Have you heard about all the other Islamic Terrorism going on in America now? Didn’t think so.

NEW YORK: Moroccan Muslim savage gets a five-year prison sentence for planning to blow up several synagogues in New York City.

FLORIDA: Pakistani Muslim savages, Sheheryar Alam Qazi, 30, and his brother, Raees Alam Qazi, were arrested for acquiring materials and plotting bombing attacks on NYC, similar to the ones in Boston.

ALABAMA: Muslim convert pleads guilty to conspiracy for plotting terror attacks and assisting a terrorist plot to travel to Africa to murder and kidnap people in the name of Islam.

ILLINOIS: Muslim-American citizen, Abdella Ahmad Tournisi, 18, arrested after attempting to board a plane in Chicago to Istanbul from where he was planning to join al-Qaeda fighters in Syria. 

Undercover FBI agents also arrested Mr Tounisi over an alleged link to a foiled attempt last year to bomb a downtown Chicago bar. He is being held without bail.

All videos from: GroundZeroMosque





12 comments on “Have you heard about all the other Islamic Terrorism going on in America now? Didn’t think so.

    • I’d leave the latter two out of the list, sirius.

      Those two are infinitely more noble than Mohammedanism. Plus, they’re EASIER to cure or treat.


  1. The media won’t touch this stuff. CAIR gave them the guidelines on how to “correctly” report on Islam years ago and they have happily followed suit. It will be one hell of a celebration day when CAIR is finally kicked out of the USA.

  2. More terror plots, but they are not put into newspapers because they are not deemed newsworthy. It is only news if people get killed or seriously injured.

    Sensationalism! Blood, guts, gore! That’s what sells papers! Increases ratings on TV! Fuels online newspaper subscriptions! And gets hits on free online sites (for advertisers)!

    I just saw a headline that female DNA was found on one of the bombs from the Boston Marathon and saw the Nightly News video. Do you think old ma baghead had anything to do with it? Or was Tsarnaev’s widow baghead more involved than she let on? I am betting on old drama queen ma baghead Tsarnaev!

  3. It is like cock roaches. If you find one on the floor there are millions in the walls. We must stop tying the hands of our security forces and allow the profiling abilities of the FBI and so on to find muslims of islam to stop the savages of islam, from blowing up our country and murdering innocent people. It is so important that we make public the names of the muslims found guilty and tell everyone who they are and the cult of islam they follow. The problem is not Mormon terrorists or Amish terrorist and so on. The problem is muslim terrorists of islam.

  4. Jihadists are busy wherever there are Moslems…but only 1% of all Moslems. The other 99% are ‘moderate’ Moslems who only send money to participate in jihad indirectly and pretend to disapprove.

    All Moslems believe in violent jihad or they would cease to be Moslems and become apostates who should be executed by the jihadists.

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