SHOCKING! Air Force has dumped the remains of at least 274 dead war heroes in a Virginia garbage dump

84d4a931d33a0354a98258d12c55e120Hundreds of pieces of dead American soldiers were incinerated by Air Force officials and then dumped in a Virginia landfill, for the first time putting hard numbers on the grisly scandal that has rocked the military’s largest mortuary, according to a report.

(But the dead Boston Marathon Muslim terrorist gets a grave on American soil)

NY Daily NewsThe Washington Post reported Wednesday that at least 976 body parts of 274 U.S. soldiers recovered from war zones abroad were ditched in a Kings County, Va., dump after arriving at Dover Air Base between 2004 and 2008.


In nearly every case, the heroes’ families, which had authorized the military to handle the soldiers’ remains, had no idea that their loved ones’ ashes were unceremoniously trashed, the Post report said. The Air Force came clean about the practice last month after whistleblowers complained about sloppy work at Dover, the main entry for fallen soldiers coming from battlefields overseas.

But it had refused to reveal how many remains went into the landfill, saying that tallying the parts and trying to match them with the more than 6,300 bodies that have passed through Dover would require “massive effort and time,” one Pentagon official said, according to the Post.


The Air Force finally released some numbers to the Washington newspaper this week. In addition to the remains that were matched up with dead soldiers, 1,762 unidentified remains were thrown into the landfill.

In total, more than 2,700 incinerated body parts were chucked, according to Air Force records – though that number may just be the tip of the iceberg.


One military widow told the Post that a mortuary official told her that the Air Force had been throwing cremated remains in landfills since at least 1996.

The Air Force said it has no plans to tell the families of the soldiers’ whose body parts were identified.

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39 comments on “SHOCKING! Air Force has dumped the remains of at least 274 dead war heroes in a Virginia garbage dump

  1. Iam sickened to the core! I can only think what if it were my child…we need do better by our military!


    Those soldiers put there life in risk, and this is how there bodies are treated????

    WOW! I feel so sorry.

  3. re. the donkey burning video, didn’t the Donkey realise its foreign policy was responsible for this action against it?

    It should have changed its foreign policy, then it wouldn’t have happened, would it? If only it realised, then it could have acted to stop muslims attacking it…you shouldn’t have invaded Iraq, donkey.

  4. Whatsoever you have done unto ONE of, my little ones,you have done unto me, says
    JESUS.. TAKE THAT WASHINGTON….!,!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. and not a word out of the muslim in the white house. If this had been his kind, he would be on tv blaming them for another muslim attack

  6. Times gone by back in the days when western Governments respected their fallen heroes, there would have been a new tomb of the unknown warrior built where the loved ones of the troops ‘missing in action’ could pay their respects.

    What the families of soldiers missing in action ought to do by way of protest is to all visit this garbage dump and lay floral tributes there.

  7. This may sound like I’m joking at first, but I’m serious. This landfill should IMMEDIATELY be shut down, covered over, and be turned into an Unknown Soldier War Memorial. The USAF should flip the bill (which really means the taxpayers but whatever). The disgraceful amount of damage caused by this is bad enough. If they can turn the land into a place of respect for our fallen soldiers that will at least show someone cares anough to not stand for this. As a matter of fact, I am going to write my Senators and Representative and ask them to propose exactly that.

  8. Y R we shocked? We have seen a lot of corrupt, illegal, immoral, ungodly behavior from this and other administrations? What is so different from this and Benghazi, listening to Americans asking for help to aid their fellow Americans and doing NOTHING to respond?! This “leader” is a eunuch, castrated slowly through the liberal ideas and lack of a moral compass! I hope he STILL feels CLOSER to his muzzie father’s roots than his White grandmother as he stated he did, I wouldn’t want him to have second thoughts and try to run a third term as a REAL American president!

  9. It would have been more respectful to bury them in a common grave in a military cemetary with a list of their names on a wall. I would have expected that at least.

  10. I hope that isn’t the “real” Louis Farrakhan, though anyone who would use that racist psycho’s name must be of the same warped frame of mind. Neither is worth the time or effort to listen to.

    The Air Force cannot have any possible defense for this. Even if identification is not possible, if they know these are fragmental remains of servicemen how much does it take to set aside a propper burial site for those ashes? And this horrible story should be rammed down Obama’s throat, via his buttboy Carney if necessary, along with the real story of the deaths of those Seal Team Six members in Afghanistan. There are still less than 50% of the people in this country who are finally waking up to what Obama really is. That’s not enough. They got rid of Nixon. This will be 10 times harder, but it can be done.

