YES! Anti-Muslim backlash over the beheading of a British soldier by Muslim savages has begun

images-2English Defence League leader Tommy Robinson said: “They’re chopping our soldiers’ heads off. This IS Islam. That’s what we’ve seen today. They’ve cut off one of our soldier’s heads in the streets of London. Our next generation are being taught through schools that Islam is a religion of peace. It’s not. It never has been. What you saw today IS Islam. Everyone’s had enough. There has to be a reaction, for the government and police to listen, to understand how outraged the British public are.”


ORIGINAL STORY AND VIDEOS HERE: london-british-soldier-wearing-help-for-heroes-shirt-hacked-to-death-and-beheaded-in-broad-daylight-by-two-muslim-savages-shouting-allahu-akbar

Guardian (h/t realist)  Members of the English Defence League congregated near Woolwich Arsenal station on Wednesday night after plans for a protest were circulated on social media. Scores of supporters of the English Defence League  allegedly chanted anti-Muslim slogans in Woolwich hours after the beheading of a British soldier and the shooting of his two suspected assailants.


About 100 men, including some wearing balaclavas printed with “EDL”, engaged in running battles with police for less than an hour.

A police commander said officers cited section 60 of the Public Order Act, which allowed them to stop and search individuals within a specific area without evidence of a crime being committed. (Except if they’re Muslims)


The men congregated near Woolwich Arsenal station with flags bearing the cross of St George after plans for a protest were circulated on social media. Hundreds of police including riot police were stationed around Woolwich. The first clashed began just after ten before the men were pursued and blocked in at a pub close to a local mosque.

Elsewhere, two men were arrested after separate attacks on mosques. A 43-year-old man is in custody on suspicion of attempted arson after reportedly walking into a mosque with a knife in Braintree, Essex. The secretary of the mosque, Sikander Saleemy, told Channel 4 News he felt it was a “revenge attack”. (Well, DUH!)


“We absolutely condemn what happened in Woolwich, but it had nothing to do with us. (Oh here it comes, violence has nothing to do with Islam…except violence IS always about Islam)  It was an appalling act of terror – but it wasn’t Islamic in any way. I wish it wasn’t described like that, because sadly people will now start to blame Muslims.”


Meanwhile, police in Kent were called to reports of criminal damage at a mosque in Canterbury Street, Gillingham, at 8.40pm. A spokesman said a man was in custody on suspicion of racially aggravated criminal damage.



137 comments on “YES! Anti-Muslim backlash over the beheading of a British soldier by Muslim savages has begun

  1. in belgun peaceful ring wing types get in troble for talking and get shut down for rasism and in greece violent golden dawn gets shut down. it’s clear to me the left are betraying us and working to destroy us. sad thing is with us they die too. there’s a good chance they’re be sharing the same mass grave as you and me.

  2. Islam is a scourge, a pest that should not be tolerated, the West will be so hurt by scumbag Islam but it will be too late. See dear West what the population explosion in Syria did, it increased to the point they now want Sharia law and took up arms against the current government. It’s going to happen in the West because Muslims breed like rabbits. What are you going to do when they start demanding Sharia law, huh? in say London, England or New York, USA? What, are you just going to appease them still? Or what will you do, pat another Nidal Hassan for exterminating another defenseless 1000 American? Sit and wait until another marathon bomber cuts your mother’s legs off? I think the West should just send them back to where they came from and/or curb their conception of children. Let them install Sharia somewhere in their sand-dune land, not in the West. If no action will be taken to curb Islam in the West you will see more Ninja suits to the point the street looks like a coal mine just hit it and mosques blaring Allahu Akbar on Broadway. It hurts and it stinks.


  4. I understand completely the outrage in the UK? Americans have had Islamic bullshit shoved down our throats for years and we very well understand, especially after 9/11, just how much they hate us and our country! It makes me sick to see American converts to this evil belief system. I feel so much anger toward all of them! When the evil pigs are killing someone here in the US or in the UK they are hurting and killing my friends . Unfortunately the world tolerates them because of our need for oil. Say what you will about George W, I will always respect him for protecting us from terrorist! That’s more than I can say about our current closet Muslim who would side with these terrorist on our soil. We need to rise up together and take back our countries!

    • I agree with you re Pres. George Bush. I only had 1 serious complaint which was when he said that Islam is a ‘peaceful religion’. Obviously, he hadn’t studied their history of conversion by the sword.

    • After spending 8 years as a contractor in Iraq, allow me to give you insight. The sooner the free world gets off the crack of fossil fuel, the better. The archaic culture of Islam will revert to the pillaging to gain power, amongst themselves. I would not put a blink of my time listening to the lies of Hillary, but another Bush is another vote for raising fuel prices in the markets and pumps. Don’t be ignorant of what is really happening. Our politicians are pawns and mouthpieces of corporate kings who lead the rest of us ‘sheeple’, and we should stop listening to what they say, and learn what the DO.

  5. Finally they are waking up – we need to wake up here in the USA! We need to kick them out of our country – tear down the Mosques and let them go the fuck home where they can kill each other!

