Because the NYPD doesn’t have enough to do, now they have to waste their time investigating anti-Muslim graffiti on a Brooklyn sidewalk as a ‘hate’ crime

The sidewalk is in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, site of a mosque planned for a Jewish neighborhood which residents waged a hard fought but losing battle against for two years. They who were outraged at the thought of an Islamic Center for Jew hatred in the middle of residential Jewish neighborhood.


SheepsheadBites  Graffiti was found on the sidewalk outside a home in Sheepshead Bay. Someone spray painted on Avenue Z, “Dumb Muslims Die.”

The police confirmed they are investigating the matter. A resident told NY1, “I’ve been here for 12 years, I’ve never seen something like this. I mean I heard words here and there, you know, I hear the kids you know screaming and yelling and throwing words here and there but this is, this is nervewracking. It’s an eye opener. If they have the nerve to do it in the bright daylight i can imagine what they can do in the dark.”

We’re (Muslims) waiting to hear if this was reported to police, and whether or not it is being investigated as a hate crime (demanded by the CAIR thugs)

Flyer sent to neighborhood residents by Muslims
Flyer sent to neighborhood residents by Muslims

 Democrat dhimmis couldn’t wait to chime in:

Public Advocate Bill deBlasio said, “This revolting act of prejudice was meant to intimidate New Yorkers on their streets and in their homes – but because of our unity and our strength, it’s not going to work. We won’t stand for anti-Muslim bigotry – not in Sheepshead Bay, not in Brooklyn, not anywhere in our city.”


District Leader Ari Kagan, a candidate for City Council, also weighed in:

I was deeply saddened and troubled to learn of yesterday’s hate crime, targeting Muslims, in Sheepshead Bay. Southern Brooklyn is a vibrant, diverse community, home to families from all across the world. There is absolutely no place for such hateful behavior in our communities. We must stand with our District Attorney to ensure these perpetrators are brought to justice. Our neighbors will, of course, assist the NYPD with their investigation. I encourage any one with information on this crime to step forward.

Kagan, it’s worth noting, is against the Voorhies Avenue mosque, protests over which some say has made this kind of anti-Muslim sentiment publicly acceptable.