Oh, BOO HOO! CAIR media whores whining about the Muslim ‘terrorist doll’

Keep it up, CAIR, the cards are selling out!

The card features a photo of a Muslim doll wearing a headbag. The talking bubbles placed on top of the doll’s photo read, “The Talking Doll, Pull string for message, if you dare,” and “She’ll Love You To Death! She’ll Blow Your Brains Out!” The inside of the card reads “Hope your birthday is a BLOW OUT!”


Chicago Monitor  The card is produced by NobleWorks Inc. with credit for its design given to “Ron Kanfi” according to the company’s website, www.nobleworkcards.com. The motto of the company printed under their logo on the back of the card is “modern cards for modern people.” 

Notice that nothing identifies this doll as a terrorist in the minds of the card designers other than that she wears a headbag. The unmistakable message behind the “humor” is that even the most peaceful looking Muslims are synonymous and exchangeable with terrorists. 

Even better, the card is based on an actual doll designed by Desi Doll Company (www.desidollcompany.com) called Aamina, the Muslim Doll. The doll teaches kids religious greetings and sayings in Arabic like “Allahu Akbar” –  “Die infidel dogs.”


Another version of this doll came out about a year ago called ‘Talking Muslim Doll named Amina’ with the message: ‘Nobody can figure out what she says because nobody has the guts to pull the cord.’

– Bi-lingual 16″ soft plush doll that cries and screams

– Interactive hands, feet, comes already genitally mutilated

– Over 4 minutes of begging and pleading

– Speaks English and Arabic

– Can withstand multiple beatings

– Fun ways for little girls to learn how to be child brides and slaves