UPDATE on the Muslim savages rioting in Sweden

safe_image.phpIn the area of Husby in Stockholm Sweden, About 200 armed Muslims carried out a well-planned riot that burned hundreds of cars and buildings. The main group behind the riots, Megafonen, received City funding as a ‘youth activist group.’ Turns out the “youths” consisted of revolutionary Muslim activists whose goal was to destroy the area they live in (no doubt living on government welfare benefits). 


Over 80 % of the residents are non-european immigrants, legal and illegal, mainly Arab and African Muslims. First the Muslim demand that the state build them mosques, then they demand loudspeakers to broadcast the Muslim Call to Prayer five times a day. Next they demand money, free housing and welfare money for their clans, vacation pay and cars. Next they begin to demand money and offices for their groups and community organizations. 

LiveLeak-dot-com-011e6cd0dba6-beat_up.jpg.resized In this case, one of the groups, Megafon organized the riots, and the leader stirred up violence against the police before she shut down her Twitter account to hide her tracks. A screen shot was saved and can be seen int the film. Rioting in the 200 burning hell hole cities called ghettos are common in Sweden. Large masses of rioting Muslims roam in packs, set fires to trick police and fire to arrive, them they pelt the emergency vehicles with rocks, IED’s, fireworks or use guns. 

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  1. Well Sweden, once a very progressive and beautiful country, with very old seafaring history, how do you plan to cleanse yourself of the muslim vermin which you welcomed into your population? Just curious because we will looking for a disease cure here in the usa, but one on a much larger scale soon….

  2. I’ve been to Sweden on a few occasions, the last time being about 13 years ago. None of THIS was present at that time. Why in the world would a country, known as being one of the safest and most beautiful in the world, allow these TERRORISTS to move in and terrorize Swedish citizens. Didn’t the Scandinavian governments learn “anything” from 9/11? These THUGS have no desire to live peacefully among the Swedes or any other Westerners; their only goal is to take over Europe and take the entire continent back into the Dark Ages. The Swedish government MUST DEPORT these TERRORISTS NOW before it’s too late.

    • It makes me physically sick! Rapes skyrocketing (media to scared to report ethnicity of offenders cause in the same way Muslims do across Europe when exposed, the rob, riot, murder, loot and then they say its our fault for being Islamaphobic! Its so outrageous you’d expect it to have been a sketch done for Monty Python!) anti-Semitic attacks’ increase to Nazi level but as offenders are Muslims, most likely immigrants surviving on welfare payments, some they are entitled to others they are not but despite speaking no Swedish they know the word for racist and Sweden being Swedish gives them the money they ARE NOT ENTITLED TO all in the spirit of community cohesion they continue to abuse the very people who’s door they were knocking at crying they were going to be killed by Sharia Courts yet as soon as they gain refugee status despite it being said 100s of times that State not Church/Religion runs courts they set them up anyway! What do we do? Naff all cause all we say is theyre not legally binding (maybe not to normal people but to Muslims who are terrified from Islam the moment they cam speak to the moment they die are VERY real. Women sent back to abusive husbands who go on to kill them, women stoned to death for being raped (happens in Muslim majority Countries which probably within a decade will be, what they need is to give Peshmerga “temporary asylum” to clean up the problem with methods learnt from European IS Soldiers where a lot of Swedish Asylum seekers have gone despite being refugees amd claiming they’ll be persecuted in any Muslim Country, here’s hoping America uses its latest technology (thermobaric weapon’s with 1 bomb having kiloton of charge that’s not radioactive a tiny bit including not using depleted uranium which they dumped over Iraq causing DNA damage, deformed babies for min of 1000 years, a thermobaric weapon has a kill zone of 1 mile in all directions ISIS fighters lungs will be crushed no matter where theyre hiding as the weapon pulls in 100% of all oxygen within the zone. Russia has a larger one, will be interesting to see how Obama double standards against arming terrorists in Syria which he has been doing for some time which along wit cowardly Iraqi army is why ISIS is well armed beyond 1000s of AK47 and a couple of 50cals yet when ethnic Russians are being persecuted by a neighbouring Country (Ukraine) the fact Putin is arming them has become way worse than West arming ISIS and the absurd situation of Qatari officials prob Saudi Arabia too radioing ahead to ISIL who are still the Gulf States pet project with coordinates for next bombing raid so they can pack target with women/children then have Al Jazeera film the aftermath. Will Obama ever wake up? Its not just Democrats its Republicans too with Bush classifying and Obama refusing to declassify 28 pages from 9/11 commission that are believed to contain direct links between Saudi Royal family bank rolling 9/11. It must be really bad as its public knowledge one of the Royals in the American consulate paid all rent/expenses including flying lessons for 2 of the terrorists which gave one concrete link that could not be denied. What’s worse they don’t even deny it they Sta silent and whenever Congress gets restless Saudi Government threaten to pull $billions of Saudi money, worst thing being is since shale began to be extracted America became self sufficient for oil/gas and is now the largest exporter, this has hit the Saudis big time as the days of decadence are over add to the a new oil/gas field to be extracted the old fashioned way rather than fracking has been discovered just of the coast of Israel in Israeli waters that make the Saudi remaining oil look like a bit of dog piss on the floor and destroys Qatar’s idea after illegally removing Bashar Al-Assad (the real reason for the Syrian war) of piping gas across Syria into Europe breaking Russia’s monopoly on natural gas) with UK also planning to frack Saudi Arabia oil card has been obliterated, with this in mind why are our Governments still intent to wipe Christianity and white people off the face of the earth?? Sorry for long essay as you can tell some things have been playing heavily on my mind….

