Every five minutes, somewhere in the Muslim world, a Christian is being killed just for being a Christian

51zTzEVKv3L._BO2204203200_PIsitb-sticker-arrow-clickTopRight35-76_SX285_SY380_CR00285380_SH20_OU01_In ‘Crucified Again,’  Raymond Ibrahim, an Arabic-speaking Coptic Christian, says that in the aftermath of the Arab Spring, the world is facing a serious human rights crisis emanating from the new Islamic war against Christians –  perpetual acts of violence and murder being committed by Muslims against those belonging to the Christian faith. It is feared that in a few decades, there will no longer be any Christians left in the Middle East, birthplace of Christ.

Crucified Again exposes the rapes, the beatings, the burnings, the bombings, the acid attacks, the honour killings, the lootings, the churches destroyed, the homes razed, the villages decimated, and countless lives lost. But what is so important about this book is the fact that most of this you will never hear about from the mainstream media in the West.


Islam’s openly declared war against the West and Christianity and the stories of individual persecution and terror are routinely ignored by the MSM. But ignorance of Arabic is no excuse here. There are almost as many atrocities committed in the West by Muslims as in Muslim lands.

Most of the book deals with the mind-numbing violence and slaughter of Christians in Muslim-majority countries. Sub-Saharan Africa is certainly a major site of jihad on churches, and Nigeria is especially a tragic place. In September 2011 for example, Muslims hacked to death thousands of Christians, including many children and pregnant women. A 79-year-old Christian woman had her throat slit in her home. 


In April 2012, Muslim attackers set upon a church service, throwing explosives and opening fire as worshippers attempted to flee. In December of that year four more churches were torched and ten Christians murdered. Twenty houses were burned and other churches assaulted, all to the cries of “Allahu Akbar!”