  6. If only as much attention has been given to English being attacked in their own country. Back in 1998 Amer Mirza attempted to petrol-bomb British army barracks. Nine years later Muslim men were found guilty of plotting to take a soldier to a lock-up garage and cut off his head “like a pig.” They wanted to film this act on camera and send it around the world to cause maximum terror. Then al Muhajiroun protested at a homecoming parade in Luton for British troops returning from Afghanistan, carrying banners saying “go to hell,” “butchers” and “terrorists.” British police protected them from justifiably angry British people. All I’ve read thus far is how everything is fine, Muslims are wonderful, and how unfortunate it is that Englishmen seem to have had enough.

    • I am so sorry that like America, the UK and western Europe are being fed to Islam on a silver platter, and it is being done by the progressive libturds. God bless, give courage and protect those who will fight against the Islamization of their countries. We need to kick the hell out of Islam from the west, and back to its abyss!! Emilio Zapata said:’ It is better to die on one’s feet, than to live subjugated on ones knees.”

  7. God bless the EDL for standing up for white British people against the feral Mooslime beasts.

    God bless patriotic Westerners,wherever in the world they may be.

    The Muslim is right. Our governments will not protect us.They don’t care about us,they care about these subhuman pigs.

    It is our responsibility to protect ourselves and each other. We will decide how that is to be done.

    It is time for us to roll out the unwelcome mat for these scum-sucking sons of swine.No pity,no quarter,no aid. Push them OUT.

    • The UK has politicians that are clueless about the true Islam, and also, a monarchy that is so caught up in it’s own little world, they have not a clue. There must be so much inbreeding in the monarchy, that they have lost all sense of reality.
      Have a look at what the airhead prince Charles says about Islam.

  8. In a way I wish maybe they had succeeded in killing one or two of the police. How many more innocent Brits must be killed by these savages before the police wake up. The police should have joined the protest instead of trying to break it up. Its time the people of the UK unite and say to the establishment, enough with these Muslim savages. Get them the hell out or we will get them out for you. If only the lawful citizens in the UK were allowed to own guns. The savage had a revolver. Always its the criminals that have the guns when everyone else is unarmed.

  9. Just disgusting what is happening. These savages have been killing Christians since the 7th century. These creatures must be deported. They hold up signs saying they are going to kill you. What else do you need to kick them back to Allah-ville, en masse? As an American of Cuban descent, I stand with you, I feel your anger and I say its RECONQUISTA time. Send them all back! Enough is enough! The Western Judeo-Christian nations must stand together against this deadly threat! May God bless the British of Richard the Lionhearted.

    • They’ve been killing EVERYONE since the 7th Century.

      True enough, though, is that we must, first, clean up and clean out our own house. Once we have done that, then we can truly take the war to the enemy. Drive them out of the occupied lands of Sub-saharan Africa, South and Southeast Asia, and Oceania. From there, take the Bosporous and Anatolia back, while marching across Northern Africa. If all us infidels work together, we can drive them back into a confined space consisting of the Arabian Peninsula. Yes, drive them out of Persia, Mesopotamia, Transoxonia, Bactria, and other regions of Central Asia, too.

      Once we can get them confined to Arabia, those who wish to remain Mohammedans can stay there, with no support for food production and the like, from anyone but “allah.”

      A fair dream, is it not?

  10. The Mayor of London comes out and says that the people can’t blame Muslims. What a crock of Shi*. This man needs to be replaced and fast. A spade is a spade call it what it is. mohommedism is filth of the world brought together to show us what fools we are for allowing law breakers into our midst and not pointing the finger at them and taking proper action.
    Also this is another political action that should be called and treated as a War, not a police action. This is what happened in Korea, Vite-Nam Iraq, and Afghanistan. We need to tell the UN to blow it out of their collective Ass*s and do what needs doing. Expunging the world of the mohommedists.
    Go EDL.

    • ICEDRAGONNITE, sad the politicians of the UK have learned nothing, and they are allowing Britain to become Britastan. Politicians all over the west refuse to take their blinders off to see what Islam is doing to their countries. They are going to have to wake up before it is too late. Anyone here from the UK? I have a friend in Waltham Forest, which is infested with muslims. It is scary to take a cab whose driver is muslim, because they do look to be wahabist based on their archaic style of dress. They are rude, refuse to lift your luggage to put it in the car trunk, or boot, as it is called in the UK. One can really feel the hate from them, if one is not a muslim. I am sure that they are probably going to start killing passengers who are not muslim. Can’t put anything past these savages.I understand there are towns in the UK with such a high population of muslims, that age called no go zones for westerners. Muslims want to turn these towns into little muslim countries within the UK? Sadly, my friend is a bleeding heart liberal, so shwe walks around with blinders refusing to see the muslim infestation. She goes off the deep end if I say anything, so we never talk politics.

  11. I knew the Brits wouldn’t take this without fighting back. God bless you and pray with us that we can take GB back and America with it.

  12. Turns out they are Anjem Choudary groupies, not that we should be surprised. Oh, but Cameron still blathers that nothing in Islam justifies what they did, and that more muslims are slaughtered by other muslims, for some unknown reason…

    Already on the radar, previously investigated, same as the two Chechen slaves of Allah who blew people up here in Boston. Make that 3 if you count their cronie shot by the FBI yesterday in Orlando ,who joined the brothers Tsarsaev in nearly beheading three Jews on 9/11/11.

    Looks like Britain’s only hope is the EDL. And they are right in the crosshairs of the constabulancy, no delay in the police showing up to foil their demonstration, no sir. And they’re the ones who have to keep their faces covered, while the raghead butchers strut before the camera.

