If you remember nothing else about Islam, remember this: Islam means submission, NOT peace

Muslims loves to  portray themselves as victims of the “misunderstanders of Islam who are brainwashed by the media.” Don’t buy it. In fact don’t buy anything a Muslim tells you, because they are commanded in the quran to lie to the unbelievers as a non-violent way to support  jihad and its uptimate goal: the Islamization of the entire world.


Think about it. The media always portray Muslims in the best possible light, relegating the more than 20,000 deadly Islamic terror attacks since 9/11 to a teeny tiny minority of “bad” Muslims. The media regularly submit to Muslim demands to restrict free speech, to self-censor themselves, and to redefine words in the way they Muslims demand that they be understoon, not what they really are.  And yet Muslims still blame the media first for all the anti-Muslim sentiment in the world.

That’s because submission to Islam is a form of appeasement and we know what happens when you feed the crocodile, hoping he will eat you last.

This video does a good job showing you what they say, but what they really mean.