    • What did Sweden learn from 9/11? What did America learn from 9/11?? Our response was to deny the problem, demand that “9/11 was an inside job” (it WAS.) “done by George Bush” (it WASN’T) and to elect a mysterious muslim on the Obama Bin Biden ’08 ticket to “prove” they knew the TWUTH.

      Well guess what? There’s a islamic minarette sitting right on top of the (One World Order) world trade center and the memorial is a inverse and reflection in tribute to the kabba cube. You boys better start realizing that these Muslims didn’t bring themselves to your country. They may have WANTED to jihad there. But it’s your politicians who brought it there.

      WHY aren’t they “learning” their lesson from this experience you wonder? WHY aren’t YOU learning YOUR lesson from your own experience? Your politicians ARE doing this on purpose and they’re doing it for the “New World Order”. Well gee.. that’s scarey. But who’s that?

      That “New World Order” IS THE VATICAN my friends. And your politicians are all Jesuits and Masons who ANSWER to the VATICAN. What you are watching is the POPE trying to assert his “right” to conquer every PROTESTANT NATION and reassert his power and totalitarian control. Most of you are “atheists”. Well you can thank your pope for that.

      Start watching some Walter Veith videos. He’ll show you who the pope actually is. But you’re all being played and your WILL be destroyed if you don’t wise up. The “Left-Wing”, the “Muslims”, and the “Masons” are ALL secretly branches of one organization. And ALL ROADS lead right back to Rome.

      By the way… the Red Roman Nazis, the Red Communion-ists, the Red Italian ROMAN who invented FASCISM, Muslims, and the Irish Catholic Ku Klux Klan are – NOT – who you all think they are. They are ALL one organization.

      I’m making a video. But you all need to do your own research. But here’s just a couple of mind-blowers to show you that what I’m telling you is TRUTH.

      The Nazis and Communists are POLITICALLY IDENTICAL (Look at these pictures, Read the Nazi 25-point platform, realize Marx, Hegel, Engles, etc are NOT Russians, and learn that Hitler and Stalin invaded Poland TOGETHER)

      And the Klan is NOT who you think they are either:

      Learn about the “Counter-Reformation” and who Jesuits are and how they work. All that “islam” is, is the sword of Roman Catholicism. And every last thing those unwashed illiterate ugly bastards are doing is EXACTLY that Rome itself was doing not very long ago.

      Good luck and God Bless.

  3. Some Americans are very aware of what is going on in our country. We have Dearborn, MI, which is the largest community of Muslims in the country. We have also been made aware of close to 40 military training camps spread out across the US, and I have no idea why they are allowed to exist. There is a Halal market in my neighborhood, and in light of what I have learned, I’m not going to continue giving them my business. There are plenty of other ethnic markets that sell the same products.

    I’m tired of hearing them say we are racist because we display crosses or stars of David. Are these people never happy? They say they are a religion of peace, but there is violence everywhere they go. The only reason they haven’t done anything of consequence here in the states is because our military would squash them like bugs. We need to stop letting them in and giving them free stuff. My God…they are like cockroaches!

  4. Gosh…. What is wrong with this religion? Oops! Cult! All you hear is give, take, whine then off with there heads. You all follow a false prophet and God. States in the real bible that false prophets will come in my name. How can this Islam be anything but a evil. What loving God Would go out and let his so called chosen strap on a bomb and blow up inocent children? Get on a bus and shoot a little girl in the head all for what? Because she wanted to have an education. This back wood religion which come 600 yrs after the birth of christ Jesus. How dare they come and take over our own lands. How dare they want Islam law in our schools and say it should be so. I’m not a nasty person but enough is enough. Treatig woman as nothing but sex objects, inciting hate to all non believers and calling all westerns infidals. Bah. You poor weak minded sheep following a false God and prophet. You have been tricked and will jump through hoops to please your evil masters. All for what! Control! For 1400 yrs there has never been peace. You murder, rape, kill, hate, and the one thing that realky gets me is that you cut woman so they cant feel any sexual stimuli. You evil no brained morons. You have leaders who sit behind there false facade inticing hate sending young men and women strapped with bombs to blow inocents up. You cowards. And then say all in the name of Alah the cresent moon god. For me. Never wll i conform to this false religion. I would rather die than be a follower of Islam.Jesus died on the cross for our sins. Jesus is lord and god not a prophet. But he did say many will come in my name and preach in my name but be aware many will be false prophets. To all good God fareing people be good to each other have tolorance and never be blinded for whats wrong or right. Where children of God not mindless savages who want nothing but to destroy everything we have.

