“The flag of Islam will soon fly over the White House”

Gee, that’s odd, I thought it already was.



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  1. They already blocked the link. Wonder why? Idiots. We better wake up in this country before we wake up one morning and it’s too late.

  2. My fellow Americans, if my calculations are correct, then we as free citizens will no longer be when our muslim prez. & socialistic views become real & we lose our right to bare arms.

  3. My fellow Americans this country has been in such trouble for a very long time & will fall very soon when Europe finally get control of their banking problems with combining their total numbers in all of Europe. You will see, mark my words!

  4. the only thing that keep’s comeing to mined is the dark age’s how long where the then muslim’s all thrue out the eu??? from spain to russia ?? will it happin again or will we see it before and stop it

  5. The American Flag will again fly Proudly over the White House again when they get the dumbass out of it. Why are some people so stupid to not see what he is doing to this country? He is destroying it a little at a time and Congress sets there with their heads up his ass and they don’t say squat about what is going on, this make true Americans sick. The flag of islam WILL NOT fly over the White House but will be destroyed along with islam and shoved up their arse. Don’t mess with Americans or their country if you know what is good for you. If you think we are going to bow to your sick god allah then you better think again, won’t happen. And we are sick and tired of all this Political Correctness crap, call it as it is when it comes to MUSLIM TERRORISTS. Radical and Moderate muslim are still MUSLIMS, one and the same, muslims. Peace to all non-muslims who are tired of the lies and deceit from our Government and then want them to do their jobs or get out, half of them don’t have a brain anyway, we are pissed and are not going to take it anymore. Times are a changing people.

  6. My fellow Americans,Boston was merely the begginning. This will be a long hot summer. Emphasis on ‘long’ and ‘hot’

  7. BNI, excellent and true coverage as always.

    On a geopolitical level, the sheikh Obama flag has been flying since 2009 over the White House. This signals to all the MB, Wahabbi, and all the so-called “moderate Muslims” that America has become too frail to handle the truth, and more likely than less to submit to the satanic worldview of Mohammed. This is a time that calls for all patriots to come to the aid of the country based on individual freedom. In an earlier decade of our country’s life and strength, and and everything that Obama has supported or pursued would have been recognized from the very outset as LIES and high treason

  8. The flag of islam has been flying proudly over the WH for 5 years under that stealth muslim slime bag, barack hussein obama.
    He presides overn an even more evil, out of control government than clinton and both bush’s.
    People, do a search on, “ISLAMBERG,” the islamic compound at the foothills of the NY Catskills.
    They have recruited and trained thousands of very dangerous black men from the federal and state penal systems for jihad against the United States.
    And, Islamberg, A REALLY SPOOKY PLACE, is one of at least a dozen other compounds in the US expressly for the training of the ultimate war against the U.S…..and…. they are tax exempt???!!!
    Why hasn’t the government raided these places and destroyed them?
    Why, why, why hasn’t the government raided these places, burned them down and tried ALL of these people on charges of treason and executed them?
    Because, the government, THIS PRESENT GOVERNMENT, is the “true” enemy of the United States.

    • Cheryl, You are right on point. Obama has usurped the Presidency and is most assuredly a Muslim supremacist,traitor,spy and criminal deviant. Obama has been accused of treason by many people,including me. “There is NO ‘president’Obama”:http:www.thepostemail.com/09/17/2010/there-is-no-president-obama/

    • Consider this for a moment Cheryl, S. The only thing stopping this mutt (obama’s bin lyn’) is one thing that happened recently, the Senate defeated his efforts to dis-arm, or at the least place an effective menas to control, as in an inventory list of all the Patriots tool’s of liberty, because this was the attempt he tried and failed at, largely because we are not as stupid as his minions and clearly saw this as a first step in their efforts to disarm us, and if you didn’t notice the first thing out of his mouth was to bad-mouth the Patriots and Senators, least we forget the NRA, i.e. by extention those eviiiil republicans, of the area’s known would be defeated in the next election if they had signed onto this new law. That alone should tell you something about this mutt, he didn’t get his way for a change, and had hoped the incident with Sandy Hook, would finally be his chance, nothing but a big fail. Deservenily so.

      No in order to create a good enough, crises of which they design, which can’t be allowed to go to waste, because afterall, it would give them the opportunity to do things, they likewise would never get the chance to do, or get away with, what do you suppose will be the next crises they will force upon our Nation? Never ever forget about his scheme to “fundamentally transform” because it is in this parogitive that they will attempt to place martial law on the population because of their own designs, that crises you know, unfortunately for them, many millions are for the wiser to their plans, and are in fact, foaming at the mouth for him to dare to go there, that’s when the true objective of his fundamental transformational deciet will be exposed, but of course, can’t be calling for his hanging for the charges of treason, because if you do, there still is that thingy of being a raaaaacist for doing so, never mind the charges of course, the low-to-need-to know nothing, because the media told them so, voters, well it will suck to be them won’t it, but a price will have to be paid for all the treason we witness daily by this regime, and the actors in it. That’s what they are trying to aviod, and by extention, looking the other way for their involvement in the many refrugee’s, who just by hapenstance belong and are runnig from islamic hellholes, migrating here to live for the jihad against America, its citizens, and for the sake ofand for the ummah. He’s a muslim you know and it won’t matter how many lies he tells us, we know who the real enemy is, it is us.
      Be well, stay at a state of readiness, be prepared to face whatever with the resolve of defending ours, yours and everyone, this is not going to end well for anyone.
      Semper FI.

    • Glad to see an American actually commenting that this will never happen. Too many people seem to be rolling over and accepting their fate. We in the West MUST get together somehow and change this appalling murder and bloodshed perpetrated upon us by these Muslim scum of the earth.

  9. One can’t help but wonder how long it might be before a group of fed up Westerners decides to do something.

    Once it starts, I don’t think the government will be able to stop it because they have done so much damage by causing people to have unbelievable levels of pent-up anger by appeasing the very group that has vowed to destroy us.

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