What are the odds that the man who threw acid in this woman’s face is NOT a Muslim?

Police have released this horrifying picture of a woman who had acid thrown in her face by a stranger on her doorstep. Tara Quigley, 28, opened her door in Romford, London, to a man who tossed the corrosive chemical all over her upper body before running away. Her dog, which she was carrying at the time, was blinded and may have to be put down.

(If you do a search on the words “acid attack” on this blog, you will find that EVERY attack has been done by a Muslim)


UK Daily Mail (h/t Zilla)  Speaking for the first time today Miss Quigley, who is being treated in a specialist burns unit for her extensive injuries said: ‘I don’t understand why this has happened to me.’

Scotland Yard has today also released an artist’s sketch of the suspect they are hunting for.


The 28-year-old victim, whose face and body is covered in acid burns, said: ‘I feel devastated and am coming to terms with the fact I might have to bear the scars of this cowardly attack for the rest of my life.

‘I was at home with my family at the time. It doesn’t bear thinking about that this could have been one of the children instead of me as the man didn’t even look up when threw it at me. 

DC Paul Swift from Romford CID said: ‘This was a craven attack during which the victim suffered substantial injuries. If you know anything or saw the incident I would urge you to come forward.

The front door of the  property has been stained by the acid which was thrown in the victim's face
The front door of the property has been stained by the acid which was thrown in the victim’s face