TURKEY, a NATO member, that has long been begging to be accepted into the EU, just convicted a Turkish pianist of blasphemy for insulting Islam


World-renowned Turkish pianist Fazil Say, an atheist, has been given a suspended 10-month jail sentence for insulting Muslim values on TWITTER.

trojanhorseThis month in Istanbul, Turkey famous Turkish pianist and atheist was convicted in court of insulting Islam and blasphemy after he tweeted some of his atheism on the social media network Twitter. 

The indictment against him cited some tweets, including a retweet by Mr Say which says: “I am not sure if you have also realized it, but if there’s a louse, a non-entity, a lowlife, a thief or a fool, it’s always an Allah-ist.”

Say was not in court for the sentencing. But he denied the charges, saying they were politically motivated. The case renewed concern about the influence of religion on politics in Turkey. Pointing to the prosecution of several artists and intellectuals for voicing their views, critics have accused the governing AK Party of undermining Turkey’s secular values and pandering to Islamists.