    • Oh plaeez!!! Those are far and few between. Also, we do not know that it was not a muslim who did this. Not all muslims are dark skinned with dark eyes. Muslims are like a lot of liberals. They will create their own attacks on each other, or create some racist incident, to make it look as if it was a racist attack on them. Always the victims, and never the victimizers. They are very good at the art of Taquiya to further their cause. It is part of their Quran. So Stephen, what else you got!?

  13. We should pray for those bound by slavery to the satanic ideology that is Islam; we cannot change the hearts of these people and allow them to enter the 21st century if we return their hate with hate. There is also a need for the media to be honest about the teachings of the Koran in which the slaughter of non-Muslims is not only advocated but encouraged.

  14. Now SATAN ALLAH get crazy !!!! SATAN ALLAH will instruct Muslim do more terrorist attack. That will no peace as long Islam exist !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. “The men (EDL) with flags bearing the cross of St George…Hundreds of police including riot police were stationed around Woolwich. The first clashed began just after ten before the men were pursued and blocked in at a pub close to a local mosque.”

    Eternal shame on UK leaders and police. Courageous, patriotic, HUMAN RIGHTS ACTIVISTS, EDL, are treated as enemies of the state and viciously persecuted by UK authorities because EDL HEROES hold street demos protesting Islamization of Britain, Islamic sharia law.

    Most especially, EDL are persecuted by UK authorities because EDL HEROES protest the EVIL, satanic, violent gang rapes and forced prostitution of MANY THOUSANDS of British children by Muslim MONSTERS.

    Brits, JOIN the EDL !

    The soldier would be alive today if UK ruling elites had not colonized TINY Britain with millions of Muslims from HUGE Muslim countries. Muslims are massively imported and given FREE welfare benefits to PURPOSELY aid the Muslim goal of our conquest and Islamic sharia law ENSLAVING our people.

    UK ruling elites are one hundred percent responsible for EVERY no-go zone; EVERY violent attack; EVERY murder; EVERY violent gang rape by infidel-hater Muslims.

    The Telegraph: More than 2,400 children and young people were confirmed to have been victims of sex abuse gangs in just 14 months, a Home Office minister has revealed…at least 27 police forces are investigating 54 alleged child grooming gangs.

    “Why has investigating and prosecuting in so many different parts of the country taken so much time?

    “Is it the fear of racialism, or is it the fact that many of these vulnerable girls come from care homes?”

    An Old Bailey jury heard earlier this month that six girls were drugged and
    suffered sadistic abuse while aged between 11 and 15.

    The court heard victims were plied with alcohol and drugs before being forced
    to perform sex acts. Some had also been beaten, burnt and threatened by an
    Oxford-based paedophile ring.

    Covering up for, and PROTECTING cruel Muslim, BARBARIC gang-raping MONSTERS who inflict terrible physical and emotional agony on Britain’s children and force Britain’s innocent children into prostitution is considered far more important than protecting Britain’s most vulnerable and precious possession – her children.

    UK/European leaders, you are GUILTY before God.

    Our MERCIFUL Western civilization, freedom and human rights must not be ANNIHILATED via Muslim colonization and excessively cruel totalitarian Islam/sharia!

    Join the European Freedom Parties!

    Join Paul Weston’s Liberty GB in the UK !

  16. SomeOne also doesn’t believe in the Islamic terrorist murder of over three thousand innocents on American soil on 9/11/01. As to this machete chop-up even the pro-Muzzie media showed this murder scene on TV. A passerby videoed the bloody -handed murderer shouting insane Islamic garbage. SomeOne is an Islamic Pig Propagandist whose head isn’t on straight…nor are their facts.

  17. SO, what you apparently are is blind. The pool of blood is clearly visible under the bushes to the left in pictures or video that show the front of the car those muslim animals drove into that soldier. He was dragged into the middle of the street after they killed him, and the trail of blood is also visible. Go back to the original story here and watch the third video (“eyewitness”):

    His blood is also all over their hands in case you missed that.

    People walked by in shock and disbelief. You will see this happen at virtually any unexpected violent event. The muslim savages waited for the police because they were performing jihad and wanted to die fighting for Islam. You do remember the 72 virgins?

    Or maybe you just find conspiracy theories more FUN than reality.

  18. Their islamic overlords sit in splendor while troubled minorities of Africa are brainwashed to become insane rapcious butchers to do the dirty work of islam

    • Many more in Africa and in Asia resist the siren song of Mohammedanism, as evidenced by the violence taking place.

      Problem is, governments all over the world fail to see to the basic defense of their peoples. They are almost all infested with a “I’m OK, you’re OK, we’re all OK” attitude that helps in making slaves of free men and women.

  19. Ahhhhh, Merrie Olde England ! You of the stiff uppr lipping and the pop-pipping, and the I say old fellowing.
    How veddy-veddyk civilised of you to allow the savage, inbred, murderous, raping, theiving, demonstrating muslims to destroy your national identity and laws while protecting their right to do it.
    If you allow the filthy muslims to continue as they are, there will be no England. As a nation, you have proven yoursselves to be welfare sucking, responsibility dodging, “let George do it” bunch of cowardly idiots. You actually allowed your liberal whiners to take your personal protection and actually believed the llying bastards when they said they would protect you.
    There’s a glimmer of hope in the EDL, but you allowed its leader to be wrongfully imprisoned for months. What poor excuses for Englishmen you are ! Why don’t you all just convert and bang your heads on the floor five times a day. Maybe that will shake a little Churchillian guts and determination. But right now, I doubt it.

