DENMARK: Piglets removed from agricultural exhibit because Muslim kids were stoning them to death

pig5-viSome children are sad that the little piglets have been removed from an agricultural museum near Gellerupparken in Aarhus Municipality. I wonder if they know they have the Muslim children to thank for that?

 Islam vs Europe  The explanation given was that the pigs were removed because of environmental and animal welfare. But the actual reason is brutal mistreatment of the pigs by Muslim children – typically stoning.


In one case a piglet was killed after children of a different (aka Muslim) ethnic background than Danish had stabbed a piglet with a stick.

‘We protected the pigs’ hut with a fence so they could be left in peace from stones and other objects.’ But the attacks continued, and the pigs have now been removed.’ (Muslims don’t eat pork and are offended by anything that represents a pig)

They were our most popular animals for most visitors. And we were excited to show how the pigs could live a natural life,’ he says and adds that also rabbits, chickens, lambs and sheep have been hurt.”




47 comments on “DENMARK: Piglets removed from agricultural exhibit because Muslim kids were stoning them to death

  1. why are none on these “alternative ethnicities” not being arrested? abuse of an animal,disorderly conduct,insighting….thers a lot of things to arrest these heathens for.why is it not happening?instead ,they don’t want to learn,so others have to go without?WTF this is a crime

  2. Of course, I’m sure they removed all the cows to honor the Budhists and didn’t allow any non-fish animals to be there on Friday to honor the Catholics. Such nonsense.

  3. Islam is a mental disease, a mass psychosis created by the Quran and enforced through sharia. Islam institutionalizes xenophobia, hatred and violence…

  4. Be glad I am a Christian and don’t revel in cruelty because I won’t hurt you I will simply defend any child from crappy sick racist pukes like you with lethal force if nesisary. You are sick they are kids they have a chance. Try and take that away from them and no country in the world will prosecute me for putting two in yer chest and one in yer T box.

    • Let me see if I understand your Hillbillyish;

      You believe islam is a race. You would be willing to murder BNI for wanting to protect her children from mohammadan children who have been conditioned since birth to harm and kill others (including BNI’S children).

      One must assume you would be unwilling to harm the murderous mohammadan children if they attacked your children, lest you be labeled a “racist.”

      Brilliant! You’d sacrifice your own children to take the (im)moral high road and expect everyone else to sacrifice their own children for your twisted sense of morality.

      Classic leftist insanity. Thus being a leftist you’ve no idea how to use a gun, have probably never even seen one and in the unlikely event that you did get your useless leftist limp wristed hands on one you’d, with any luck, inadvertently use the business end on yourself.

  5. @englishmaninexile, your ironic look into the future reminded me that serial killers start out killing animals. I pray you’re not on to something. I had to remind myself these were children as I read the information. Most children, unless they’re Damien from the Omen, don’t come into the world with the urge to murder. They have to learn it from somewhere. Piglets are just so adorable too, and helpless… The little bastards (self, they are children) :) Question, should every nonMuslim carry around a spray vial of pork fat with them kind of like pepper spray for a criminal?

  6. Why is Paul McCartney, Chrissie Hynde and PETA silent on animal cruelty and barbaric actions practiced by muslims? Paul rebuked Prince Charles on fox hunting calling it a cruel sport. Why won’t he speak out against animal cruelty committed my muslim savages?

  7. When did it get to this….aren’t you supposed to be removing the monstrous kids, not the animals? Man up!!!

    And yes…..taught by their misguided narrow minded hateful parents. The cycle continues and is growing. kill what you hate. Must be their mantra.

  8. Animal abuse as a child is a sign of a sociopath. Most serial killers abused animals as children. If we must be called racist for opposing Islam then I say Muslims are an entire “race” of psychopaths and serial killers and mass murderers

  9. SEe? These people just like to hurt things!!! It’s ingrained in their nature after so many centuries. They eat lamb and other animals , even though they don’t eat pork. So why torture the other animals as well. Well, because of what I said above. It’s in their nature. And their mentality of destruction and maiming and killing extends to other humands, with no compunctions what so ever. Where are the cops? Throw the the Islamists in jail.

