KASHMIR: “I swear to God,” a man screamed out, as one of his tormentors held a pistol to his head “I will pray, pray five times a day”

mqdefaultMasked Punjabi-speaking Pakistani jihadists torture 3 Kashmiri Muslims, apparently for not being Muslim enough.

LiveLeak  The video provides grim insight into the Islamist movement which began to acquire power across the region from earlier in the decade. A local video operator Ashiq Husain was killed for broadcasts Islamists found offensive. Islamist power in Sopore began to grow around 2006, when a new generation of young leaders in Kashmir began gaining influence on the back of campaigns linked to questions of religious identity. The new Islamists make no secret of their support for jihadists. 

The former Jamiat-ul-Mujahideen terrorist, Massrat Alam Bhat, the Dukhtaran-e-Millat leader, Aasiya Andrabi, and Mehrajuddin Kalwal spearheaded campaigns against migrant workers, prostitution, sexual freedoms and alcohol use — all cast as Indian plots against Islam.