PARIS: Muslim savages rioting in the streets again over a soccer game

Paris Saint-Germain Ligue 1 Trophy Ceremony at Trocadero in Paris, France - 13 May 2013Muslim rioting in Paris is not exactly news.  But now they are rioting after the Arab soccer team won the league title over the French team. Beatings, bloody fights, burning vehicles, it’s a common sight in the streets of Paris several times a year.

UK Daily Mail (h/t gatouno) Hundreds of Paris St Germain football fans were involved in fights with the police last night as a victory celebration for winning the league title turned into a riot. Rioters could be heard screaming “Vive la Arabe” and seen taunting local Frenchmen. 

Shops were looted, cars burnt out, and passers-by threatened by hooded youths during confrontations between hooligans and CRS riot police, who used tear gas and baton charges against the thugs. There were 21 arrests connected to the riot, with 30 people seriously injured, including three police officers.


‘It’s absolute pandemonium,’ said eye-witness Paul Reeve. ‘There are gangs of hooligans everywhere, targeting whatever they can. This isn’t about football – it’s about mob violence.’

‘The Champs Elysee is a battlefield,’ said a photographer who captured images of the violence. ‘There are youths smashing shop windows and stealing everything they can. They are also attacking cars and motorbikes.’ 


Security guards could be seen surrounding shop windows and fighting youths who were trying to break in. ‘We were overwhelmed,’ said a spokesman for the Alliance police union, saying that officers had been charged by hundreds of thugs.

France’s socialist government was today accused of allowing ‘scum and barbarians’ free rein to ‘ransack the heart of Paris’.


The most stinging criticism of Mr Valls came from National Front president Marine Le Pen who spoke of the ‘welter of scum’ and ‘barbarians who have nothing to do with the fans of the football club’ and who ‘ransacked the heart of Paris’. 

Ms Le Pen said the government should show ‘zero tolerance’ against ‘these thugs who believe that everything is possible on our land’.