AUSTRALIA: Smirking Muslim thug laughs as he heads to jail for 4 years

798835-mahmoud-eidA judge hands a chief offender in last year’s Muslim riots over the film ‘Innocence of Muslims’ a four-year jail term for kicking a police dog and assaulting a policewoman. She  says if it was possible she would have sentenced him for much longer. The thug smiled and hugged supporters before he was taken into custody.

Daily Telegraph  (h/t Shirl in Oz) Deputy Chief Magistrate Jane Culver yesterday made the comments while sentencing Mahmoud Eid, 26, to at least 33 months in jail with a total term of just over four years over the ugly September 15 riots in which he kicked a police dog and pushed over a policewoman. The Punchbowl plumber, who was charged with rioting, assaulting police and animal cruelty, was found to have played an active part in every violent clash with police during the protests. His actions were caught on various footage of the riot.

The riots began as a protest against a YouTube clip mocking Islam before degenerating into angry clashes in which police were pelted with bottles, timber poles and other missiles.

Ms Culver said Eid must have known the protest could easily turn violent given his history at Cronulla’s Muslim riots, yet he had spent hours following the clashes around the city.

Defence lawyer Elie Rahme said the “offensive and provocative” anti-Islamic film could have only been created to stir up anger, but Ms Culver cut him short and said she didn’t want the court used as a platform for political views.  “Freedom of speech cannot be a vehicle by which violence can be perpetrated,” she said.