  20. Sorry guys there isn’t a Mosque for miles where I live, I would have been out there last night to ‘do a Mosque’ as Britain’s newest sport shall be called.

    Muslims please just keep your mouths shut, don’t start coming out with a load of crap about how this isn’t the Muslim way. Do what I would do if I were a British Muslim and decide which Islamic country to resettle in. and book a one way flight as soon as possible.

    Of course BNI is the only place on the planet where people can post their opinions, I’ll be checking the online news publications but we can bet they won’t be allowed to have a comments section. All because the British Adhimmistration would be shitting themselves over public opinion.

    Still since unfortunately most people who want shot of these subhuman scum, don’t post their opinions here most of us will take a load of spray paint to a Mosque and get it out of our systems that way.

    • PS Dear EDL thanks for making the Streets of London safe last night, I moved from London several years ago, when it stopped being English soil, hence my username. But my poor sister still has to live there, and it means a lot to me that your helping to make the streets safe for her.

      I love your adopting the Nights Templar emblem, that will hopefully put the fear of their paedophile profit, into the heart of the Saracen. I’m only a couple of years shy of 60 with a dodgy ticker, so I confine myself to the internet to shout MUSLIM SCUM OF OUR STREETS or else I’d be joining you in the streets to shout it.

      God bless the EDL.

      • Englishmaninexile, I have a friend who live in Walthamstow Forest. Last time I visited it was about three years ago. I understand the terrorist attack in Woolich is only 13.9 km from where she lives. I understand that Walthamstow has one of the highest murder rates in the UK. Because of the high muslim population in Walthamstow, do you think this correlates with the high murder and crime rates there? I don’t ask my friend there, because she gets angry and denies there is a problem. Thank you for any information you can give me. Lily

  21. Go Tommy! I hope the EDL swells enormously in membership and they turn down every single damn mosque and run the filthy muslim bastards out of their nation. When your government stops protecting you it is time to gather together, form a team, and protect yourselves. Time to stop being the victims and start taking the fight to these muslims pieces of filth!

  22. You know guys, Jews in Israel face this kind of potential threat on a daily basis. But what happened in Woolwich would be IMPOSSIBLE in Israel. 50 guys would have taken these wankers down in a heartbeat. How is that 2 idiots can cut off a soldiers head in broad daylight and nobody gets involved? Sick and unbelievable!

  23. Unfortunately the people of England have been disarmed by their panty waist government, but in the USA we still have the second amendment.

    Revolutions need patriots and soldiers.

    So, if you don’t already have a gun, get one and get trained on how to use it. Any gun is good, but in my opinion, stay away from the smaller calibers.(.22 .32) A revolver, (again in my opinion), is better for carrying especially if you are not familiar with guns. (There are pros and cons to both revolvers and semi auto handguns).
    Either way training is vital! Get yourself, and your spouse, a concealed carry permit.
    For those of you living in Bloombergville, or similar tyrannical lands, who are unable to purchase a gun, let alone the permit to carry it, I personally would disregard any law that disarmed me and/or limited my ability to protect my family.

    If you decide to get a concealed permit, subscribe to a publication that writes on that topic. Read and learn all you can. Carrying a weapon is a heavy responsibility, using it is a bigger one.

    Keep in mind the elite lawmakers live in cloistered protected enclaves, and the rare times they happen to walk among the “common folk” they are flanked by armed guards. They are clueless to what is happening on the street everyday, albeit on a lesser level then hacking a person to death in broad daylight.

    • If I were in their place and watching this come about because of being “disarmed” like a good warrior, thinker and doer, I’d just invest in some “edged weapons” to make it a fair fight, wouldn’t you-right? Can’t have being disarmed an excuse for cowardice either.

      Semper FI.

      • Good point on edged weapons. (no pun intended) Building weapons, firearms and other types is also a possibility for those in restrictive jurisdictions. Don’t laugh but even recurve bows can be fashioned out of ordinary plumber’s grade PVC pipe by using a heat gun to flaten the pipe, mould the hand grip in the center, and bend the curves on the ends. Arrows can be fashioned from wooden dowells, notched on one end, and duct tape can be utillised in place of feathers for fletchings. Arrowheads formed from sheetmetal and sharpened with metal file and whetstone. Here is a tutorial from the Backyard Bowyer who has several vids on youtube.

  24. EDL and UK MUST retaliate!!!. Tit-for-Tat time! Let these SOB’s taste some of their own medicine.

    This is your opportunity! Strike while the public is on your side.

  25. well well well, here it comes and of course nothing will be done about it.sad and sick. bye bye europe the lights have gone out. and america wakey wakey you are next.already heard about a beheading there by muslims of course ,to a christian.good night world

      • I’m looking for the truth, not for what I want to be the truth.

        I think we shouldn’t act like muslims, who say Quran is enough proof and everything else is bullshit.

        This non truth-seeking way of thinking is not the right one IMO, cause than media can feed up any bullshit it wants to.
        Don’t be mad, that’s just my opinion.

