Hamas-linked CAIR forces Michigan Schools board member to take down a Facebook poster it finds offensive

That’s why I am posting it here and may give it a permanent place in my sidebar. The poster (below), from a Roseville Community Schools board member, depicted the three dead victims killed by Muslims in the Boston Marathon bombings:


Candg News  Board Vice President Alfredo Francesconi, who reposted the poster from a friend’s wall, said, “I just saw it and reposted it,” said Francesconi April 22, a few days after the poster went up on his wall. “I didn’t mean to offend anyone. I didn’t think anything of it and it doesn’t mean anything to me if someone said they were offended by it.”

However, after learning that the post had offended, he immediately took it down but he maintained there was some truth behind the words.

Not everyone felt the same. On April 22, the Eastsider received an email regarding the post, saying that the photo insinuates all Muslims are terrorists and that posting it was inappropriate, especially from a school board member in a district where Muslim children attend school.

Representatives from CAIR (Council on Anti-American Islamic Relations) felt the same way about the post. “We are firm believers in free speech (BIG FAT LIE), even if it is anti-Muslim bigoted speech, but when you are in a public position, you should be aware of the image you create by re-posting something like this,” said Ibrahim Hooper (photo below) , the national communications director at CAIR.


“Particularly someone associated with an educational institution should be especially careful of the image they create, as it creates an atmosphere where Muslim students feel besieged.” (That’s the idea!)

Dawud Walid (phot0 below), the executive director of CAIR Michigan, said even though the state hosts the largest, and still growing, population of Muslim-Americans, anti-Muslim sentiment still exists in some areas (and growing larger by the day).

DAWUD WALID, notorious Jew-hater
DAWUD WALID, notorious Jew-hater

“We’ve seen similar posts before, but they’re not usually from that part of the state,” Walid said. “I know for a fact there are Muslim children in Roseville and such reckless comments, although unjustifiable, could be understood if the person lived in a rural area where there was no Muslims, but it’s mind-boggling that a public official, especially in metro Detroit, would post that.”


Francesconi said that he didn’t mean to indicate that all Muslims were involved in terrorist activity and, as soon as he learned the post had been viewed as offensive, he removed it from his wall. “No, I don’t think all Muslims kill Americans,” he said. “It’s not Muslims. It’s Muslim extremists. I’m not racist and I’d take it down if it offended anyone, but I don’t care what people think of me. I’m not racist and I did not mean it in a racist way.” (What ‘race’ is Islam?)

Walid was happy to hear the post had already been removed by the time he heard about it, but said if children saw the post, it could lead to increased instances of bullying, especially following the Boston Marathon bombing. “We have had increased complaints of bullying in a number of schools, primarily in Oakland County,” he said.

School Board President Theresa Genest did not return contact attempts at press time.