Oh, NOES! For sure CAIR will have its panties in a wad over comedian Adam Corolla’s anti-Muslim smears

On ‘The O’Reilly Factor,’ comedian Adam Carolla took aim at Islam and how its practitioners behave compared to all other religions in the world. He explained why the COEXIST bumper sticker on the car that was carjacked by the Muslim terrorists was ironic, given the circumstances.


Daily Caller  “‘EVERYONE’ is not the problem. There are certain religions that cause more trouble than others. I think we know who they are and we need to focus on them.” Carolla went on to explain his theory on why Muslim extremism is a problem for the United States.

“You know, this whole thing of — and it has been going on throughout time, what did we do to offend them?” Carolla asked. “They hate our culture. They hate our way of life. They hate the fact that our women’s boobies get bigger, our cars get longer, our swimming pools get deeper and we’re building skyscrapers and bridges.”

“And Allah is supposed to take care of all this decadence but Allah never does. So they take it upon their hands to do it themselves. And we act like, ‘Well, if just make friends with them, then maybe, they’ll back off.’ They’re not going to back off as long as we’re enjoying our decadent life.”