    • some one – yes, at best you seem confused, and at worst you seem brain-dead. either you are feigning your “confusion” or you are a true nitwit

      • I’m not feigning and I freaking hate immigrant policies too.

        I just have questions about the video of this black man with knives:
        1. If the poor guy was decapitated or severely injured, where is the blood around him.
        2. Why no one of bystanders is scared of this guy with knives. Even a woman with a cart walks past him (and this scene is partially cut)
        3. Why do these killers wait for police for 25 minutes on the scene of a murder and didn’t run away?

        4. Does asking questions make me stupid, but blindly believing something makes me smart?

        • Started to watch the keyboard “detective’s” “refutation of the video.

          Stopped watching at the point when he harped on about the woman with the cart. Know why that part was edited? Because that’s the part where the murderous mohammadan savage starts referencing mein kuranmpf. It is propagand but *pro-muslim* propaganda. Can’t let the public here mohammadans telling the truth.

          The conspiracy nuts and others like him really need to stop watching hollyweird movies episodes of CSI to base their claims of “not enough blood to be true!” The human body only holds a gallon and a half of blood. That’s not a lot. Typically there is not a lot of blood even after extreme trauma. Ask any ER doctor or first responder. Had you been paying attention to the earliest reports the eyewitnesses said the victim did not put up a struggle as he was dragged from the car. This indicates that he was already dead or near dead. Witnesses also stated that the savages first stabbed him in the stomach. Once a heart stops bleeding there will not be buckets of blood. Also the asshole conspiracy whack job kept harping about no blood on the *back* of the victim. It would be interesting to see conspiracy asshole explain how an already dead body that has received trauma to the front of the body would be bloody in back.

          Why “no one” (sic) of the bystanders were afraid? Many reasons. Not all of them may have been aware of what transpired so they had no clue that the two jihadis were murderers. They may have been mohammadan assholes themselves and were shouting words of encouragement to their co-cultists. They may have thought it was a car accident and didn’t want to get involved due to weak good samaritan laws. Utter shock. Or as has been witnessed and recorded before: unforgivable apathy.

          These keyboard conspiracy nuts are reprehensible. They have little to no knowledge of subjects they make their claims based upon. The “there’s not enough blood” one always gets me. They then apply their limited knowledge to create wild hypothesis based on limited data. They are pathetic conmen who boost their own flaccid self esteems by attacking others who don’t buy their ignorant theories. If you really pay attention you will see that they are bullies who abuse everyone (including actual investigators or experts in fields they make their asinine claims about) who disagrees with their claims, theories, or “proofs.”

          What they do is self-serving and reprehensible. Anyone who gives these conmen an audience is just as reprehensible.

          Again, real life is not like the god damned movies. Human bodies do not bleed buckets of blood. Nor do they bleed from front to back or back to front. And stroller lady was edited out because the jihadi murderer was crowing about mein kuranmpf giving him the right to murder that innocent soldier. The only conspiracy here is the media’s editing it to prevent the public from knowing just what assholes mohammadans really are.

          If it were really an “anti-muslim propaganda piece” there *would be* buckets of blood, the allahu akbars the witnesses claimed to have heard would not be edited out (as they are) and stroller lady would not be edited out so jihadi asshole could be heard baying about his blood thirsty allah’s commands to kill.

        • Thanks for the analysis, Istanbul_Chick.

          Those things: calm bystanders, weird video editing e.t.c. just seemed fishy to me, that’s why I’ve asked questions. And everyone here started witch hunting.

          I agree that conspiracy lovers make up their own “proofs”.

          Anyway, great analysis, thank you! Solved.

        • How could you not see the blood on his hands. Maybe its time you invest in a new TV. You think the reporter was making it up? What about when the cops arrived? Do you think they shot the two just because they were there? The bastards tried to kill the cops. Maybe it would have been better had they succeeded. Then maybe the police might have a different attitude about the EDL and finally take their side.

        • Someone–go back and look. There is blood. Bystanders are in shock and, due to the English attempt to deprogram the human defensive response out of their citizens, they are helpless to know how to react. If this had been in America, I would have pulled my gun out and cut these muzzie bastards down. Why did the killers wait for the police? Because they wanted to be martyrized.

  26. As usual, I have heard nothing from ANY leader of ANY country condemning this HATE CRIME! Had this been an attack on a bag-headed muzzie, Odumbo would have been the first one to make a public announcement throughout the world condemning this act of biased violence and making sure that the person responsible pay the ultimate price! BUT…since it was a member of the military or just a Christian or Jew, never mind. G-d help us, because the pot has boiled and the cover has blown off and vengeance is about to take place.

  27. I agree with kenneth . Wait till the pc press to start with the story that the murders had mental health problems and it was a very rare case of beheading. That Islam is still the religion of piss. O yes and that real muslims are shocked.

  28. until obama and his followers from hell are removed: we share the same quickly americans move on from one muslim horror to the next.every american who excuses this evil cult,needs to lose a leg,head or loved one to these barbarins.

    • Obama is a closet muslim, who is practicing taquiya to further the destruction of America and institute a caliphate and Sharia. Sad those of us who were not brain dead enough to vote for this satan, are having to suffer for those brainless people who did vote for him.

  29. 150 outraged EDL members? This is it? You will see a lot more Brits marching in solidarity with poor, insulted muslims.

