Former FOX News contributor, Jane Hall, goes off the rails, accuses FOX of “waging a campaign to link the words radical and Islam” following the Islamic terrorist attacks in Boston

img_5645530_340Ignorant fool. Everyone knows there is no such thing as radical Islam or moderate Islam. Islam is Islam, just ask the prime minister of Turkey. Maybe Hall is in the early stages of Alzheimer’s. No wonder FOX axed her, she sounds exactly like the Muslim apologists at MSNBC.

Crooks&Liars  In a Sunday discussion on CNN, host Howard Kurtz noted that after briefly coming together in the aftermath of the tragedy in Boston, the media had returned to its “ideological sniping.” Current TV (al-Jazeera) host Cenk Uygur told Kurtz that Fox News had led the charge in making the airwaves more vitriolic by “talking about Muslims.”


“I think that Fox is practically waging a campaign to link the words ‘radical’ and ‘Islam’,” Hall agreed. “I don’t think radical Islam is a religion. (No, but Islam is a religion that is inherently radical, misogynistic, anti-semitic, anti-Christian, and extremely violent  in its teachings) I think what happens can be a perversion, from what I understand, of religion. But I think there is a difference endlessly linking this and saying, you know, helpfully having visuals that say radical Islam with these young men’s pictures.”


Hall pointed out that Fox News guest Ann Coulter had said that Tsarnaev’s wife should have been imprisoned for wearing a headscarf and Fox News host Bob Beckel had called to suspend all student visas from Muslim countries.

“We don’t know what happened here and yet there is a rush to tar all Muslims with radicalism,” she observed. “I really think if you look at it, it’s across a lot of different shows on Fox.”