    They want total control. Never let this happen. This religion is for the weak minded may God have pity on there souls. Thou shalt not KILL! Any man, woman, child with enough brains that to kill is WRONG! To have 4 wives at one time. WRONG! To beat there wives for looking at another man WRONG! To fill young minds full of absaloute dribble from there ilitrate leaders and war mongers all using there religion and so called God to justifie there pathetic actions. No Loving GOD would allow such actions as this religion has done for thousands of years. You dont like the west? Then i suggest you pack up and leave and let us live in peace.

    I know this is a little long but so upset that this religion can so easily brainwash young minds. I agree to ban this religion or cult. Leave it out of our schools as our children dont need to hear what this crap Islam has to say.

    May God be with you all.

  5. Sometimes people are so dumb they deserve their fate, Sweden is a case in point.

    Despite having considerable problems PRIOR TO 2012, the Swedish elite and the people who vote for them have learned nothing:

    “Sweden received 43,900 asylum seekers in 2012, a nearly 50 percent jump from 2011 and the second highest on record. Nearly half were from Syria, Afghanistan and Somalia.”

    Sweden is finished as nation, so will be half a dozen other European nations. Death by demographics, death by PC dictatorship.

    At least the Japanese and the Chinese in this respect are not that dull. They will prevail while the West will decline.

    For America with be Hispanic controlled (votes and majority) by the year 2060, the Hispanics will never be able to compete with the hard working, academically brilliant Chinese. Have you seen the Hispanic drop out rate.

    Europe’s society will die around the same time due to the Muslim cancer, Asia will prevail.

    Spengler’s:”decline of the West” is correct, liberalism and narcissistic capitalism (big US business what’s cheap slave labor) have combined into a fatal weakness that will destroy the USA and Europe eventually. The question is how long will it take?

  6. ^HiItler blamed Jews for the economic troubles of his country, and your blaming Islam for terrorism? terrorist have always existed, 9/11 was designed by a terrorist group not a religion.

    Somehow I get the feeling that people here would not bat an eyelash if America suddenly wiped out all the Islamic people here. And that you all would encourage labeling them as something totally different then American. well in response, a response no one here wants to hear but truth is not always kind, Dehumanization is the Third step to genocide we seem to already have passed 1 and 2. We are rapidly blowing through organization and polarization steps 4 and 5. Already people are starting this kind of group consensus that Islam’s are not to be trusted and should not be allowed to exist. And no one seems to want to stand up and point the immoral finger. well I’ll do it…. they may be different and they may not be safe to allow in America, but what you guys are talking about is no better than Hitler’s political party before he got power.

  7. Why is it that the governments in so many countries don’t see, and act, on these groups? It doesn’t matter if they are religious organizations or just racist bigots. If they are creating chaos in cities around the world, in democratic nations, these nations need to treat them as terrorists. (Of course, in the US, Muslim terrorists get a pass……. unless they get shot, then run over by their brother and die before being caught.) Instead of acting, the governments seem to be sitting on their behinds, letting the public get more and more angry, a breeding more hostility between all Muslims and the rest of the free world. Most people don’t want to hate. Most would like to trust the people they meet. But…. and I know this is going to create anger, but I have to say it, because it’s true….. when a people all look alike, you just don’t know which ones can be trusted. For your own safety, you start looking at all of them like terrorists.

    • We don’t have a democracy that reflects the will
      of the people. He who pays the piper calls the tune
      and his name is al Saud. Opec rule your world.
      Welcome to the matrix

  8. Laws will need to be passed to give Police the legal right to shoot and Kill rioters in the street dead ! No good comes from burning, looting, and rock throwing ! I think the citizens of the USA won’t put up with much more of this kind of bullshit from these Muslim Fanatics ! When the Citizens of the USA have had enough? Getting Pretty Close ? There will be a house cleaning of this Muslim vermin trash ! Christians have done wrong in the past ! but they are not trying to undermine countries with riots and terrorist attacks !

  9. Since 9/11 Muslims have killed over 50,000 and wounded over 75,000 in terrorist attacks worldwide.
    Since 9/11 Muslims have committed terrorist attacks in Afghanistan, Algeria, Bangladesh, Belgium, Chad, Chechnya, Dagestan, Denmark, East Timor, Egypt, England, Eritrea, Ethiopia, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Ingushetia, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Jordan-Iraq, Kabardino-Balkans, Kenya, Kosovo, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon, Mauritania, Morocco, Netherlands, Nigeria, Pakistan, Gaza-Palestinian Authority, Philippines, Qatar, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Scotland, Somalia, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Syria, Tajikistan, Thailand, Tunisia, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, United Arab Republic, United States, Uzbekistan and Yemen.
    Muslims have carried out over 6,800 fatal terrorist atrocities since 9/11, and countless thousands since Islamic conquest began in 623 AD.

