KASHMIR: “I swear to God,” a man screamed out, as one of his tormentors held a pistol to his head “I will pray, pray five times a day”

mqdefaultMasked Punjabi-speaking Pakistani jihadists torture 3 Kashmiri Muslims, apparently for not being Muslim enough.

LiveLeak  The video provides grim insight into the Islamist movement which began to acquire power across the region from earlier in the decade. A local video operator Ashiq Husain was killed for broadcasts Islamists found offensive. Islamist power in Sopore began to grow around 2006, when a new generation of young leaders in Kashmir began gaining influence on the back of campaigns linked to questions of religious identity. The new Islamists make no secret of their support for jihadists. 

The former Jamiat-ul-Mujahideen terrorist, Massrat Alam Bhat, the Dukhtaran-e-Millat leader, Aasiya Andrabi, and Mehrajuddin Kalwal spearheaded campaigns against migrant workers, prostitution, sexual freedoms and alcohol use — all cast as Indian plots against Islam. 

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  1. osudrania,

    Our problems in Australia with Islam are currently quiet compared to the violent scenarios of Europe, USA & Canada. But that is because we are caught in the calm centre of the ‘Islamic Tornado’ spinning around the globe. Parts of the storm hit us occasionally and BNI picks up many of these incidents; which our mainstream media usually avoids.

    Many Aussies outright reject Islam, others naively treat Muslims as equals and a large percentage are completely ignorant of the ‘Clear and Present Danger’ Islamic ground swell gradually expanding in Australia. E-mail circulation is starting to wake up more Aussies.

    Geert Wilders coming to Australia last January by the invitation of the Q Society did us a great volunteer service and aroused the concern of more Australians for and against Islam. Inferior thinking politicians that rejected Wilders including our backstabbing ‘Puppet’ Prime Minister Julia Gillard kissing hugging friend of Barack Hussein Obama the 1st Muslim President of the United States… did expose the stupidity of many of our politicians; but these fool leaders naively don’t realise it, that they are now being watched far more closely by ‘Anti-Islam’ Australians.

    The invasion of over 42,000 Muslim boat people since 2009 under the encouragement of the Rudd/Gillard Government has angered a lot of Australians including many that are ignorant about the true dark nature and character of Islam. But thanks to the stupidity of some politicians many Aussies are starting to learn more about the danger of Islam.

    Recently, we had a major victory we stopped Gillard’s planned new legislation which if it had been implemented would have destroyed ‘Freedom of Speech’ in Australia and given Islam more power to Islamize Australia. The planned ‘Draft of Human Rights and Anti-Discrimination Bill 2012’ even after revisions, which rejected ‘Freedom of Speech’, was defeated. The Gillard Government was forced to withdraw the planned ‘Anti-Freedom of Speech’ legislation on the 20th March 2013.

    The IPA ‘Institute of Public Affairs’ was instrumental in blocking the approval of this dangerous ‘Anti-Freedom Legislation.’ I am a member of the IPA ‘The Voice of Freedom’ 70 years: 1943-2013 fighting for ‘Free People, free society.’

    The core of the obscene legislation made it illegal to say something which someone else found ‘offensive;’ in other words, a madness of allegations and lawsuits would have run wild and Muslims would have gained the ideal opportunity to silence by force all Australian critics of Islam.

    At present ‘Sharia Law’ has been rejected by the Australian Governments- State and Federal in brief comments, but they have failed to actually pass legislation to enforce that process of rejection. I know that in Lakemba NSW ‘Sharia Law’ is being practiced but Muslims are not being prosecuted because no such ‘Anti-Sharia Law’ exists as yet.

    It is inevitable that during the next 20 years that as the Muslim population increases in Australia that we shall start to experience more of the problems like that of our overseas friends but many Aussies have yet to recognise that reality is coming.

    The mission of those Aussies that recognise the serious danger of Islam is to wake up all Aussies. I believe that because of our annual ‘Australia Day Patriotic Heritage’ and our annual ‘ANZAC Day March’ keeping the ‘Anzac Spirit’ alive that once Aussies understand the dark nature of Islam they shall rise against ‘Islamization of Australia.’ Our problem is spreading the education of truth. Those Australian politicians in bed with Islam will inevitably face their worst nightmare.

    You are welcome to talk to me on e-mail on blue.light@bigpond.com

    Best Wishes,


  2. It is appropriate to describe a ‘Group of Muslims’ as ‘Islamists’ the word is considered offensive by CAIR; and CAIR has demanded that the use of the word ‘Islamist’ must cease. I will never obey CAIR. Many professional writers against Islam do in fact use the word ‘Islamist’ to describe an Islamic Organisation.

