry islamism and terrorism.

  35. Islam is like MSM (Multi level Marketing) scam for which the ultimate prize is 72 virgin pigs for a Muslim swine..

  36. WHO INSPIRED and motivated the boston bomber ?

    “Tsarnaev spoke daily on Skype to his American-born wife who had recently converted to Islam and she instructed him how to observe Islam correctly.” Proves that his wife was the real brainwasher who brainwashed the Tsarnaev brothers into carring bombings in the name of the fagabag allah” Women fall easily in muslim traps. This also proves that those who follow islam should think again before preaching it cuz they can cause the death of millions of other people. Only if that woman didn’t convert to islam. Those lives that were lost in the boston bombings would have been saved..

    Muslimahs are prime motivator, breeders and enablers of jihadi muslims. Either
    convert them out of islam or deport them all to save all civilsed nations/societies.

  37. I still say I want to bear Oskar Freysinger’s children.

    I was moved the first time I heard that speech. I still am.

    That man is an articulate, frank, and passionate patriot. He’s easy on the eyes as well!

    Here’s another of my favorite “European politicians with balls” videos. It’s Ewald Stadler (he’s a bit of a Catholic fascist) but he’s spot on in this speech about the complacency of his fellow Austrian politicians.

    I love how he basically tells the Turkish ambassador “Screw you and the camel you rode in on. Now ride it back to dar al islam.”

      • Done and circulating it to trusted people via Facebook.

        My views on Islam have cost me one “close friend” – but just as well that he was exposed now instead of any later!! [When I tried to send him a list of Arabic words to beware of (he accused me of not reading the Qu’rân when I stated that I had read two chapters really well!!), he sent me a link to Wikipedia’s “hate speech” entry – how much more bizarre can one get? Am I right to consider him as no longer a real friend? Not that it matters too much, but accusing me of “hate speech” just like that???]

        • I should have mentioned that he didn’t bother to answer any E-notes asking him to elaborate on why he sent that link to “hate speech”. [Granted that he is a leftist, he said all the same that he cares for me not long before this happened…]

          Better to know NOW who he really is, all the same…

        • Wait, I confess myself that I was a leftist apologist. I believed the words of appeasement spoken by people who did not know better. But there was always that feeling that I might have been wrong, so i decided to learn a little more about Islam. It didn’t take long to change my mind. He might still be your friend. Tell him to watch the programs that mainstream Arabs watch on their tv. Such hate filled programs and child brainwashing is what they truly think. How all Muslims shouted god is great when 9/11 happened how even common people will stone a raped woman to death. If he still denies these atrocities then it is better to not associate yourself with him. Those kinds of people will deny murder even when the murderer is stabbing him in the neck and they will try to drag you down with them.

  38. Muslims are not welcome cause their brain already control by Devil Allah. Devil Allah will ask them to do evil crime. That will no peace as long Islam exist

  39. Great Question,!!..”Why does telling the truth seem like a revolutionary act,”???

  40. Absolutely true on whatever described the problem of muslim’s legal and illegal immigrants . And it is not confined to only western world,it is the same problem in Asia also like India,Myanmar,Nepal,Sri Lanka. Because of dirty politics of vote bank,government does not stop illegal immigrants. I think,some secret agenda game plan from muslim world,i.e arab world is doing this to populate other parts of the world with muslim people and establish Islam worldwide.

  41. All muslim immigrants MUST immigrate into the 49 or more muslim countries! Islam must start taking care of it’s own!!!

  42. That Swiss MP; if only I could wave a magic wand and make him Prime Minister of the UK.

    Sorry to sound selfish, to those who wish they could wave a magic wand and make him President of the USA

  43. What we all must do…….
    Don’t eat in their take aways, don’t shop in their shops, don’t ride in their taxis. Vote for any party that that will restrict/ban muslim immigration. Don’t fall into the trap (in the UK) of voting conservative to keep out labour or vise versa, they’re all the same.
    It’s either that, or accept your fate, or turn into ABB.

  44. So… Breivik’s method of stopping this is with terror.

    Should I go burn down the nearest mosque and go on a shooting spree in one of the ghetto in my city?

    • Breivik didn’t kill any muslims, they were mostly Norwegians; innocent people, most of them youth. No, the way to stop muslim immigration is to 1) make people aware of the reality of things so that 2) people can start to vote for parties that know what Islam and sharia is about. And the more people that is awake, the more we can protest the existing government.
      Bombing a mosque would perhaps send a message, but ultimately it would only lead muslims into riots and tantrums because their barbaric brains don’t have the ability to react in any other way than with violence. We shouldn’t sink down to their level. It wouldn’t work anyway. We just need to persistently say NO and chase their asses to where they belong; in the desert.

      • but they were islamic sympathists, werent they? extreme lefts leave the gates wide open for the people you would rather NOT have walking around in your fucking garden of eden behind the gates, where you are SAFE

        • Sure, but they were hardly old enough to really understand the big picture. He wanted to make a point, but went the completely wrong way. The only thing that came out of this was hordes of sympathy votes for the Labour party, and more animosity and prejudice against islam-critics. His mindless plan could not have backfired any more than it did. Total fail.

          And I don’t think you read my previous comment properly if you think I’m not painfully aware of the leftie socialists are keeping the gates wide open. That is EXACTLY why I’m telling you that this monster needs to be fought through politics. Bombing shit isn’t really going to accomplish anything. We can tear the mosques to the ground when we have won the battle.