  30. My heart goes out to the soldier who suffered so much before dying.

    On the other hand, I believe this horrible act of muslim savagery will finally be the wake-up call for all Brits who have been slumbering in political correctness for too long.

    The Brits will now be terrified of walking their own streets. Let’s hope the membership of the EDL will increase sharply.

  31. Keep up the pressure, Tommy. The protests will grow. Even Cameron sounded more resolute than he has ever before. Almost – almost – Churchill-like.

  32. we have a imam n our white house..ever will he have the courage to confront the enemy.he and his followers of minions are the savages’ cohorts!
    rest in peace brave bristish soldier

  33. Thank goodness for the EDL. No surprise the craven excuse for law enforcement went after them and I bet it took a lot less than 30 minutes. At least some people protested and tried to strike back. That’s a lot more than we got here in Boston, where they still think t-shirts and teddy bears constitute a response to murder.

  34. Time and again some Islamic crazies do soemthing outrageously terrible. This is the worst! In broad daylight. And the guy I saw in the video today ,standing there holding a meat cleaver; saying blah blah blah, “we don’t care about you” Some of the Imams in the mosquest are egging this crap on. Muslims do not police their own; when they runt he streets harassing young women for their dress, accosting gays and threatening them. Now look what’s happened! This should be the last straw for the British government. Muslims are in denial that their own are at the heart of this, and that in the Quran, these things are taught.

  35. We need to get them out of America–let alone stop them from immigrating. Who The-F among our elected officials has lobbied to let them in? These are the guys who should be thrown in jail for treason. With all of this going on, our government wants to take our guns away, and the Big dude is trying to convice us that muslims are people too.

      • We should finance an investigation to find out who is helping the Muslim immigrants to get here. Shouldn’t be a mission impossible. If you want a referral to a good detective, contact me. Darn tottin! Whomever is doing this is doing it for money. They sell the immigrant the idea that for a bag of cash they not only get in, they get their families in, they get welfare and other assistance, and can reproduce like rats to get even more money. Who could refuse?

        • Look up the activities of the U.S. Department of State (frequently called the State Department) to see how they deem themselves to be social engineers, allowing third world immigration nationwide. They placed Somalian, asylum seekers in Columbus, Ohio, Minneapolis Minnesota and the small town of Shelby Tennessee. Were any local citizens notified or asked to vote on the immigration? Hell no. State Department also allowed Russians and those from the Balkans to relocate to Sacramento, California. Those from Afghanistan are nicely settled into Fremont, California. The list goes on. Europe got sold down the river by the United Nations in Brussels who dictates immigration quotas for the 17 nations belonging to the European Union. Anyone over 30 with some common sense can tell this smacks of a social engineering, social justice, and a world without borders controlled by a one world government. Average, law abiding Joe and Jane citizens will need to rise up to defend themselves against radical Islam in the years ago. The machete wielding, second generation, English speaking, Nigerian, home grown terrorist was correct in stating “Your governments will not protect you!”. Truer words were never spoken.

  36. Its a sad day in England. My heart bleeds for them. Now its time for
    PAY BACK. Show them savages what its like to be on the receiving end.

    • u are blind people Islam is the right religion and it always was since the beginning do u think that jesus really crossed ? no its wrong he has been left up to the sky and he will come down at judgement day

      • Just who the hell invited your inbred, smelly, islamotarded ass over here to make stupid comments about your vile, satanic religion? Islam is nothing but Arab paganism wrapped with a veneer of monotheism to make it look deceptively respectable. Prior to muhammhock, (pork be upon him) islam didn’t exist. Nor did any angel named Gabriel (Jibril) ever visit his goat-shagging, goat-smelling ass. Muhammhock (pork once again be upon him) invented islam in order to realise his ambitions to be the most powerful man in 7th Century Arabia and beyond.

        Now why don’t you shove a porkchop up your ass sideways!!

      • hey dildodouche,screw mohamed,screw allah,screw the koran screw the hadiths. …if islam is so great why do you fucks blow up each other on a daily basis. ?…

  37. Religion of PISS (and THAT is too charitable)!! Pislam is definitely NOT a “religion of peace”, it IS a demented satanic death cult and twisted political ideology that does NOT even qualify as a religion!!

      • How is hummingharpman wrong?

        The ENTIRE history of Mohammedanism (Islam) proves him right.

        The only time, in fact, Mohammedanism has even tried to ACT like it was peaceful was when NON-MOHAMMEDANS in Europe, Africa, Asia and the Americas demonstrated not only the military wherwithal but also the WILL to USE said power to beat them back and crush them.

      • You are so stupid!!

        (And so is your handle)

        Come to think of it, muhammhock was a diddler too. A kiddie diddler.

        Sick bastard!

  38. Who does the police go after like rabid dogs? The EDL who is being protected? The savages whose ideology is the cause of this. Does the police or British govt give a damn that a soldier was HACKED TO PIECES for Gods sake in a London street? HELL NO! they have their panties in a wad over the God damned muslims safety!!!!!!!! They will partner with the muslims to persecute the outraged British citizens and the EDL. What scares me the most? This will be repeated here soon and our govt and police will behave the exact same way!!!!! God please save us because we cannot save ourselves.

      • Sadly, America has become very apathetic. How much more terrorism must our country be subjected to, before people rise up? It does not make it any easier that we have been subjected to a Muslim president, who panders to muslim terrorists. God bless and protect all western countries in their fight to take back their countries from the satanic cult of Islam.