  10. Muslims around the world are doing whatever they can to make everyones lives miserable. Soon muslims around the world will find that they are not welcome anywhere. Islam is violent, muslims deny that they are violent, as to be tolerated, but their true being is to destroy Christians and cause dispair on every part of the Globe. They deserve no mercy.
    God Bless America.

  11. When this starts here I will go to the slaughter house and get all the pigskins I can And wrap every achmed I slaughter in one and Throw them in the ground. And trust me it will be many .

  12. All this is just like the sci-fi film Independence day with the Muslims as the aliens. They arrive, attack, consume all the resources and then move on to a new region that is yet unspoiled… In our case they arrive as immigrants, breed and increase in number, bludge social security payments to support increased breeding and as their numbers grow they assert their power and influence destroying things they don’t agree with to begin with but eventually everything…

  13. I do not understand Sweden’s response to this. Has your brains turned to corn flacks? Prytz was beaten and threatened and apparently did not protect himself and does not support getting rid of the trouble makers. I am sorry, but he is a coward in my opinion.

  14. And, second thing, :). You know, right?, that all people on this planet who believe in “god” actually worship the Sun. Imagine stupid muslim screaming allahu akbar, while in XXI century it should sounds more like: “hydrogen akbar”. Nowadays typical prayer could begin like this: “O mighty deuterium and tritium, thou that fuse to create helium-4 to power the life-giving sun, be praised. Destroyer of darkness, conqueror of cold, let no infidel prevent thy photons from striking our retina to repel shadow and dusk. Let there be enough carbon dioxide to absorb thy light to maintain right temperature upon this world. … “.

    Btw, should there be any connection between politicians, branches and ropes for betraying ordinary people, condemning them to living under permanent fear of religiously motivated violence and stupidity?

  15. One more thing. I think that multiculturalism might be a good thing but only when no religion is involved. One cannot be tolerant towards religion in public space! The very basis of modern society is secularism. We must not forget, that all religions are nothing but systems designed in the past to exploit not very bright minds, and the only serious (i.e not laughable) thing in them is their criminal aspect. But islam is floating high above all others with its perfection of turning Homo sapiens into Pan troglodytes.

  16. Well at least we can thank Sweden for removing any doubt that may be lingering in the west regards velvet glove treatment for phoney refugees and Arab Spring rebels. Hopefully the Swedes and the West in general have a gauntlet in storage somewhere.

  17. So what happens now, they get re housed ?
    Put them in tents provided by themselves, they get enough tax-payers money from welfare.
    Speaking of biting the hand that feeds them.
    If Sweden had any sense they would deport them all.
    But herein lies the problem, the Swedes have lost the plot.

    • They will receive an apology from the goverment, all white swedens will be put in jail and blamed that muslims crashed the whole city becouse swedens arent generous and open enough. And the swedish president or whoever is in charge will say that sweden has be be even more open to immigrants right now than it was before… ;D

      • Yep, that’s right Nadine, all so familiar. Why not keep throwing out aging and infirm Swedes to make way for these supremacists and their large families? Offer them even more jobs in Government, hospitals and law.Ignoring the ethnic Swedes?
        In GB Muslims run immigration, well why not, after all that is “fair” !!
        Then, only then will they maybe, please stop rioting ?!

        An ex-Muslim told me a Muslim restaurant owner, not realising she was not a Muslim told her to wear a hijab and be ” prepared for our take-over. My son is in Law and my daughter a doctor, soon we will be the majority in all professions, it will happen SOON”

        What these ignorant uneducated Muslim don’t realise, is when their supremacist savage cult take over ( IF because we are still here and warning everyone) they will not receive welfare anymore but will be treated as they were in their former Muslim hell-holes by their OWN educated ( by US ) elite who will be a billion times worse than any Western benign generous country they so want to destroy!
        Stupid is as stupid does.
        This unfortunately is the mentality we are tortured with and have to deal with because of our traitorous elites, who believe they have the right to give away our countries on a silver platter, well better than ” war” eh , and after all as a liberal said to me ” things change, always have” !

  18. they are animals wherever they go. you cant just throw benefits at a problem and hope it rectifies itself. they have ruined their own countries and only fools allow them to move in AND provide benefits to them. what youll have is plenty of time being spent by these animals in organizing to take over….take the benefits away, they may have to get jobs…..
    whoever lets them in and babies them has this to look forward to

  19. muslims will finish you one day. they start from a scratch and grow stronger and stronger like a cockroach from filth. if you dont squash this cockroach, it will kill you one day from inside.

    • There comes a time when you have to get rid of your enemies ! either by running them off or killing them ! We gonna wait till we have such a big problem here in the USA that we have to have a mini war on our on USA soil ! Be nice to see our own cities bombed to clean out the Muslim Fanatics? We need to clean house before it gets any bigger ! These folks if you were in their country would not hesitate to cut your head off ! We don’t want to hurt their feelings by running their asses out of our country ! COME ON !

