YES! Muslim profiling is alive and well in Minnesotastan

And Muslim Brotherhood proxy, CAIR (Council on Anti-American Relations) is hard at work chasing down all the ‘misunderstanders’ of Islam.


CAIR  From the Desk of Saly Abd Alla, Esq.

CAIR-MN Muslim Rights Director

Here are some cases CAIR-MN has worked on recently:

  • FBI visits the home of a Muslim who believes he is being targeted because he enrolled in a religious class.

  • Grocery store employees call the police on a Muslim for “suspicious behavior” after he was seen walking around the store while holding his cell phone.

  • An 8-year-old is told by his teacher that “Muslims bomb people.”

  • FBI contacts a Muslim on a business trip abroad and ask him to “work” for them to get “information” on the Somali community.

  • A Muslim student is treated unfairly by a professor and terminated from her program.

  • A man is called a racial slur in front of his supervisor and fired when he reports it.

  • A doctor makes discriminatory comments about a Muslim patient in a medical report.

  • A Muslim woman and her husband are denied service at a chain restaurant because the woman wears niqab.

  • A teacher calls the police, who in turn call the FBI, on a Muslim student for “suspicious behavior” because he waslooking at street maps.