While Obama is wringing his hands wondering what to do about Syria…

934989_10151639725951341_1359518718_nIsrael is taking care of business. An airstrike by Israel Friday hit several targets in Syria that were deemed a threat. Military experts say there was probably evidence of a surface to air missile system being transferred toward Lebanon that could have fallen into the wrong hands.

KMBZ Retired marine and ABC News consultant Stephen Ganyard says Israel’s “eyes and ears on the ground” in Syria make it easy to track things that are “essentially an existential threat to Israel.”

K92RTUVJ5VIVLLV5-rszw514 Still, Ganyard says, during these types of targeted strikes — Israel carried out a previous strike in Syria in January — there is raised concern for civilians. “The Israelis do not want to cause civilian casualties. It doesn’t do their cause any good. They really don’t want to stir up the Syrian civil war,” explains Ganyard.  “All they’re trying to do is take out things that could be used against the Israeli state.”

A spokesperson for the White House national security council declined to comment, saying they are “strictly referring to Israel.”