After easy passage in the House, Anti-Sharia bill dies in the Florida State Senate….for now

5_445865468791056_1665221906_n-vi2The minority Democrats effectively killed the Florida version of American Law for American Courts on its third try in as many years in the final days of the 2013 Legislature in Tallahassee. SB 58, Acceptance of Foreign Law in Certain Cases, was defeated on a procedural vote by the minority Senate Democrats: 25 Republicans to 14 Democrats. 27 votes were required to reach the required two-thirds margin to use the House version which passed the Florida House on April 18th, 79 Republicans to 39 Democrats. 

Sharia punishment
Sharia punishment

SB 58 sponsor, Sen. Alan Hays, Republican of Umatilla had a list of more than 19 cases involving foreign law that had been appealed in Florida courts.

WatchDogWire  The final day of the session, the Senate version SB 58 was not called up at the option of the bill’s sponsor Sen. Hays as it would have required a unanimous procedural vote. If the Senate version had passed on a procedural vote on May 3rd it would have faced a daunting prospect with a required 2/3rds vote to bring up the Senate bill and a further 2/3rds vote to roll it to third reading on same day. That was mooted by the decision not to proceed in the Senate on the final day of the 2013 session.

Sharia punishment
Sharia punishment

(Hamas front group CAIR Council on American-Islamic Relations and another radical Islamist group, United Voices for America, headed by notorious America-hater, Hamas and Hezbollah supporter, Ahmed Bedier, (videos below) who condemned the leaflets, as well as the legislation — even though the bill did not specifically reference Sharia or any religious law)

Whether because of a technicality as some allege or intimidation, the Senate leadership failed to address approval in the Senate Rules Committee, the final step in the hearing process that would have facilitated a successful floor vote on a simple majority basis. As a result of not being scheduled for a hearing in the Rules Committee, the procedural vote was required to approve the House version that failed by a two vote margin to pass. The House leadership had required only two committee approvals prior to.

Sharia punishment
Sharia punishment

We were warned two months ago that the Republicans did not have the super majority the party had in the 2012 Session when ALAC was poised to pass, but for a disagreement between outgoing former Senate President Mike Haridopolos and the Senate Sponsor of ALAC in Florida, Sen. Alan Hays. It is doubtful that a fourth try in 2014 will eventuate as it is an election year.

The Senate version, SB58 had been approved by three Committees but had languished in the Senate Rules Committee since April 9th until it was withdrawn from Judiciary just prior to yesterday’s debate on the bill. A groundswell of grass roots support for ALAC was launched in a campaign directed at the Florid a Senate leaders who received thousands of emails and phone calls to bring the measure up for a floor vote.

Sharia punishment
Sharia punishment

Among those grass roots organizations supporting passage of ALAC in Florida were Act! for AmericaChristian Family Coalition and the Florida Family Association.

The opposition cabal included Muslim Brotherhood front groups, CAIR, United Voices for America and Engage USA who accused the measure of discriminating against Muslims and Sharia Islamic law when the bills never mentioned either and nor was there was a blanket ban on foreign law. Jewish groups like the ADL and NCJW who opposed SB58 misinformed Jewish Floridians that ALAC would threaten recognition of Jewish domestic law. These groups had entre to media outlets that assisted in conveying their objections in a classic disinformation campaign. They were definitively rebutted by the arguments of Rabbi Jonathan Hausman, Esq. and corroborated by an Israeli women’s legal rights expert at Tel Aviv University, Prof. Daphna Hacker.

Sharia punishment
Sharia punishment

While opposition groups may gloat about this legislative bollix, it was more of the usual legislative politics that resulted in failure of ALAC to pass on its third try in the 2013 legislative session in Tallahassee.

Our commendation to both Sen. Hays and Rep. Metz for their dogged determination endeavoring to pass ALAC in Florida.

Radical Islamist Ahmed Bedier does his victory dance now. But this bill will be brought back in every session until we pass it.

Florida BNIers, be sure to contact the dhimmi politicians he mentions here and tell them what you think.

Ahmed Bedier’s anti-American, anti-white hate speech at Muslim Capital Day in Tallahassee 2012:


Democrats clearly have NO problem with allowing Sharia law to be considered in Florida Courts. Their position to oppose ONLY American laws in American courts is most likely NOT principled but political, trading sovereignty for a voting bloc.

