What else do most people not know about Chechen Muslims? And why the Boston Marathon terrorist bombings likely are only the beginning

images1With Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the two alleged Boston Marathon bombers, Chechen terrorism has finally arrived on American soil. The two brothers not only hailed from Chechnya but had strong ties to al- Qaeda. Few developments are more foreboding for America’s future.

Family Security Matters by Paul Williams Chechnya, located between the Caspian and Black Seas, remains one of the most volatile regions of the world. Its population is over 95% Shafi’i – – the most radical branch of Islam. 

The Chechens are a largely Muslim ethnic group that has lived for centuries in the mountainous North Caucasus region. For the past two hundred years, Chechens have resisted Russian rule. During World War II, Soviet leader Joseph Stalin accused the Chechens of cooperating with the Nazis and forcibly deported the entire population to Kazakhstan and Siberia. Tens of thousands of Chechens died, and the survivors were allowed to return home only after Stalin’s death.


Although Chechnya remains a federal republic within Russia, the Chechen people have never been loyal to the Kremlin but rather to the one hundred teips, or clans, that make up Chechen society. They don’t speak Russian but a unique language known as Kakh, and they uphold a strong sense of cultural and religious unity.

During World War II, many Chechens collaborated with the Nazis. Soviet premier Josef Stalin executed thousands and shipped more than half a million by boxcar to northern Kazakstan, where 25% died. In 1957, Nikita Khrushchev allowed them to filter back to their former farms and lands. It was a decision that Russians recall with regret.


In 1980 thousands of Chechens rallied to the cause of the mujahadeen and fought side by side with Osama bin Laden and his Afghan Arabs against the Soviet forces in Afghanistan.

In 1992, when the Soviet Union began to fall into pieces, the Chechens began to prepare for their gazavat (“holy war”) by amassing the weapons that members of the Soviet military were selling from their arsenals. Everything went up for grabs – – assault rifles, mortals, artillery shells, RPG-7s, even assault tanks and antiballistic missiles.

The Chechens even obtained radioactive material for the production of dirty nukes – – including kilos of chromium-50, cesium-137, and lithium. On November 23, 1995, to provide proof of these nuclear acquisitions, Shamil Basayev, commander of the Chechen rebels, directed a Russian television crew to a radiological bomb that his troops had planted within Izmailovsky Park, outside of Moscow. The bomb had been made of seventy pounds of cesium-137 and, if detonated, would have killed hundreds in a matter of minutes and contaminated thousands more.


The value of the cesium on the black market was thirty-two million dollars. The incident represented the first deployment of a radiological device as a weapon of terrorism. Regarding the incident, Basayev said: “Putting uranium in Moscow requires one person. One person gets killed and the city dies.”

What happened to the weapons?  Basayev attempted to sell them to us. But the Clinton Administration turned down his offer. And so, according to leading international news outlets, including the London Times and The Jerusalem Post, he sold them to al Qaeda.

Is this true? In December 1996, Dr. Ayman al-Zawahiri, al Qaeda’s second in command, was arrested at the Chechen border by Russian officials. Later the good doctor admitted that he made the trip to purchase dirty nukes to be used against the Great Satan (a. k. a., the United States of America).

Following this report, a number of US officials and nuclear scientists, including General Eugene E. Habiger, former executive chief of US strategic weapons, and Dr. Graham Allison, director of Harvard University’s Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, have been sounding the alarm that the a radiological weapon from Chechnya will soon be detonated within Boston or another major US city.

“It’s not a matter of if,” General Habiger said, “it’s a matter of when.”

FamilySecurityMatters.org Contributing Editor Paul L. Williams is the author of The Day of Islam: The Annihilation of America and the Western World, The Al Qaeda Connection, and other best-selling books. He is a frequent guest on such national news networks as ABC News, CBS News, Fox News, MSNBC, and NPR



















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  1. Muslims are all terrorists. Muslims even made india a big hell. Once a person becomes muslims his mind is occupied by satan and he first start killing non muslims and when all non muslims die it start killing each other. Women in muslim country are in totally bad condition.

