BELGIUM: Tearing a quran gets a Christian four months in jail…

But throwing a quran at someone’s head is not considered assault if you are a Muslim.

Islam vs Europe Arne S., originally from Blankenberge, was sentenced on Wednesday, by the criminal court of Bruges, to four months in prison for having torn a copy of the Koran in front of a group of Muslims.

On 8 June last year, the accused participated in a demonstration in Ostende. After the demonstration, he went into a café where he exchanged words with around a dozen Muslims. According to the statements of the accused, the Muslims threw the sacred book at his head first, after which he tore pages in the filthy quran “in front of the Muslim thrugs’ eyes.’ 

 Olivier Ryde, the accused’s lawyer, requested this his client be acquitted. According to him, there was no question of any infringement of the law on racism. (Nothing else matters anymore in Belgium, except Muslim fweewings)



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  1. Someone should make a gun that shoots korans at Muslims. That wouldn’t be illegal. Make a vest of korans as armor against Muslims. What is funny though is that these barbaric people would throw their own sacred book as a weapon. Isn’t that assault in any democratic country? So what if it is allowed in Islam. You are not allowed to throw a book at someone’s head, period.

  2. Funny how they can spit, urinate and burn our Bibles and it’s a freedom of expression, and they go all feral over a piece of paper that I wouldn’t wipe my backside with if it had anything Islamic on it, I respect my arse more than that

  3. But you can tour the world with your progressive enlightened ‘art” show that features a Crucifix in a glass vessel filled with the Urine of the “Artist” and the same enlightened progressive mind set that has sent this koran “page tearer” to JAIL for four months, applauded and marvelled over the “artists” “bold daring” and his ‘challenging” of “accepted conservative Christian norms”

    The punishment for destroying one koran / Islamist Terrorist Manual,should be a cheque for $ 20,000, for destroying ten or more korans, a lifetime gaurantee of never having to share your Country with muslims

    • They do that, Aussie, and we may have a whole new industry… :)

      The production of Qur’ans simply so people can buy and deface or destroy them.

      Thing is this: To Jews and to Christians, actual physical Bibles are simply books. It is what is CONTAINED within them that is of real importance. This is why, generally, Jews and Christians have NO problem with their Scriptures being translated into other languages so that people may read and heed. They do not claim that the Bible itself is the pure word of Yahweh. He said that it was “sufficient,” not “pure and infallible,” because language is an imprecise tool for conveying concepts and ideas. Yahweh, as the Almighty, knows that language is imprecise, and thus, the words themselves are NOT to be the object of worship; He is. The words are used to convey the concepts and ideas.

      To Mohammedans (Muslims), the Qur’an IS on a level with Mohammed and “Allah.” It is considered to be “the pure and unaltered word of Allah,” and an exact replica of the so-called eternal tablets in the Mohammedan heaven. To do any harm to the book is like harming “Allah,” to the Mohammedans. Which is why they go chimp-shi’ite over any perceived slight to Mohammed, Mohammedanism, or a Qur’an. Fact is, Mohammedans are, indeed, idol worshippers.

      Hope that explains, somewhat, why Mohammedans lose what little minds they may have, when a Qur’an is somehow “desecrated” and why dhimmi-wits kowtow to them.

    • Just let those good-for-nothings take ICAO out of Montréal: I don’t think any of us will really miss it, even those who’re employed there – if they have any principles!!!

      When my father worked for another UN (grander) agency, he started with the highest expectations of a lofty organization striving to fulfil the ideals the UN was supposed to aspire to. How BITTERLY he was disillusioned: patronage, corruption, idleness all over the place. He found himself having to carry the burden of two, three or more people at times!!!

      As to this Belgian case: I sure hope that it’s appealed!!! That “judge” ought to be promptly FIRED and charged with TREASON – and his sentence ought to be life-imprisonment… God FORBID that Islam EVER starts making its filthy presence known in any area close to my community – that’s why I’m so glad to be over 135 km. away from Toronto (where “Mohammed” is now the most popular baby-name…)!!! The trouble is that likely, NO community will be safe on this entire earth (at least not without war)…

  4. A “Black Cabbie” is waiting for a fare, when a Muslim gets in
    and immediately asks that his music be turn off, bc
    he is a devout Muslim, and infidel music wasn’t heard in
    mohammed’s day, so he turn it off and got out of his cabbie
    and opened the door, saying to the devout muslim, get out of my cabbie
    bc, there were no cabbies in mohammed’s day either,
    so piss off, and wait for a camel!

  5. What about all the hundreds of thousands of bibles the muslims deface and burn every year?? Those who allowed this to go to court are scum and those who convicted are scumbag traitors……It’s about time these people were made to feel really uncomfortable and pay for their arse licking to Islam….

  6. The government has no way of judging motives of a person without mindreading.

    The court is enforcing Sharia law regarding blasphemy, when Sharia is not part of the Belgian legal system.

    It’s absurd and the judge should be condemned for restricting freedom of speech.

  7. And where are the public protests about this miscarriage of justice ?????
    The left too, those “protectors of human rights”…..oh never mind, forget them as according to their warped sense of justice, only muslims have rights ( because they vote for them)
    CELL FOR TEARING A BOOK! after it was thrown at you ?? SAY IT AINT SO, for goodness sakes this is 2013 last time I checked, not 1013 ! But we would never have guessed.

    This is only the Start . Wait for the witch hunts / inquisition/Stalinistic raids folks, coming to a town near you. Anti -Islam ?Anti- Sharia ? Anti – barbarism? Arrest him/her.!! As everyone cheers and shouts ” off with their heads”
    Brrrrr, Lord save us !

  8. This is a sign of the current and coming times if we do not act now to stop being pushed around by this cult of evil called islam. This case must be appealed. Belgium has gone nuts if this case is true.

  9. I am afraid that this cancer will continue till my country (USA) is under Sharia law then the liberals here will have the country they have been building…

  10. Breaks my heart to see what is happening in Europe. After all this is where our ancestors came from. How can these be our “mother countries” when they are being oberrun by muslims

  11. We are better and better,..the Hitlers times return to europe. But this time ten thousand times worst!!!!!!!!!!

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