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  1. These retarded islamist idiots will NEVER understand that they are just killing the body (the garment of the soul). the person itself (soul) is never ever killed!!! They are just wasting their time and creating unnecessary suffering for the souls living in this world.

  2. I will butcher the spelling but you will get the idea.
    I just read an article that Obama is to be the Leader of Al Qaeda.

    This ….. I have no words right now….we knew that he had admitted to being a Muslim.
    I just didn’t think …..I don’t know why I didn’t expect this….I didn’t. I guess it is just too overwhelming.

  3. In regards to the first video: Throwing guys off of roofs is not common. It’s done in order to give the victim a final humiliation because according to islam, that’s the way they’re supposed to kill male homosexuals.

    That’s why Hamas threw Fatah soldiers off of roofs when Hamas and the PA fought some time ago.

    Remind the lefty mushheads of this the next time they winge on about “pinkwashing”.

  4. I’m no fan of the Syrian government, which is criticized for human rights violations. But it should be kept in mind that the ME region has traditionally been one of endless violence and terrorism, going back thousands of years, so the people are VERY unruly. Add Islam to the mix, and you have little more than one group trying to restrain another group of violent fanatics, etc., ad nauseam.

    That’s why we find so many strong-armed tyrants in this region – it’s been that way since ancient times, even before Islam.

    That being said, if the Obama Admin can destroy help a relatively secular government (as it did in Egypt and Tunisia as well), what is to keep it from doing the same thing in the U.S.?

    Steve Emerson tells us about the terrorist-training camps in the U.S. They are evidently filled with ex-cons – who have weapons, against federal law.

    Go figure?

  5. The death culture of these inbreed ed SOB’s affirms Islam is Satanic. Satanism is dedicated to the destruction of God’ s creation. We should as non muslim fight back and eliminate these assholes . This isn’t about politics it is fighing evil and evil is Islam and all of it’s followers .

  6. Islam turns its males into sadistic, narcissistic mobsters who have no compassion or humanity.

    Inbred, braindead, hate-filled, misogynist, supremacist, killer zombie mozman jihadists.

    • redemption will only come when this foul “religion” is abolished and declared a crime against humanity

  7. BNI you are quite welcome to call these sub human scum Obama and Cameron’s ‘freedom fighters’. And since these sub humans might well end up praying in a Mosque in Britain, when thousands of Syrians come here for their ‘political asylum’, Dhimmi Prime Minister Cameron deserves to have his nose rubbed this Islamic shit hole, as much as Obama does.

  8. I shall now dispense with any pretense of politeness.
    Fucking hell! What a mob of blood-thirsty fucking cunts!
    This is the fucking shit that all the Left-Wing Fucktards want to let into the West en-masse. THAT is the place that should be nuked and turned into glass – every Moslem man, woman and child – send them to the nuclear hell.
    Fuck ’em! The most low-life species on earth!
    Even Amoebic Dysentery has more right to life!
    How will the Left Wing fucktard apologists handle this one?
    Throw those cunts off the roof too!
    The only thing these slimy cunts understand is sheer brutal force and terror!

    • how will they handle this. there’s talk of sending american troops there. we don’t need to get involved with this shit.
      if i heard right Erdogan will send Turkish troops on the side of Assad.

        • Bonni: Who is shielding obuMBoy, or Kerry from these atrocity videos? There have been 10 or more so far? Does Kerry, or the CIA chief, or whoever, have culpable deniability.

          Can someone bundle these and send them (a CD?) to all the major and minor news outlets, letting them know that all have been informed, and see who does anything?

          I believe the BBC or CNN had a clip of the Magwa emulating heart eater, with the gory details blurred out.

          With obuMBoy hounded by the IRS, Benghazi and other scandals, the pressure needs to build to ONLY back civilized ‘rebels’ if ANY can be found.