  2. BNI…do you notice a pattern here? Moslems just have to have the last word. They consistently post on articles that have been on this site for years once attention has waned, in order to avoid having to engage anyone with knowledge re. their comments : as if somehow if their name is on top, it automatically grants them validity. They have the same worn out, tired arguments which have previously been negated by solid fact further down the page, but will return and post it again so as to make it appear as if they have not been thoroughly and soundly refuted already. Hardly ever do they join in in a discussion currently in progress, lest they actually must support their drivel with something other than ad hominen statements and childish name calling.

    If bitch slayer even needs to ask why they are savages, responding is a waste of time. Can’t fix stupid and can’t help anyone who willfully chooses to remain stubbornly ignorant!

    • Emma, yes, I don’t even know how they find those stories from so long ago. I thought he was in Russia because he had an ‘ru’ in his email address but when I checked the IP number, it said France. These kind of comments quickly fall off the page because nobody is looking for that story now.

  3. Actually russians started killing chechens more than 100 years ago, before chechens became muslims. Russians were fighting with Turks at the time, and when they got to caucas they met chechens who were neither muslim neither cristian. Russians started using the civilians without paying them, but chechens are like Irish people, they want freedom, and they would rather die than become slaves. They started fighting back, and a man named Shamil brought islam to chechens and also dagestanis. He became is known as Imam Shamil. Before you start saying he is a dirty savage, I have got to tell you that russians think of him as a man who knows a lot about strategy, and is a great warrior. I know it because I was born, raised and was studying in Russia. We consider chechens as brothers now and try not remembering the past. Кстати, ты самый большой предурок пост которого я когда либо читал

  4. this site is a joke full of racists and bigots, pure hypocrisy here…nothing new, just watch fox news and CCN if you like the bullshit. you can clearly tell admin has no brains what so ever, as he claims he will ban or block anyone with a point, rather than show us the light he follows dearly.
    if you look back at the last 100 years, where whites have gone around the whole world wiped out populations, created civil wars and then make up stories like others are a threat……if the western governemnts were true to thre words, they would just admit the attrocities they commit, at least we would have alot more respect for you decietful, hypocritical bigots.

  5. i do not understand why the whole world trying to accuse islam a terrorism why they[politician] , media spread false news which creates hatred among people against muslim “islam itself means peace” jihad never give permission to kill innocent people any army fighting against muslim if muslim fight in defence they called it terrorist if defending is terrorist then what they tell about world war1,2 which killed more than 7 crore innocent people and why america killed muslims in afghanistan,iraq,etc is it not terrorism no country come forward to defend afghanistan instead they called them terrorism now you decide who is terrorist the one who attack afghanistan for no reason or the afghanistan told not to attack…america but america attacked them for no reason or for accusing osama for 9/11 attack without evidence but jews done that report says.,..

      • Wow, 15,000 posts, did you write all of them ? If you did, than I wonder what does it feel like, being such a loser that you have nothing better to do in life.

        • Most of the more than 89 million BNI visitors think otherwise. Why are you sitting in France defending ragheads? I guess you must be one of them. Real Russians hate muslims.

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  6. There is a lot of incorrect information here.

    First, it was pretty much impossible to cross the Soviet borders in either direction for even a fly in the 80s. So how do you expect a thousand of Soviet Chechens fighting _against_ the Soviets in Afghanistan. Moreover, do you know that some of the most reverted rebel Chechen leaders in the First Chechen war, Dudayev and Maskhadov, both were Soviet officers fighting in the Afghan war against the Afghan mujahedins? That’s right. Why don’t you at least try to look up this stuff on wikipedia or something? The omission of this fact alone makes me really doubt any factual accuracy of this blog.

    Next, it’s completely wrong to say that Chechens started arming themselves in the 1992. They started arming themselves as soon as they arrived back in Chechnya from their exile in the 70s. I know this area, lived near it, and my father worked there too.

    As for the nuclear/radiological weapons, that’s utter BS that I don’t ever recall ever seeing on TV, Russian or American, or any other news. Basayev was a 100% ideological guy. If he had 1 gram of weapon grade radioactive materials, he’d use against Russians without any second thoughts.