  11. Im not from the US but I find this an utter disgrace!!! How can a government whether it be Democrats or Republicans (both were in power over the time period) allow this to happen?? But Obumma & Co. don’t object to burying a terrorist peice on shit on US soil, that seems to be acceptable. I really hope someone or some people dig that peice of Muzturd shit up, light a bon fire, incinerate his body and post scooping up the ashes, proceed to do a “No 2” on the crapper then flush his Ashes down the crapper alongside the “No.2” because that’s the most that peice of human garbage deserves.

  12. Whoa! How absolutely outrageous.

    I thought they were all supposed to be buried in Arlington?

    As for it starting in 1996- Under the Clinton regime, Hill and Bill have always had contempt for the military.

    @ aussiegirl,

    You make a very good point about the level of “sensitivity” that was given over to that homicidal maniac Bin Laden. Whilst true warriors, like these soldiers were not given the homage they deserved, which is far more deserving then what that narcissistic POS Clinton will get when he finally kicks the bucket.

    Shame on the military and the paper pushers in Washington.

  13. Speaking of Godless, there is nothing on the planet more Godless than the pure satanic evil and deception of the ideology driving all this. Two words: Mohammad’s Saudi.

  14. Someone should dig that POS Boston Bomber up and chuck his carcass in a landfill. Seriously, our soldiers deserve so much better than this and politicians better act on it. Cremation – fine, whatever. But then dumped in a damn landfill?? Seriously??? Shameful. Would it really have been too difficult to scatter all of the ashes together at sea in a respectful service? Or at Mount Rushmore or some other place of respect? They died for our nation and freedoms and then get checked into a dump? This practice should be stopped immediately!

  15. is this for real, this is unbelievable, does this news not rage you?
    I Have Indian Nationality and Live in US but still i am enraged to the core because the soldiers of the Nation which employs me are treated like this. My hands are tied cos I am not a US national and i cant do much, but what about American citizens, why you guys are not protesting on this?

  16. No nice gloves neede here because we are not burying a few hundred cursed Korrrrrrans. No Christian burial ceremony here. No reminder that here are buried young men and women with grieving families. No respect here. Which individual is responsible for the decision to do such a thing?

  17. this happened between 2004 – 2008 under the bush clan watch.. There is none good, no not one ! Ronald reagan was the last ….

  18. I’m begging my grandson to not join any military.. I don’t want him to end up in a trash dump !!! That’s a disgrace on America, because of the trash that is running our country ! He dishonors our country and all of us.. He is an atheist Muslim, and a worthless bastard… Having him as president, America has been brought as low as it can go.. Thanks to all you IDIOT OBAMA VOTERS !!! You have helped destroy our beloved America ! Some people are just “brain dead” . God help the USA…I think this is the worst thing, I’ve read so far… Obama and his gang, needs to GO!! His impeachment is way over due !

  19. I am outraged as a Vet for this act of Laziness, Greed and heartlessness. Why can Washington get away with wasting Our hard earned money bailing out companies that desearve to close down It is inevitable sooner or later. Paying off buddies with American Veterans remains hits me at the center of my being. WHY after serving a country with their lives could we do such a scandalous act? I can only pray these idiots will one day ask for forgiveness.






    • unfortunately Louis your correct it as always been that way, the dead are no use to them we,r just a number

    • You DARE to talk of the USA as “Fascist”, Mr. Farrakhan!!!

      Listen, you TRAITOROUS wretch, we know what a “great” COMMUNIST and Moslem you are (just like your idol Obama!!!) and how much you hate the country in which you were born and whose citizenship you hold!!! Why didn’t you emigrate to the USSR when the opportunity was there? No doubt the Soviets would have LOVED to have you and would have broadcast your anti-white (i.e., racist), anti-capitalist balderdash that much more!!!

      May the REAL God YHWH (Yahweh) punish you not only in the afterlife but in this one too – we PROUD “infidels” (who’re NOT filthy almost ever – unlike you Moslem and Communist scum and super-vermin!!!) DEFY, HATE AND DESPISE you and all your ilk – SO THERE!!!!

      • Interesting that Louis would post here. The dates in question were under the Bush regime and as much as I didn’t like Bush I doubt he knew about this. This goes back to what I’ve been saying for years! Systemic corruption of the government bureaucracy caused this and it’s been happening for 40 years. A hand full of corrupt government bureaucrats did this! Get the FBI to find them and put them in Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas Prison! See how long they last!
        And we DO have a growing fascist/national socialist government and it’s getting worse every day! War is coming!

  21. wow, I’m stunned, not only does America not respect the aborted , she also disrespects the bodies of the brave warriors who gave their lives for their country…How low can the moral fibre of their leadership stoop, and this has been happening since 1996? how shameful. My heart goes out to those families who lost their sons and daughters, and who have no grave to visit..but the muslim terrorists get special burials..just look at the respect the military accorded to the fetid remains of Bin Laden with his over the top burial rites a la islam…

    • probably lots but they don’t want woody woodpecker either ( Biden) who blabbed about the SEALS after getting half tanked

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