  20. I have zero sympathy for people that turn the other cheek. They sit there and actually allow this to happen and do nothing . Worse they invite the ones doing it, in by droves and PAY them benefits to live there and beat them. Swedes are idiots along with all the Euro morons inviting muzz in.

    • I agree with you, people who ‘turn the other cheek’ deserve all they get. Hard to believe isn’t it that Sweden, once one of the world’s ‘showplace’ countries is actually going under to such a rag-tag mob of 7th century filth?

      Actually, I’m more concerned at this time for my wife’s country, Norway, into which all that muslim filth will flood when the money for the benefits (jizya) runs out in Sweden–which will be soon. The present government in Norway is every bit as bad—can’t get enough muslims. In Norway there is hope, however; statistics and polls show that the present govt. will be turfed out in the next election.

      Incidentally, don’t just blame the ‘Euro morons’, the rabble is pouring into Canada and USA too, and we have just as many dhimmis to the square inch as Eurabia.

      • Wherever in Europe you look at the solution is always the same. Import more of them.

        It’s what they (the elites) want. Race replacement.

        • Yes, seemingly they want to replace a smart, clever race with a stupid, backward, bestial race; how smart is that?

          I have yet to hear from any of these so called “elites” what they expect from these “super ” people once they have taken us back a thousand years in time.

          Every time I travel to Eurabia now I wonder anew at the lunacy of western leaders, for I see absolutely nothing positive brought to the western world by muslims. NOTHING.

  21. So now that they have burned their own area, make them wallow in it. My question is whose neighborhood will they now be allowed to invade and live in only to burn it later on, when they get in another snit. Sweden like a lot of other countries, have spoiled these people and not only supported them with money, but with everything else, which they do NOT appreciate. Send them packing.

  22. It’s about time the traitors and their politically correct cohorts started to experience the consequences of their actions.

    Otherwise it will never end and the people will never stand up and take their countries back.

    Funny, whenever I meet someone for the first time. They never disagree with us here as to what is happening in our country. They need leadership to mobilise.

  23. Nice, i’m from Europe and i’m waiting 10 months for the personnummer… and these “men” get everything from the state and that’s the payback!

  24. People are people. Some are dumber than others but eventually even the dumbest learns that sticking your hand in fire hurts and they no longer stick their hands in fire. What the Swedes have going for them are numbers. In spite of all the noise, the Muslims still make up a small percentage of the population – 2, 3, 4 or 5% – whatever. Even zombies, whom the Swedes have been emulating, come to life eventually and then it will be a blood bath – not only in Sweden but in all of Europe and the Americas. In Asian countries, every once in a while, non-Muslims say “ENOUGH” and then they riot and kill off a few hundred towelheads.

  25. “Liberals” think that these Islamists will be grateful to them and spare them for showing “compassion” for them as victims. The Muslims make no distinction between good infidels and bad infidels. These “liberals” think that Christianity is “oppressive” of their “rights”, they will be begging Christians to take over before its all over.

  26. The “liberal” commies actually believe that the Muslims have a right to do this, after all they are “victims” of the white man who are just getting pay back, right? At what point do these people get vindication (as if any of their current ever did them harm), and become responsible, contributing citizens in the countries that open their doors to help them? Muslims want to force Islam on others, this is not about getting even.

  27. Sweden need to learn form Myanmar that no need kind to Muslim cause they worship to SATAN ALLAH and their idol is TERRORIST MUHAMMAD. All Muslim is same is only time and place their terrorist mind will happen.

  28. Stockholm Syndrome is a psychological state of mind whereby a kidnapped person after spending time in captivity, begins to sympathise and identify with their captors.

    Almost the ultimate in delusionment, especially when incarcerated by muslims whose innate sadism is only encouraged by pleading and supplication.

    Seems that Sweden is now the hostage.

    There is another aspect. I’ve got a Saab and the specialist repair man I use has quite a liking for Sweden. He trained there. He visits quite often. Any mention of this is swept aside as racist scaremongering and I think his objectivity is skewed by what those dhimmi Swedes tell him.

    Of course Saab executives, government big wigs and the Swedish establishment of opinion formers will live nowhere near these ghettos.

    They’re holed up well away from the trouble, have holiday homes on remote wooded islands and as such are hermetically sealed from the barbarians.

    To them this is viewed as a settling in period whilst the Somalians, Pakistanis and Turks find their feet in a strange society. That the ‘youths’ are second or third generation immigrants is an inconvenient fact to be brushed away.

    Is there any hope? I doubt it. Eventually just like Pastor Neymeyer the Muslims will come for them and at that point it’s civil war or its all over.

  29. Doesn’t Sweden have a military? Send them in and kill all the savages if they want to riot. As long as they allow this to continue, it will get worse. Thank God America has a Second Amendment. Any Muslims threathening me or my property and I’d waste the Mutherfuxxers.

  30. You would think that by now, Europe would understand the folly of appeasement. Apparently they didn’t get the message the last time.