    The use of the word ‘Muslim’ often attracts ‘law suit action’ even when use of the word is correct. Cases have been rejected because of falsely claimed racist remarks against a Muslim. The law is an ass but we are stuck with its idiotic reasoning. The name of the game is winning.

    Hence if changing the words to ‘Jihad Muslim’ ‘True Muslim’ strengthens the focus I have no hesitation in using such qualified meanings. Even Pamela Gellar and Brigette Gabriel do not encourage the hatred of all Muslims. They recognise that there are Muslims that want to become ex-Muslims but are afraid to leave Islam because of the death penalty Islamic Blasphemy rule. Therefore I will without hestation use any word be it Islamist, Islamic, Jihad Muslim, True Muslim or on occassions Muslim if that word helps place the absolute truth on the table.

    Remember this public fight against Islam is like fighting in a court; we must learn to calmly think before we write and speak, choose our words carefully to the best of our ability like a prosecutor barrister in a court. We must use the legal process be it good or bad to fight our case against Islam.

    Far to many politicians are weak and thus we must defeat them by legal process inside the court room and outside through public unity.

    • Allan, Glad to read your enlightening comment. I shall bear it in mind in my next column when I write about Islamic terrorist activities. As I notice that you come from Australia, kindly tell us, “How bad is the Islamic unrest in Australia”?

  3. I was going to pass on the video, the still showed more than enough to remind me of the capture of Saddam Hussein.

    After his capture, photos of Saddam Hussein in his underwear were published, and naturally, President Bush was immediately condemned for offending the modesty of Moslems . “Is he that ignorant of Arab customs and values – personal modesty included – or is he that deluded that he thinks the entire Arab world hates Saddam too much to care?” http://crooksandliars.com/2005/05/20/2402

    Here we see how much the Arab world values personal modesty!

    As I said, I was going to pass on the video, but I watched it. Having witnessed a very severe beating, by Egyptian Police, of a shrieking black sack on the ground, while our convoy passed through a checkpoint coming out of Port Said, I’d say they got off very lightly…

  4. Excellent post osudrania.

    I’d add, imagine if Saddam was still in power? Would Iran be in Iraq or rattling its nukes America’s way?

    Imagine if the Russians were still in Afghanistan? Had the mujahadeen not been armed by hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of stingers and other weaponry courtesy of Uncle Sam, they would and then would the Taliban be tolerated?

    As for your last sentence. We are at war, only our politicians and their multicultural fantasy seem to think otherwise.

    It’s not only terrorism, there’s more than one way to skin a cat and the savvy Muslims are infiltrating, dominating area by area and imposing islam’s will right across the globe.

    Reading BNI is an antidote to the misinformation or lack of any truth. Its all here. Unvarnished and as horrid as muslims themselves make it.

    Then there’s Jihad Watch and Atlas Shrugs both powered by unconquerable personality’s.

    They, and we are the new counter culture.

    • logdon, thanks. I don’t know if you know the true ugly history of Americans and their blue-eyed boy, Saddam. They used him to invade Iran at one point but Saddam fell off their favour when he commited the sin of invading their (Ams) stepson (Quwait). This did not augur well with Saudi Arabia, son-in-law of US. Hence Saddam had to go. Some even accuse Saddam of blasphemy against Sr Bush that caused Bush Jr to attack Iraq soon after Afghanistan invasion. In fact Bush went after Osama and Iraq was nowhere in the picture of 9/11. Rex non potest piccare, as the old Latin maxim goes. America has become global policeman. All the worst human rights’ violations are taking place in America, yet US is the most pious non-challengeable apostle.

      Regarding your comment on USSR in Af, do you know the facts behind USSR invasion in Af? It was a US conspiracy of quitely sneeking in Af in July 1979 to prepare these jihadi brute mujahideen murderers. Here I may request to stop calling them “mujahideens”, which means “holy wariors”; are they holy or unholy murderers
      looking at their benevolence this world is “enjoying”…??? Coming back to US in Af. US even spend huge money on propagandas in newspapers. I gether that one lumpsome money was paid to the tune of about five hundred thousand dollars to create an artificial hysteria of USSR invading Af, to justify these Islamic murderers to train and invade Af. At that time Af had a pro-USSR govt in Af and this panicked USSR to and the then Af ruler. Hence it was a got up invasion instigated by US, to avenge their humiliation in Veitnam. Hence this was the USSR calculated war of Uncle Sam. USSR couldn’t live there. US has its military in more than sevety five countries actually fighting, as per their records, Why? Because they have twenty five thousand nukes to scare the world. Once I read that US can destroy this planet 300 times, yet its nukes won’t finish. Lol… still Uncle wants non-proliferation treaty by every nation but “leave me alone”.

