Here we go again! Muslim baghead alleges her so-called ‘faith’ was attacked in Court

6a00d8341c60bf53ef0148c677b68e970c-250wi“Wait a second, I have to call the litigation jihadists at CAIR so I can sue the state of Indiana for religious discrimination.” A Hammond, Indiana woman says she felt she and her Islamic faith were under attack when she declined a request to remove her headbag during a visit to traffic court. (Not a traditional Muslim headbag, it could have contained a bomb)

NBC Chicago (h/t Lola)  A court officer threatened to make her leave the courtroom if she didn’t either show proof of her religion or remove the head scarf.

A Hammond City Attorney said Gray was only questioned about her head scarf because it wasn’t easily recognized as a religious head covering. Kristina Kantar said Gray was asked to step outside the courtroom to discuss the situation because she became very loud, and it was then that the court officer asked Gray to present a mosque card.

Gray has since contacted terror-linked CAIR (Council on Anti-American Islamic Relations). They believe her constitutional rights were violated and said they would investigate the situation (and file a lawsuit).