FEEL GOOD STORY: ‘Pity Me’ letter from the Blind Sheikh, mastermind of the 1993 World Trade Center bombing

Says Dr. Omar Abdel-Rahman, the Blind Sheikh, “Surveillance cameras are directed to me all day and night, even when I uncover my genitals for washing and when defecating for prayer.” (Maybe he is hoping this letter will convince brother Obama to release him from jail on ‘humanitarian reasons?


Youm7 (translated by MZ)

Dr. Omar Abdel-Rahman, the Blind Sheikh, is detained for life in an American prison, sends a message to all Muslims in the world, asking them to fight for his freedom, he says: “The U.S. government demeans the pride of a Muslim in the dirt, and humiliates Muslim’s dignity.”

“They surround me, not only physically, but morally as well, where I am prevented from asking for a translator and reader (since I am blind), or the registrar and the radio. I do not hear news from the outside or the inside. ” added Abdul Rahman, in a letter published on the social networking site Twitter, about which Dr. Wissam Abdul Waris, ensured it’s authenticity. 

The Americans isolated me in solitary confinement, and they prevent me from speaking in Arabic.  They prevent others from visiting me, I stay all the day, quiet, for days months and year & I do not speak to anyone and they don’t let anyone speak to me , and If it wasn’t for reading the Koran, I would have suffered a lot of mental illness and mental disorders. “


Abdul Rahman said, ” Surveillance cameras are directed to me all day and night, even when I uncover my genitals for washing and when defecating for prayers, nor they decide to have enough with that, but they had a patrolling prison officers continuously monitoring me, and take advantage of my blindness to achieve their despicable goals , they do accurate and thorough self inspection to me and to my private areas, and get me naked just as my mother gave birth to me, looking at my genitals in the front and back, and search for anything , as if they are looking for drugs or explosives, and so on. ” 

“This hurts and makes me I would pray for the earth to split into halves and swallow me , as long as they wouldn’t be able to do such things to me, but as I said it is the chance that they took to demean and humiliate and loathe the dignity of the Muslim and his pride as well, and they prevent me of Friday prayers with others also the religious holidays, and they prevent any contact with any other Muslims.”

“They will tell you false justifications and create excuses for ignoring my personal needs and hygiene, they do not respond to my requests and not attending to what I need, I keep knocking the door for long hours almost to sometimes six hours, and no one answers, while if any other prisoner knocks on the door, they will hurry and answer his requests.” 


“They neglect my personal hygiene like not cutting my nails in months, as well as they make me wash my underwear where I am, which I have to soap them manually, and I wash, rinse and squeeze the clothes and I find it hard to do this.”

“They will inevitably kill me, especially as I am in isolation from the whole world, & I cannot see who is preparing my food and drink and so on, they have been improvising many ways to kill me slowly. They could poison the food, drink or medication and injections, and they can give me expired and poisonous medicine , or they can give me some hallucinating drugs in my food and water, because I smell something weird, emanating from the above floor , accompanied by an old humming noise, like old air conditioners unit.”

“Along with knocks and noises, and sounds of door knocks as if it’s bombs, these sounds continue in hours of the day or night, and they will improvise excuses and causes about what’s happening there.” Do not believe what they say about my death, they know how to lie, and they falsify all those pictures and evidences to convince you with their reasons and justifications ,this is all of that is expected of them. “

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“These are the ones who are fighting any Islamic Rise & Revival in the world, and are working to promote adultery and usury and other types of corruption in the whole earth.” 

“Surely, if  they kill me, which is they will surely do, they are inevitably going to do do not neglect my funeral, send my body to my family, do not disappoint me,and do not lose my body, but revenge me as much as you can for me, and remember I am your brother who was fighting in the name of Allah, these are some of the words I say to you, it is my will to you. “