      • You’re a PIECE OF SHIT YOU GET THAT !!!! My mother is chechnian and she has been through so much pain cause of the russians . You know shit about bislan and what really happened there ! The death of those kids is mostly PUTIN’s fault ! the volgograd subway terror acts and the moscow bombings are both fucking set up by the FSB any person here in dagestan knows that this is shit ! The fsb once got caught planting a bomb in a cellar , and then they came up with a lame excuse that it was a training ! I’m not saying that terrorists are not envolved but this mostly is cause of the fucking russians treating us like shit , and then when we fight back they start calling us terrorists ! hey ASSHOLE why dont you look back in history and read what the russians did to my people and occupied our lands ? we fought them for 25 YEARS ! And they only won cause of their gigantic number ( 1 vs 120 ) . So terrorism my Ass go get some education son !

        • Putin’s only failure is that he didn’t get rid of all the chechen muslim garbage there. Russia was never your land, you always steal it from somebody, then claim it as your own. Time for another Russian-Chechen war to finish the job.

  7. What America fears, she will destroy. I’m not particularly fond of Zionism and neither are most people I know here in everyday America. the reason people here support Israel is because they were taught to do that from school early age and of course the money to throw around controlling most of the media and financial institutions. I’ve never met a Jew who sold me a barrel of oil to run in my car power my home. and if they did they would probably charge me 10 times more than the Middle East would. and yes I would think that eventually there will be a conflict between Islam and Christianity they are two very intolerant religions. both glorify the coming of the their saviours as miraculous and something everybody wants, its just a pathetic attempts to manage their own insecurities of their existince. I personally would not let one tear leave my eyes if we lined up every bulldozer in America and made the Middle East and Israel a vast parking lot. and I’m not talking from a religious point of view I’m talking about the human race period. I think it is pathetic to have to grow a beard to prove that you’re a man or get circumcised to prove you’re one of the chosen people. may your own gods curse you for harming children and innocent people. no my friends have a america is not perfect but she is the most powerful nation on the planet for now , and you know who helps us be that powerful? I think they call them sheiks kings and princes . so when you battle America you only battle yourself in the end and you will lose

  8. There’s no “Good vs Bad” in wars. But there’s Poor vs Rich. Why doesn’t The US touch Saudi Arabia? Just because Arabia got good military and not for example Afghanistan. Why doesn’t US “help” those in Syria? Why didn’t they “help” the Chechens under the wars to defeat their great enemy – RUSSIA? because they want Assad to kill innocent civilians and start let the muslims kill each other. And in Chechnya they thought that Chechens will loose. But the great traitor Ahmad Hadzhi Kadyrov became the president and traited the chechen Mujaheeden Freedom Fighters. Then the traitor got killed by “Chechens” ( Russian people who did kill him by a phone bombing) and his son Ramzan thought it was chechen mujaheeden while it was was the russians. Grow a pair of eyes and a pair of ears and a brain to catch some knowledge.

