‘Apartheid’ in Islam is as old as Islam, and it is rampant throughout the Muslim world, even today

The constant ‘apartheid’ accusations against Israel by Muslims are as phony as the claim that Islam is a religion of ‘peace.’ And it is an American Jew, Pamela Geller, who is showing the world why.


The Blaze Currently, a series of ads labeling Israel an “apartheid state” (featured below) are running in New York City subway stations. To provide a counterbalance and tell Americans “the truth about sharia law,” The American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI) is planning to launch its own series of New York metro and D.C. diorama ads featuring facts about Islamic apartheid

Here is an anti-Israel apartheid ad currently running in New York City:


Below are images of the various Islamic apartheid ads that are slated to take the New York and D.C. metro areas by storm. Some of the apartheid ads point to Islam’s treatment of homosexuals, while others focus on growing threats and murder of Jews and Christians in Islamic countries, as well as lesser-known topics such as black enslavement in Muslim countries.