  10. Halal slaughter teaches the little savages animal abuse I agree with Istanbul Chick make no allowances for the child savages

  11. Remove the little bastard islam spawn. Not the victim piglets. Stupid dhimmis.
    You have to excise the tumor!

  12. “…also rabbits, chickens, lambs and sheep have been hurt.”

    Why the Muslim rage against our Glorious Creator? Why the Muslim HATE for people and animals that our Awesome God LOVINGLY created?

    In non-Muslim countries-in Western civilization, we HONOR God by respecting and PROTECTING the people and animals our Majestic God LOVINGLY created.

    God’s work is PERFECT! Who will dare to harm, kill and destroy what our Awesome God LOVINGLY created?

    The Bible WARNS in Proverbs 12:14 “The deeds of a man’s hands will return to him.”

    On the Day of Judgment, the violent will receive back from Master of the Universe, the JUST JUDGE, the cruel things these haters did to people and animals.

  13. This death cult destroys reason and promotes blind faith in a pedophile pirate. Little children are taught blind obedience and vigilantism at an early age. Destroying the kafirs and stealing from them is from the holy books of Islam. Islam is opportunism and conspiracy. Children learn to abuse and slit the throats of animals in preparation for abusing and slitting the throats of ‘the worst of beasts’…the dirty kafirs. Killing kafirs is less upsetting than killing a whole herd of pigs. The London jihadist who murdered a soldier with a meat cleaver calmly stood before a camera and explained why Allah made him murder a kafir as if he were a goat for Eid.

    Allah loves kafir blood and Mohammedans oblige his thirst.

  14. Stoning by small children starts the terrorist grooming process that turns youth into rapacious hate crazed butchers

    • @ Saxon, I’m Christian and I believe that Christ is hope for everyone. I think it’s rare that someone is born savage but most learn behavior.

  15. That reminds of an incident in Tayside,Scotland in 2007. The Daily Mail reported. The Tayside Police’s phone number changed and as Tayside is a small place the police handed out post cards with the new phone number. On these postcards there was a cute little puppy in a policeman’s hat as an eye catcher. Most Westerners would say what a cute little doggy. But the muzzies in Tayside felt offended because a dog is an unclean animal. from their point of view. But this was only the image of a dog, that can’t be unclean unless you dump in shit. But explain that to the crackbrained asslifters. You certainly fail.

    • Ha. I remember that story.

      From my point of view, I find Muslims not only to be offensive, but unclean, literally and metaphorically. I also find them to be amoral, corrupt, retarded and in a perpetual state of arrested development. Not to mention violent and aggressive.

      I don’t recall anyone cared how I and others in the UK felt about Muslims.

      If only it were so easy to use an image of a dog or pig to drive Muslims out of Britain.

  16. Ten years down the line one of the little subhuman scum will be standing there with blood all over his hands, and a butchers knife and meat cleaver, posing for the cameras as if it’s being interviewed by the f***ing media after trying to decapitate someone.

    Unless the Danes see sense and kick the Saracens out of their country.

    The reason why I call this scum Saracens nowadays by the way, is because the Muslim youth call us English folk Crusaders

  17. Again this confirms my statement last week about taking out mohammadan supremacist children with the same resolution as I will take out mohammdan supremacist adults when they declare open war on non-mohammadans.

    They are not children. The are mini-me mohammdan supremacists with the same hateful, soulless, racist, supremacist, violent motivations as the bigger ones.

      • That’s rich coming from yet another grammatically-challenged internet troll. I am not a bleeding heart liberal nor a humanist. I am an atheist with no fear of imaginary human constructed fairies and little respect for upright hominids such as you. So, other than the law, there is nothing in my values, beliefs and attitude that would cause me to hesitate to inflict grievous violence on those who would harm the few hominids I do care about.

  18. Even their kids are savages! Taught by their parents to be evil and follow the homicidal will of Alla and Muhammed.

  19. ahhh yes, teach your children well!! freaking little savages!! Maybe they should put the little savages in a cage!

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