  9. Hahahah, you dumb and ignorant people are just making me laugh my ass off. Look, if you think Islam is a terrorist organization and muslims terrorist, then you’re brainwashed by the people who spread the hatred against Islam, and stop listening to the fucking dumb Media. Admin, even your dumb name and picture are terrefying and stupid. “BareNakedIslam”, it’s ok to talk shit about Islam but not ok if muslims talk shit about Christianity. Admit it, you’re just being ignorant. Look at your own country (USA), they have comitted more crimes and terrorism than any other country. Your ignoeance is US Government power. Wake up, if you don’t want to be with the Devil (USA, Israel, Illuminati). The Israeli hidden Craft membership was the one who bombed on Boston. Beslan Massacre was made by the Russian Government itself to blame the muslim Chechens.
    Noobs, Islam means Peace, Allah means God in Arabic. Assalamu Aleykum Wa Rahmatulahi Wa Barakatuhu means Peace be with you and may God be with you. You all are brainwashed pigs. Muslims respect Christianity because Jesus (Isa) was a great known prophet in Islam, and muslims don’t talk shit about Christianity. Listen to the Mainstream Media if you’re a dumb sheep. Read the Quran if you want the Truth about Islam. And you can have an opinion about Islam but don’t fucking share it if it’s a oppressing and a negative opinion about someone, something.
    Malcolm X said: “If you’re not careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed (Muslims) and loving the people who are doing the oppressing (Usa, Israel).” Talivans was made by US CIA to fight the soviets when the Soviet Union was falling. Al -Qaida is a made up shit propoganda. And 9/11 was by the Illuminati US inside job to blame the AlQaida and say that muslims are the terrorist. LOL, people still crying for the innocent lifes that were lost then? Well, I feel bad too but try to compare the 9/11 with the innocent lifes were taken in Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Egypt. I bet you can’t. For example the toxic gass which was slipped in Syria by the Al Assad (DEVIL WHO IS WITH THE USA), nobody cries. 3 person killed in boston bombing and done by “muslims” and the whole world cry. You Americans are brainwashed pigs, who only use the Media as their brain. Who killed people in WWI/WWII? Hitler was a Christian man which the parents were jews. Who did kill innocent native Indians when US assholes did occupy and take their land?
    Who did Pearl Harbor attack? Not Japans but the US itself. I cant explain everything via a fucking phone, but hope youll understand, if not, then we’ll see who is the real true religion when we die. And I am a peace wanting Muslim btw. I dont want any hatred back, just wrote my opinion and the truth beyond the shadows (Ignorant people and Media). Assalam

  10. Look, here’s the truth. When the buddhists killed the Muslims in Myanmar nobody accused them “Buddhism extremist” or “Buddhist fundementelist”. Same applies for Muslims in Palestine, Syria, Guantanamo, Bosnia, Iraq, Afganistan and others. Call us militants, extremist, theocratic fanatism etc. If you learn an ideology from those who oppose it all you get is hatred. Islam is the arabic word for peace. Stop all this nonsense accusations and learn Islam from truthful sources. Wallahua’lam

    • anon, Islam means SUBMISSION. Take your peace crap and shove it up your ass. Buddhists are finally fighting back against Islamic fundamentalists. It’s about time.

      • thank you they are out to kill us all if we dont convert to Islam President Bush and the CIA put a u tube video about the Holy Wars and if u are old u would have known this.

    • Liar!

      The Arabic word for “peace” is “salaam.” As Arabic derives from Christian Syriac, which itself derives from Aramaic and Hebrew, one can easily see the similarity between the Arabic “salaam” and the Hebrew “shalom.”

      Also, “allah” is NOT the Arabic word for “god.” The Arabic word for “god” is “ilah.”

      “Islam” means “submission,” plain and simple.

      Also, the sources you would point to as “truthful” are lying sources. Read the Qur’an, the Sira, and the Hadiths. THERE is the truth about Mohammedanism, and we all know it. Have known it since 622, when that pedophile, racist, rapist, piratical, lying, robbing, murderous, misogynist, possibly necrophilic but definitely demon-posessed profiteer Mohammed fled Mecca because the Meccans were tired of his threatenings and his disrespect toward anyone who wouldn’t kowtow to his lie about being a “prophet.”

  11. Just to refresh the collective memory, Chechens were branded as freedom fighters, “tiny proud nation” standing up to the giant machine of Russian oppression, multiple human rights committees and organizations dispatched their reps to the area to document “Russian atrocities” against “freedom loving” Chechens. Europe and the US opened their doors to the “victims of Russian military machine” and many radical Chechen organizations founded their headquarters in European capitals, circulating and streamlining cash flow from their Saudi masters. Kosovo syndrome? Russia was criticized and threatened with multiple sanctions over the war in Chechnya. Luckily for Russians they don’t give a flying f…k about PC and UN resolutions, unlike poor Israel. Now the tables turned against West, like they always do. Who remembers the screaming in support of “proud freedom fighters”? Never ending hypocrisy fueled by petrodollars. Clinton made $35 mil consulting Saudis and other Arab countries on oil business. Same with Bush dynasty. It doesn’t really matter, left – right… We, the people, will always be sold out to the highest bidder.

