Another BURQA BANDIT robbery…at a liquor store

MARYLAND: A burqa-wearing man is in police custody after an armed robbery and dramatic police chase. When officers arrived Third Base Liquors, witnesses told them a man wearing a burqa covering his entire face except for his eyes entered the store and asked the clerk about beer.


ABC2News  (h/t VladTepes) Police say the man altered his voice to sound like a woman and chose a case of beer. As the clerk leaned over to pick up the beer the fake lady flashed a gun and announced a hold up.The clerk gave the burqa-wearing female impersonator an undisclosed amount of cash and the robber left the store and jumped into a white SUV.

Police say an alert passerby noticed something strange, copied down the tag number and reported it to authorities. A short time later police saw the SUV on Rt. 40 at Rt. 755 in Edgewood and attempted to stop it. As the Divine wannabe fled west on Rt. 40, he clipped a car and lost control. The man was critically injured and taken to Shock Trauma for treatment.

Burqas are fast becoming the favorite disguise of criminals, especially in countries like the U.S. that have refused to ban burqas.


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