  31. It is a shame that a country that had achieved an advanced society, with freedom, social rights and good coverage for its citizens, is being lost by this serious, very serious error that is ABOVE DO NOT PUT ANYTHING ELSE’S OBLIGATION all Whoever comes out (and provided you do so in a legal way) to INTEGRATE and lifestyle BOUND aND lAWS own, forcing even forsake any belief that immigrants have and that is contrary to such laws.

    This is also a mistake we’re making throughout the West.

    And the thing is and would have been as simple as DECLARE ISLAM actually ILLEGAL because IT IS. Most of the rules of the Koran VIOLATED OUR LAWS and therefore, ITS PROHIBITION is COMPLETELY LEGAL, WE ARE IN OUR RIGHT.

    Now it is too late to prevent violence there, will have any, or that, or give in to them and … THAT NEVER!!, If leaders do nothing, WE HAVE TO DO THE CITIZENS.

  32. Now because of equal opportunity Laws, open immigration policies, hate crimes (only if a muslim is the victim) our Gov’ts are retarded, they think that because we obey Law and codes that the muzzies will do the same, they are laughing at us all, and more than likely being paid via welfare or because of equal opportunities they are in Police forces. military, Law, civil engineering they now have a voice and numbers to run riot, until caught then they lay down like scumbags and plead for their rights, yet they may have just half beaten someone to death, then they go to what must be heaven to them, Jail and there they take over and turn the weak minded prisoners into little jihadists and anti Western mentality, have been saying for too long they are a parasitic infestation that needs to be eradicated from our Lands, nothing but oxygen thieves

  33. Come on Sweden, wake the hell up!!! Oh and another good measure might be to STOP GIVING THEM YOUR DAMN MONEY!!!

  34. What goes around in Eurabia comes around. 40 million Muzztards and counting since they breed like rabbits. Europe didn’t want 6 million Jews so they killed them. Now they have 40 million of these premedieval savages. Best thing they could do is put them in a B52 and drop them out over the Baltic sea in the middle of winter.

  35. Its said , Fools and their money are soon parted. I’d say ” Fools and their country is soon destroyed”

    Its Swedes who have foolishly voted for these idiot muslim loving politicians……..they deserve what they get.

  36. It is too late for the Western nations. Too late as in we have allowed in so many muslims that they will now try to take over all of our nations as the Koran commands them. It is our leaders and blinkered voting that has led to this. The result is undoubtedly going to be warfare. We have seen the unavoidable pattern of history in every nation where Islam reaches a demographic tipping point. I wish it were otherwise, but unfortunately our leaders are only interested in self gain and our fellow citizens are apathetic or blinded to the imminent threat. If we want to keep our own culture the time when we have no choice but fight for it or lose it is approaching fast – Or just grow a beard, pray five times a day to Allah, teat women as possessions, stop listening to haram music, watching haram television programs, stop drinking haram alcohol, kill the haram jews, have sex with kuffar children, peddle drugs like heroin etc etc etc. Your choice.

  37. i actually hope Sweden falls to islam. It might serve as a wake up call to the rest of Europe and USA and Oz. They actually still vote for the suicidal politicians that are polluting their once beautiful peaceful country with muslim filth. They deserve to go under.

      • Neither would I or anyone I personally know, that’s just a bridge going in the wrong direction and totally unacceptable.

        • the only country in the world that is brave enough to stand against the Muslims and stop them from entering is Japan. The other parts of the world are doomed. Once you let the Muslims in you’re a dead meat.

  38. This is an example to the rest of Europe, the Muslims are winning the struggle in Sweden and the authorities have lost control of their own country.

    I love that typical Dhimmi politician; “it’s not my car they’ve set fire too” no but they’ve set fire to your country, you weak piece of shit!!!

    I pity his wife and kids, if they have to depend on that weakling. for their survival.

    I tried to Google Stockholm riots to find more articles about this war that’s broken out, and no journalists have the balls to write about it, the only article about this so far in the European media has come from the financial times.

    The Saracens have taken us all by surprise in Europe, because we all thought Britain would be the first Country they’d take over.

  39. No surprises here. The big bangs I imagine will be in the those countries with the really big demographics and terrorist networks. Elect crazy people, take away border controls, blinker your population with political correctness and voila! Look what shows up. Not just Sweden. We are all going down the same road. it is never too late to turn back? If we don’t we can consider ourselves permanently neutered – conquered that is.

    • You be surprised how many had enough, it’s coming to a boil here.
      For now i carry and stay calm, I think Swedes need to see more dead bodies before they act and take control.

    • Swedes haven’t had enough yet. They are a nation of welfare statist maggots and have lost any sense of themselves, any courage, any resolve. Even as the Muzztards are breaking into the rotten log that is Swedish society, Swedes will do little more than mewl and squirm. (Yes, a few will take refuge in Norway.)

  40. Sweden is getting what they asked for. They are losing their culture and selling out to the savage muslims. Typical muslim actions of chaos and atrocities. The police should issue warnings that at all further riots that real bullets will be used and the dogs will not be wearing muzzels. Deport all illegals. Deport all muslims involved with the riots. Just being there to support the riots is enough reason to be deported. Take lots of pictures and videos. Deport based on video proof. No trials needed.