      • This is why I referred to it as ‘”Kosovo syndrome”. This was actually happening roughly at the same time. Militant Islam raising its ugly head in Europe, Serbs and Russians fighting the insurgents and getting the violent backlash from the West doing everything possible, including military intervention to crush the DEFENDING side and support the ATTACKERS! Absurd! The Britain had traditionally sided up with Ottoman Empire against Russians and French, so this romance with Islam that is slowly killing the UK is centuries old, so basically we’ll be seeing very logical consequences of this loving union. The US is suffering from Pavlov’s dog reflex to support anyone and anything that’s against Russians and governed by deep connections of oil industry that dictates the direction taken towards Islam, regardless of POTUS affiliations and convictions. We’ve seen it during 9/11 and ridiculous engagement in Iraq and Afghanistan, while 99% of perpetrators were Saudi nationals. Who are we kidding?

  12. Tsaraev family is Chechen diaspora. They lived in Kyrgyzstan since the deportation, possibly moving to Chechnya after the breakdown of the Soviet Union, although the father denies ever being there (interesting). According to their Kyrgyz neighbors, Tsaraevs went to Chechnya, then returned when the war started, moving to Dagestan later. From Dagestan they flew to the US, asked for political asylum, but some members later returned to Russia’s Dagestan province.

  13. Don’t blame Muslim all because of DEVIL ALLAH make them behaviour like DEVIL. Muslim already brainwash by Islam during child. The only way to rescue them that Mecca must destroy….

  14. Just archiving a link to a story that coincided with the Boston Marathon bombings as it may/may not be related: via Drudge 4/18/2013: BUFFALO TV STATION: ’2 Russian nationals pulled over in Niagara Falls; 4 suspicious backpacks in car’…
    Authorities said the brothers’ (one 17 and the other 20) father was born in the former Soviet republic of Georgia.

    Recall the televise interview with Tszarnaev brothers aunt from the other side of the Falls in Canada? . . .FWIW, the Buffalo/Niagara area has a rapidly expanding Muslim population.

  15. What a Crock of pork hock. No Chechnyans bombed us, keep making up make believe SHITE! Oh my. Americans will buy any Crap they put on the market. Even a 19 y/o Chechny terrorist AND WHY MORE ARE COMING!!!!! Do any of you know the history? or are you all just a bunch of dumbasses.

    • Planet, what a load of excretable, scatological bullsh*t you just spewed. Since you seem to be a connosieur of things “smelly and brown,” it’s pretty obvious you come from Uranus to steal our toilet paper, now why don’t you just go ahead and admit it?

  16. RT News is now saying that the FBI didn’t take the warnings from Russian government seriously about these muslim savages. If the FBI only listened.

  17. For Americans Chechnya is a remote little country in Russia’s Caucasus. Over here in Europe we heard a lot about the trouble there. The population is predominantly Muslim, but the same as in the Balkans people were assimilated. They used to drink Vodka and eat ham. But all this changed dramatically with the proselytizing and re-Islamisation by the oil-rich Saudis and their Golf-mates. A mosque here and a mosque there, that’s what they’re building. As I said the Muslim people of the Caucasus and the Balkans were assimilated. But this is the course of re-Islamisation, as soon as they all stick their asses up to the moon idol terrorism follows suit. That’s the natural course of events. Islam and terrorism fit like hand in glove. As in love and marriage “you can’t have one without the other”

  18. “Shafi’i – – the most radical branch of Islam.”

    This statement makes little sense, Shafi’i is simply a school of Sunni Islam (others being Hanafi, Maliki, Hanbali), all this means to us infidels is the difference between being stoned to death and shot to death with an ak47 (is it islamic?).

  19. A lot of muslims and leftists are blaming Russia for the terror attacks. Russia has nothing to do with these attacks. Russia is not the enemy.

  20. More proof that islam isn’t a religion, but a murder and terrorism political movement that hides behind plagarized religious doubletalk