Remember the Chechen Muslim terrorist attack on the Moscow Theater one year after 9/11?

moscowMost people don’t. So, this will refresh your memory about who the Chechen Muslims are, the kind of ruthless people from whom the Boston Marathon Muslim terrorist bombers were spawned.

In October 2002, 41 Chechen terrorists took nearly 1,000 people hostage in a Moscow theater, demanding an independent Islamic state. 

Операция по освобождению заложников

With Russia’s elite Alpha counterterrorist surrounding the theater, any attempt by the police or soldiers to enter the building would end only in carnage…The jihadists — most with al Qaeda connections, are likely to follow this pattern for some time to come.


This kind of terrorism, the engineering of miniature holocausts, meets their strategic needs. It is intended to sow doubt and fear in non-Muslim nations about the wisdom of resisting jihad. The Moscow event is especially portentous because the tactics of Chechen jihadists are regarded by the FBI as a possible indicator of al Qaeda methods in the U.S. After Chechen terrorists bombed apartment buildings in Moscow, apparently by renting rooms and then detonating explosives stored there, FBI Director Robert S. Mueller warned that al Qaeda operatives in the U.S. might attempt this tactic.