    • That would indeed be the sensible thing to do, but it seems that here too, at the top they are so afraid of things escalating that they probably gave orders to police forces to hold back on lethal force. A mistake because the only way would be to simply shoot to kill, as with, and especially, domestic enemies, you neither talk nor appease, you eradicate.

      • There are words of wisdom in your post Alain. Its too bad, most of these hate filled, anti-( fill in the country name) so called political figures have not the stones to solve their conceived, intended disasters/problems of most countries at risk of being overrun by these hoards of demons of the flesh, muslims. As it stands, again it will be the resolve from the Patriots of said ( again fill in the Country name) who will have to endure the consequences of these politicians who will simply runs for the hills with the stolen treasury of the Nations, secure themselves with hundreds of security people so as to not have to pay dearly for their evil implementations and stand back and laugh, ridicule, and slander those of us at risk of being overrun in our own Country, by these hordes of demons of the flesh, muslims, they’ll even mock us at our daring to resolve their intentional/mancaused disasters/ problems. Its appears the elitist, the world over have nothing better to do then to literally, screw, anything, anyone, everyone, and all else not bolted to the ground, and for what? Yeah that’s the million dollar question, isn’t it.
        The solution to eradicating the filth among us, is exactly what you propose and also it should be openly stated, any enemy, foreign or domestic will not be immune of our intended goal for them as well-period. We The Patriots, with our guns and bitterly clinging to our bibles, are beyond the point of being pissed-off/on, its almost time to begin the culling. There is no denying the feeling “some thing wicked cometh our way” and if we were half as smart we claim to be, it would have all ready begun, long ago. Sometimes, I get this feeling that our GOD, of Moses, Isaac, and Jacob is testing our resolve, are we willing to really confront evil as described of the old testament ways and actions, am I the only one?

        I, mohareb…………………………………………………….approve this message.

        Semper Fi.

        • Indeed Ret, Marine, and correct me if I’m wrong, but I’ve been saying quite a bit lately that this filth, I don’t think, would dare try pulling that stunt on your turf, as with your 2nd amendment (that I’m aware your traitor-in-chief and Co have been trying to severely infringe recently), they’d be biting the dust faster than they could utter their so-called prophet’s name.

          Semper Fi

    • No need, it would be suffiecient to station the army around the place – cut off all water, elec etc. supplies, and then only let out small children (not ’12 year old boys with beards’! ) and women willing to uncover their heads to prove identity.
      Leave the rest to give up and be deported, or to stay and rot.

  41. Sorry to sound callous here but my sympathy for Sweden is zero. They voted in the very politicians who have allowed the Muzturd problem to get to the point it has. Don’t you just all love “multiculturalism”, look how it works over the long term.
    I guess seeing this gives us all a future glimpse of what we all have to look forward to if we all don’t bloody hurry up and stop it happening in it’s tracks.

      • It has not failed with other cultures???? Do you live in America? I just wish we could go back to when I was a kid, growing up, and being white meant something. This Black community madness is so tiresome. It’s infesting our white children, who the majority now think “Thug Life” is cool. And then the Black community tries to say there is not a problem, or call someone racist when they point it out. SCREW BEING P.C.! My ancestors came from England in the 1600s to start a new life and a new country. I bet they, along with the Founding Fathers, are rolling in their graves.

        • I agree with you… some of us Black folks have gone mad. They’ve forgotten what Dr. King and many others were struggling for. The “hustlers” have taken over; following the Leftist mantra of victimhood and sundering efforts by most of us to get on with living by continuing to hammer in this “we’ll always be wronged” mentality.

        • I think the blacks in the USA are being used as a wedge to break up white culture, nothing more. Even or especially the blacks who fit in the best with the competitive white culture — they receive affirmative action to a massive degree that upsets all sorts of judgments, always against the whites. The whites hate this the most. If blacks burn down their own neighborhood, that’s more of their own problem, at least it can be ignored.

          If we got rid of affirmative action and special preferences for minorities, America would be much friendlier to all, and if we could stop illegal immigration and slow down outsourcing, we would have jobs at all levels for people. The way it used to be.

          Short of that, American culture will be tense, and probably especially so for the blacks who are now losing many of their affirmative action slots to hispanics.

        • amen chris!! SCREW THIS “MULTI-CULTURALISM!!” especially these “minorities” who complain constantly about being treated ‘equal’. they like to take advantage of all the social programs available and find as many ways to do so. and the “minorities” who like to get over this way are also the ones who like to call themselves “african americans”. they are simply black americans. i’m quite sure they don’t hold dual citizenship, not even the would be savior ALL the stupid american’s voted for holds dual citizenship. he may actually be african, but i highly doubt he’s american. and i know an actual african american in person. he’s wihte. whiter than me even. hahahahaha!! it’s ok to look at people of other ethnicities and give them the opportunity to act like proper human beings with decorum and propriety. failing that, i view them more or less in line with the stereotypes that correspond to their ethnic group. s m : ) e

