Oops! Looks like Muslim convert Lauren Booth couldn’t find a husband with an ad in Facebook after all…

jnbvffcSo she decided to steal her friend’s husband. In the Muslim world, that makes her wife #2.  As Tony Blair’s sister-in-law, I guess she represents payback for his devastating open immigration policies for Muslims.

Just last week BNI posted the story of how Lauren Booth found a Muslim husband after advertising on Facebook: chubby-muslim-convert-girl-lauren-booth-had-to-advertise-on-facebook-for-a-muslim-husband


Muslim convert Lauren Booth has been branded a home-wrecker by the woman who is still married to her new husband, Sohale Ahmed.

Faiza Ahmed has fled her home in Stockport, Greater Manchester, and taken her three children to  her brother’s house in Texas to recover from the collapse of her 16-year marriage. The 37-year-old childminder and bilingual teaching assistant claims that Ms Booth – the half-sister of Cherie Blair –  has betrayed her newly acquired Muslim faith. (Judging by the photos, it looks like the husband traded down)

Lauren Booth
Lauren Booth

She accuses her of openly flirting with Sohale in front of her, spending the family celebrations of Ramadan and Eid with him, and marrying him in secret.

Speaking from the house in a gated community where she has taken refuge, Mrs Ahmed said:

Faiza Ahmed
Faiza Ahmed

Lauren destroyed my home. You can’t just put on a hijab and say you are a good Muslim woman – it’s about having boundaries with men, and love and respect for women. ‘She came into my house as my and my husband’s guest and did this under my nose. Her behaviour appals me, and other Muslim women  – the very people she professes to support – must now judge her.’

Her words are a major rebuke to Ms Booth, 45, whose Facebook announcement of her marriage was revealed by The Mail on Sunday last week. 

Last night Mrs Ahmed told how her marriage to Sohale, 49, faltered as he devoted increasing amounts of time to promoting Muslim charity and fundraising events involving Ms Booth. She knew they were business associates and Sohale described Ms Booth as his ‘sister’ – a Muslim term of respect. 

The family Lauren Booth destroyed
The family Lauren Booth destroyed

Mrs Ahmed first met Ms Booth, who is now recognized across the United States, Asia and the Middle East as a public speaker, when she came to stay at the Ahmed family home in March 2012.

Mrs Ahmed said: ‘I cooked for her and then I stayed at home with the children while my husband and Lauren went out together. They came home late and I saw how open she was with him. ‘This is not the way Islam tells a woman to be. Usually reverts [as Muslim converts are called] are even more strict and zealous.’


Later that evening, after demanding that her husband come upstairs to bed, Mrs Ahmed claims she was shocked to see him emerging from Ms Booth’s room.  I told Sohale that even though I knew he was not going to stop seeing her, she was not allowed back into my house.

‘On Eid Day, Lauren arrived home from the mosque with Sohale and other family members but no one warned me. I walked out of my kitchen and she was there in my front room in full make-up, dressed from head-to-toe in red, the traditional colour of a Muslim wedding dress. She looked like a bride. ‘She followed me back into the kitchen and said, “I am sorry I stole your husband!” 

Technically, Sohale’s faith permits him to take up to four wives.


But Ms Booth and Sohale kept their nuptials secret from Mrs Ahmed until February this year when she says he asked her for a divorce in a telephone call.  He also sent a text to say he was married.

Booth was formerly married to actor Craig Darby and they have two daughters (photo below)  but she divorced him after he suffered serious brain injuries in a 2009 motorbike crash.









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