      Regarding your comment on war, this is not a war but a cold war limited in a true sense. Yes, it could be called a harbinger of war to come or ensue. Signs are rife and I have a feeling that the epicentre of it well could be one of these middle east volatile ground. That is why, I always suggest to my Muslim freinds, sarcastically to continue their jihad because hate begets hate and is the best path to perish. When I am sincere to them, then I suggest to reform and guess what epithet do I earn, hiiiii an islamophob…???

      That is why I commented my signature lines for WW III. I am seriously fearing it, not that I wish it.

  5. As always, Thank You BNI for consistently presenting the brutal truth. However, please consider this request: Could you PLEASE stop saying “Islamists”. THEY ARE ALL MUSLIMS. MUSLIMS MUSLIMS MUSLIMS The only distinctions that separate any of them is how far are they willing to go in their brutality and depravity. And the more extreme they get and the more they get away with it the more of them jump on the bandwagon. Ergo, THEY ARE ALL MUSLIMS. None are peaceful. None are human. My husband often expresses how upsetting it is to log on to your site b/c of all the depicted atrocities. I remind him every time that BNI NEEDS TO BE. So please, don’t think me hostile. Just frustrated with that PC made up word Islamist.

        • Strictly speaking all three words – Islam, Mohammadan and Muslim are synonymus for all practical purposes. Later two are the followers of this brute hysteria. But as the awareness has grown, thanks to internet, Muslim atrocities are being known more and more, they have become hysterical and their apologists
          try to distinguise themselves from these brutes by “few Islamists” so that they are not targeted by others. This is just a camouflage by the “pious Muslims”. Otherwise treat them one. Hence no need to be upset… In fact “they” like it.

  6. I am aware of these Islamists’ designs not only in Kashmir but elsewhere too. I used to write earlier but now do so selectively because I have concluded that such words hardly carry any deterence, instead you get blamed for islamophobia. Islamist jihadis will not only target the non muslims or even the non Sunni Muslims. This is a myth. I heard tapes in Kashmir during the height of Kashmir unrest in 2010. Their handlers across in Pakistan occupied Kashmir will direct these brutes to kill a few muslims to lay blame on Indian security forces. They have patronised all the media in Kashmir. Most of the Institutions, Lawyers, Doctors, other elites in Kashmir Valley has been ethnically cleansed after the 1990 on, soon after the USSR left Afghanistan, all those brute American trained Islamist jihadis were directed into Kashmir Valley. Ever since that, valley has been a den of jihadi Islmists.

    This is what is painful. USA enjoys it, US was hurt on 26/11 only because six out of hundreds casualties were Americans. It did not bother US when the German Bakery blast took place soon after, because no American life was lost; of Germans and other Europeans perhaps doesn’t matter to US. They are a lesser Humans vis a vis Americans. No wonder US has paid its price for bipartitionship on terror. The seed of this cancer of Islamist monster they sowed via Afghanistan is now ready to bite them. Obama is a dubious character, difficult to understand. I have a feeling that Islamists have overgrown during his regime.

    His withdrawal from Iraq is rebuffing and the signs from Afghanistan are no better. 2014 is not far away. US departure from Af like Iraq will leave these jihadis well trained, well funded, Americans have shown them the dirty path. Monster has no allegiance. Hindus are the worst sufferer in this barbaric game, who have no takers. Yet it they who bear the brunt for all ills to these Islamists. US spares no stone unturned to lay the blame unscrupulously. Unfortunate. I have a feeling that the WW III is now overdue.

  7. Normative Islam is vigilantism. Vigilantes were encouraged by Mohammed to take the law (Sharia law) into their own hands and enforce compliance. Study isn’t important in Islam…only repetition and endless memorization. The thinking is done for Moslems by the mullahs. The mullahs don’t know the answers so they tell everyone to shut up or else.

    Brutality is the only way Islam can exist. The doors are locked and the exits are blocked. Welcome to JAIL, Mozzies.

    No one could reasonably worship a pedophile pirate without their being censorship to cover up his egregious immorality.