        • Multiculturalism is a very good thing as long, as all the newcomers show respect to the domestic culture. If Islamic immigrants want Sharia, they should just go back to their countries. Those who cannot properly appreciate the hospitality of the country that gave them shelter should be just kicked out. But I wish to say that in the USA there are PLENTY of jobs opened to go and get ’em. If somebody REALLY wants to get a job, it’s not a problem here. But many people see customer service area as not good enough for them. If one REALLY want to get a job (which means he is not picky about it), he’ll get it. And finally, USA should follow Michigan on the Federal level. Instead of fight for gay rights we should better fight for the rights of taxpayers to see their money does not go to support druggies in any other way than through mandatory rehabilitation programs: http://wtvbam.com/news/articles/2013/may/02/drug-users-and-parents-of-truant-kids-could-lose-welfare-benefits/
          They passed the law that drug-positive people lose their welfare. And it is well FARE.

      • Dear Emma, multiculturalism may be fine. Hindus, Buddhists, Taoists, Jews, Christians, athiests all get along fine – Islam however is monocultural. It always has been and always will be. It is relatively quiet until they have the numbers in a region, then they deal with the unbelievers… Wake up honey!

        • Re:” Multiculturalism is a very good thing as long, as all the newcomers show respect to the domestic culture”.
          Dead wrong. Multiculturalism is an attempt to claim cultures are equal while actually promoting one’s preferred culture. Equality is not only untrue it’s impossible. Immigrants by moving to a new culture acknowledge this preference for the new culture and admit to the new one being superior to the one they left. The existing culture owes the immigrant nothing but the ,hance to adopt their existing mores , laws and practices. Whatever strengths the immigrant brings are not based on hanging the basic structure of the existing culture to match that of the immigrant.
          When you move here it is up to you to assimilate. We really don’t care how you did it back home or what you do privately. You conform to our laws , our language and our expectations of a citizen – not the other way around. In America we are a blend of FORMER cultures into ONE new one. It’s based on what you do and how you treat others and….letting others alone to do the same. But now group identity, esp. “victim” group , backed by government interference and oppression of other groups is seen as the way to get ahead by not just by immigrants but anyone with an axe to grind.
          We are a Judeo-Christian based society that speaks and communicates in English. Get used to it. Despite the destructive success of the anti-American PC groups with affirm. action (government enforced racism) and bilingual non-education as examples, true success is still found in assimilating to the culture of individual responsibility and reward for individual effort.
          Guess what ? That means some will do better and have more than others. Don’t like it ? Work to do better and quit bitching.
          If we keep on with anything that interferes with this, as we have for far too long , we will either destroy this country or split it. Then you’ll see how truly awful all those other cultures really are in comparison.

    • True, but they clearly didn’t foresee the folly of their actions. Probably fell for the multi-culti guff.

      The trick ids to get them to stand up and fight back. Convince them their government will do nothing.

  42. Sweden is lost to political correctness and multi-culturalism. This is what happens when people let savages .. barbarians into their country. This is what awaits America!

    • As an American living here in the UK, I see things and hear and read papers folks back home never see or hear or read. And Aprilyn, you have no idea how exactly correct you are. What saves America (for the time being) is our size. Come to a place like this as I have and spend time here, and you will really get a taste of what losing your country is like.

      • Jay, if you check out the Category in the sidebar called “Islamic Britain” you will see that we know exactly what it’s like in the UK, one of the reasons for this blog.

        • Hi, Just found your reply in my spam folder. Lately, things that normally come straight thru ok, are suddenly going to spam. ??
          Anyway, I looked but don’t see anything that that says Islamic Britain. Nothing to the side bar on the right has that on my pc. Don’t know why.

      • Come to India also for that matter of fact and see the pain we hindus face with losing our country to the Wahhabi Islamists. To add salt to the wounds is a government that is absolutely Anti Hindu whose sole agenda is to promote Islam since the muslims always vote and are mainly responsible for getting the current govt to power while we stupid Hindus look the other way. Only in India will you find Hindus living like refugees in their own country after being displaced by Islamic fundamentalists from Kashmir. And the majority of incidences related to thieving, looting, arson, murder in the major metropolises somehow has Muslims involved in it. And the irony is that they still tell people that they are uncared for and that their religion is in danger. Ironically they say that Islam is a religion of ‘peace’. If there is a war that will soon be fought , it will most definitely will be against the virus known as Wahhabi Islam. Make no mistake about it.

      • You see and hear thing in the UK and not in the US because the Administration and media hide it from us.

        • You got that one right, Patriot. The American media perform as “scandal condoms” protecting the Administration from embarrassments and.. er… scandals. By the same token, they protect Islam from criticism while ridiculing Christianity and carping about Israel.
          Sidebar: The US gov’t refers to the atrocity perp’ed by Major Hasan as an incident of “workplace violence.”

    • You are so correct. It is happening in America. There is a condition called negative bias. This condition existed in Germany under Hitler. There are so many that are blind to what is going on. Good for you that you have educated yourself and know what is happening.

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