        • Apethetic is exactly how you get when you drink floride all day in your water and juice and then take a shower in it.Why do you think there’s been such a big push to get everyone in America saturated with i
          t. This is what Hitler did to the Jewish communities before giving them train rides to the ”
          new communities”.

      • I hope it dosent happen here.
        I hope someone with a permit to carry stops these motherless fucks from killing anyone in this country.
        Unfoutuatly if someone does stop an islamist attack, the left will portray it as a hate crime aginst the most tollorent region.
        Ahalla FUBAR !

        • BOTH of the bastards were black converts. Hate whitey, obsessed by white women ? Islam is the way.

        • It isn’t just the black reverts. Your post smacks of racism.

          Colleen LaRose and her pal Lurch.

          The fat ginger twat who was also a protege of Anjem Chowderhead.

          John Walker Lindh who’s rotting behind bars in my home state.

          Richard Dart-another Chowderhead protege.

          David Hicks-a white Australian jihadi.

          Murial Degauque- the first white cunt to blow herself up in a homicide bombing.

          Xristos Katsiroubas-murdered kaffar in Algeria

          Terrence Kelly- a porky paddy who has stated over and over he wants to kill for allah

          Samantha Lewthwaite- would love to get my hands on that cunt’s neck and she’s “whiter” than I am.

          Adam Gadahn

          and here’s one that should tickle your fancy, one of your fellow racists:

          Emerson Begolly, a card carrying, uniform wearing…neo-nazi!

          These are just the white converts who’ve engaged in jihad, that I can recall off hand. There are many more. There are murderous converts of all stripes. The only factual statement you made was “trouble with.” Converts are losers. Period. They can’t get dates, can’t get or hold jobs, have low self esteem, have mental emotional issues, are inherently violent. islam attacts them. All of them. White, black, brown, yellow, red, young, old, rich, poor.

          The parents of one of these murderous assholes actually *moved* away from their neighborhood when their son become attracted to islam through mohammadan assholes in their neighborhood. Apparently they didn’t have a problem with “whitey.” (not that Nigerian Christians do. Nigerian Christians are quite color blind)They did have a problem with islam, but their efforts were for naught.

        • Istanbul_chick, Re. “The fat ginger twat who was also a protege of Anjem Chowderhead.” Hahahahahahahahahaha!!
          I know just who you’re talking about! You always see this corpulent, stupid-looking, red-bearded British convert wearing a man dress the size of an army GP Large tent, in photos and vids of MAC protests and rallies holding up “Islam will dominate” signs and such utter rubbish. Yep, he’s a real, veritable, “islamutang,” that one is, and a total doofus.

      • Yeah sadly I agree. It’s just infitainment til it happens close to home for most zombified Americans. Today what did CNN and FOX run? The stupid Arias trial. Keep em distracted that’s the strategy

      • Sadly, I agree. For years now I’ve blamed the main stream media. They alone have the means to alert the ignorant masses, and they are failing us miserably.

        • Islam is laughing at the west, because they know how to manipulate our humanitarianism. They know at this point, they can bend politicians to their whim, and the progressives. They will use our own constitution and laws to achieve their goals. They are renegade spoiled rotten narcissistic,sociopathic monsters, and yet, we keep fueling the fire.

      • When the rubber gets to the road, the Boston bombing was merely a “shot across our bow” all at the hand of the ruskies. This mutt claiming to be some one’s pResident is a pure paper tiger in their eyes and the fact the investigation got too close, and stopped at the house of saud ( for the offer to verify the terrorist weren’t or couldn’t possibly claim to be who they claimed they were, involved up to their necks in the deal of weapons transfers, stolen and provided by the U.S. grubment from lybia, the stinger-missles types Stevenson was desperately trying to cover up, recover, and got murdered for it) the ruskies are pissed at the Israeli’s daring to bomb the shit out of the weapons coming out of their lands, as well as the Iranian supplied and this mutt allowed it to go one step further for their involvement, was to close for comfort for this fraud, provides us with the fact that he is such a creature, all mouth no balls. My granddaddy used to say, ” a hummingbird ass overloaded by an alligator’s mouth”. Sadly for me as well, You are correct B, it is what it is going to take before most in this Country realize we ARE AT WAR with the ISLAM and that they are the ones who declared it with the involvement of the muslim tribes of this world, we didn’t start this, but we must finish it defeat them much like what was done to the German’s in WW2 before the world is reminded of at what cost to their freedom are they willing to make, to secure it.
        I, mohareb………………………………………………………approve this message.
        Semper Fi.

    • AM
      it’s said ‘God helps those who help themselves” we cannot sit around and wait for God to do it for us.
      as BNI says we need another wake up call. unfortunately we have been rreduced to 15 second sound bites.
      we prefer to live in lala land rather than face reality.islam is here to destroy western civilization and the world.

    • Isn’t there a law against hate speech in Britain? Or speech designed to incite riots and cause violence? What these Muslim people are doing just that. Why are they allowed to do so.

