NOTE IN THE BOAT left by surviving Boston Marathon Muslim terrorist

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev left a goodbye note in the boat where he was captured in Watertown. According to CBS News senior correspondent John Miller, investigators say Tsarnaev left a note claiming responsibility for the bombings shortly before he surrendered to police April 19.


CBS  (h/t RevereRidesAgain) As police searched for him, and as he lay bleeding in his boat hideout, Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev wrote “Fuck America” on the side panel of the boat, police in Massachusetts told ABC News. Officers said they also discovered the phrase “Praise Allah” on the boat’s side panels and several anti-American screeds, including references to Iraq, Afghanistan and “the infidels.”

The note, according to Miller, said that:

  • Dzhokar did not mourn his older brother Tamerlan
  • Tamerlan was a martyr now in paradise
  • Dzhokar expected to join him there
  • The bombings were retribution for what the U.S. did to Muslims in Afghanistan and Iraq
  • The Boston victims were collateral damage, like Muslims are in U.S. wars
  • And, when you attack one Muslim, you attack all Muslims