Florida Family Association applauds Representative Larry Metz and Senator Alan Hays for their leadership in sponsoring the American Laws for American Courts legislation. 

Democrats offered eleven hostile amendments.

Engrossed 1 
  356226 , Sobel Date Filed: 05/02/13, Line#: 55  
  911018 , Ring Date Filed: 05/02/13, Line#: 65  
  672502 , Clemens Date Filed: 05/02/13, Line#: 65  
  634380 , Clemens Date Filed: 05/02/13, Line#: 79  
  628740 , Sobel Date Filed: 05/02/13, Line#: 107  
  596552 , Soto Date Filed: 05/02/13, Line#: 124  
  786322 , Soto Date Filed: 05/02/13, Line#: 124  
  941328 , Sachs Date Filed: 05/02/13, Line#: 125  
  233234 , Soto Date Filed: 05/02/13, Line#: 125  
  715382 , Thompson Date Filed: 05/02/13, Line#: 136  
  562684 , Thompson Date Filed: 05/02/13, Line#: 145

Florida Senate vote to consider HB 351 instead of SB 58.  All Democrats voted against the motion.

N  Abruzzo N  Clemens Y  Garcia Y  Lee Y  Simmons
Y  Altman Y  Dean Y  Gardiner Y  Legg Y  Simpson
Y  Bean –  Detert N  Gibson N  Margolis N  Smith
Y  Benacquisto Y  Diaz de la Portilla Y  Grimsley N  Montford N  Sobel
Y  Bradley Y  Evers Y  Hays Y  Negron N  Soto
Y  Brandes Y  Flores Y  Hukill Y  Richter Y  Stargel
N  Braynon Y  Gaetz N  Joyner N  Ring N  Thompson
N  Bullard Y  Galvano Y  Latvala N  Sachs Y  Thrasher

Florida House of Representatives vote on HB 351.

Y  Adkins N  Danish N  Jones, M. Y  Porter N  Slosberg
Y  Ahern Y  Davis N  Jones, S. N  Powell Y  Smith
Y  Albritton Y  Diaz, J. N  Kerner Y  Precourt Y  Spano
N  Antone Y  Diaz, M. Y  La Rosa N  Pritchett N  Stafford
Y  Artiles N  Dudley N  Lee Y  Raburn N  Stark
Y  Baxley Y  Eagle Y  Magar N  Rader Y  Steube
N  Berman N  Edwards Y  Mayfield N  Rangel N  Stewart
Y  Beshears Y  Fasano Y  McBurney Y  Raschein Y  Stone
Y  Bileca Y  Fitzenhagen N  McGhee Y  Raulerson N  Taylor
Y  Boyd Y  Fresen Y  McKeel Y  Ray N  Thurston
N  Bracy N  Fullwood Y  Metz N  Reed Y  Tobia
Y  Brodeur Y  Gaetz Y  Moraitis Y  Rehwinkel Vasilinda N  Torres
Y  Broxson N  Gibbons N  Moskowitz Y  Renuart Y  Trujillo
Y  Caldwell Y  Gonzalez Y  Nelson N  Richardson Y  Van Zant
Y  Campbell Y  Goodson Y  Nuñez Y  Roberson, K. N  Waldman
N  Castor Dentel Y  Grant Y  Oliva Y  Rodrigues, R. N  Watson, B.
N  Clarke-Reed Y  Hager Y  O’Toole N  Rodríguez, J. N  Watson, C.
N  Clelland Y  Harrell N  Pafford N  Rogers Y  Weatherford
Y  Coley Y  Holder Y  Passidomo Y  Rooney N  Williams, A.
Y  Combee Y  Hood Y  Patronis Y  Rouson Y  Wood
Y  Corcoran Y  Hooper Y  Perry Y  Santiago Y  Workman
Y  Crisafulli Y  Hudson Y  Peters N  Saunders Y  Young
–  Cruz Y  Hutson Y  Pigman Y  Schenck Y  Zimmermann
Y  Cummings Y  Ingram Y  Pilon N  Schwartz  
Total Yeas: 79     Total Nays: 39     Total Missed: 1     Total Votes: 118