      Oh, I know. Muslim hate speech provokes a civilized response from people.
      Hate speech against Islam produces barbaric response from monsters.
      Ergo, protect the Muslims so they don’t cause mayhem.
      Wow, way to go Britain. That is pretty spineless.
      Protecting murderers rights above that of your own innocent population.
      Not all minorities are created equal. And please don’t call those un evolved animals Asians. Gives us a bad name. In fact I should sue you for sullying our denomination and racially tagging us with those beasts. Call them for what they are instead of borrowing our denomination to cover their dirty identities. They are midden Easters. The midden part is not a typo………..
      By the way Muslims are not a race, they are a belief set…..
      I’m not a racist but a beliefist… Someone who doesn’t believe all belief are equal… Some are just more believable than others. Lol

      • You are so right. It is an inherently racist policy of the MSM to label muslim crimes and criminals as “Asian.” At the same time, it is ironic how these leftwing media pukes trip themselves up in a racist manner in the process of trying to sound “inclusive” and “non-derogatory” towards a minority group by the use of that code word “Asian.” Then again, we are talking about the “looney left,” so decency, common sense, and even sanity do not apply to these weak, arrogant, half-wit ideologues. Post-modern Liberalism is a mental illness, a mental defect.

  39. If the government will not protect the men, women and children from the muslim savages then the people will do it themselves. England has to stop all muslim immigration, deport all illegal muslims and deport all convicted muslims when they have served their prison time. If the people of england see their government acting to deal effectively with muslim savages, then they will not have to act in defence.

    • You’re right. The clueless will stay clueless due to the machinations of the dhimmi stream media. The media has already edited the clip to cut out the savage screeching about “our women having to see this over there” and its mention of ayas from mein kurampf that condone its and its equally savage co-murderer’s actions.

      • istanbul? You have your share of hate attacks on non Muslims, 1 that was recently stabbed had a cross carved in her chest I think it was an Arminian women. Then 3 years ago a catholic priest was behind end in Turkey about the same time Christian missionaries were slaughtered not to mention that Christian journalist shot in the head on the street. I am told these Christians all had turkified their names and it still didn’t matter because they are considered filth of the earth. Any news on the Greek religious seminary or churches returned to their rightful owners or are Turks still playing their”we are tolerant” crap for a place in the EU while hiding behind the fake mask of Gulen’s soft Islam.

        • I have my share? I’ve attacked no one except male mohammadan assholes.

          You’ve jumped in with both feet without looking first.

          I am not Turkish.

          I am not mohammadan.

          I am an American who lived as an expat in Istanbul for a number of years which caused me to discard, with a vengance, my foolish liberal thinking and reject the “islam is a religion of peace” canard.

          On a side note despite being a bang drumming lib idiot I was threatened *often* (by typical mohammdan male pigs) with the 301 law for not being dhimmi enough. Not being dhimmi enough and violation of the 301 law can be as innoccuous as rejecting racist mohammadans’ aggressive and repulsive advances. IN other words: saying no to mohammadan pigs is a violation of the “insulting Turkishness” law in Turkey.

          I am well aware of the attacks on non-mohammadans in allegedly “modern, moderate, Western” Turkey.

          You’re preaching to the choir with me, but maybe someone who’s not islamo-savvy will gain knowledge from your listing of attacks on non-mohammdans in “modern, moderate, secular” Turkey.

  40. well I hope to hell this wakes the appeasers up; yeah, riiiiight! they’ll call it “an isolated event!!” That’s where they’re Wrong! These pigs are full of rage and hate!

  41. I hope English infidels are more enlightened to the fact every single one of them is a target – whether they defend Israel, wear a cross, are gay, or support democracy and freedom in general. Islam does not tolerate Western values or way of life – any perceived slight or insult is grounds for a beheading. Wake up.

    More power to you, EDL.

    • Then leave our white nations and go back to your hellholes!!!!!!!!!The west is christian and has been for centuries

      • Jane, please re-read NikitaAnne’s comments. She is not a muslim, she too opposes their encroachment in the West. Anyway, what does “white” have to do with anything? Some muslims are white (the Boston Bombers, for example as are the Chechen mujahadeen who horrifically slit the throats of those unfortunate Russian soldiers) just as some Christians are not, even in Europe. Please, I beg you to not interpret this as an accusation of racism against you. That is not my intention, and you are fully entitled to your own opinions and the expressions of such. I certainly respect that along with your opposition to the islamisation of the West as a fellow warrior of the counter-jihad.

        Opposing islam is not racist. because islam isn’t a race. Although many racists oppose islam, opposition to islam isn’t in and of itself, inherently racist. In fact, racist-inspired opposition to islam can have an enormously negative impact upon the counter-jihad movement because it plays into leftist and islamist claims that all who oppose islam are nothing more than racist bigots, nevermind the fact that Arabs are among the most notorious of racists. Why give these fools ammunition to lob at us like so many rocks hurled at Swedish Police? Instead, we should focus upon leftist and islamist bigotry for making such baseless claims about us, and at the same time, let us not put distance between ourselves and the world’s non-white, non-muslims who oppose islam as ardently as we do. They’re our natural allies in this endeavor, our brethren, be they Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist, Zoroastrian, Jainist, whatever. We need them and they need us. :)

        “Amor Patriae Nostra Lex”

  42. ive heard about the edl years ago and now i so to see one of there edl demos but dont have money to travel all the way to uk but will do all my best to make them known here in united states

    • This is what America’s future is going to be like. You would think that after 911 it would be different but hell no we are rolling out the red carpet for these creeps.

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