SWEDEN: After several days of Muslim savages rioting, assaulting police, and torching hundreds of cars…now they want pity and more free stuff

swedenumma-vi1I guess the fact that way more than 50% of Muslim immigrants to Sweden are fully dependent on government welfare for their food, clothing, and shelter still isn’t enough. They want more and think that destroying the city is the way to get attention. Oh, and they also don’t like being harassed by the police.

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  2. After that butchering in Britain yesterday, I say deport all Muslims from US and let the ones who are friendly to West back in very,very slowly once it has been established that they are not crazy raping torturing murdering radicals..If the radicals want Sharia Law so bad and love their homelands, then go back. And good look with getting on welfare in Saudi Arabia. Maybe one of the princes will float you a few schekels or whatever they use.

  3. Sadly my posts are taking forever going through moderation. I’m going to leave you alone as I’m clearly not going to get the sources I asked for, or an intelligent answer for that matter.

    Good luck, I hope your lives are full of joy. Poison goes where poison’s welcome. Think of me next time you order a Pizza or a Kebab will ya? :)

    • Yeah, you’re right, sorry. Was making an ill-informed comment as the Turks I know are Christian. I wish to retract that statement, however the guy in the video still looks white to me. I do like your nick btw.

  4. XX We should judge less and understand why these things happen. XX


    There is NO bloody excuse. They do not like it? They know where they can catch the plane to Syria. I am sure they would be MOST welcome.

    Oh! But WAIT! Then they would not get welfare payments…. sorry, forgot my self for a moment.

    You think THAT was cynical/sarcastic? You never met my SAAMI (Swedish) Grandmother.

    • Awesome, maybe my grandparents knew her? Where did they live? Mine were from around Pajala, I believe, although they migrated south (not too far though, just south of the Artic Circle). See, mine were Saami too. In fact, I’m one of the few in my family who’s lived south of Sundsvall. So, yeah. Funnily enough, my grandparents didn’t really care where people came from. One of my friends is from a clan (I guess you’d call it) from the Jukkasjärvi area. Hoppsan, fel språk.

      I think you’re siding with the wrong religion here. Bearing in mind that we were relentlessly pushed back and pursued by the Christians. Or have you forgotten that bit? How they had our Saami relatives sterilized to avoid us spreading? How the pre-nazi era saw us measured to find out what kind of weird race we were?
      That was all done in the name of the Christian God, in the name of Jesus Christ, because god forbid we’d pass on our heathen ways.

      But still I don’t judge all Christians, despite what they did to my family. I understand why they did it. And I’m going to go to great lengths to prevent ANYONE doing anything like that to anyone again. See, that’s called learning from history.

      There is one thing I’d like you to answer though. Who said anything about excuses? There is no excuse for the behaviour shown in Stockholm. The point is, why did it happen? According to one of the rioters, it’s because they wanted to be heard, but when given the chance he had nothing to say. You say it’s because they’re foreign? What about the white people rioting? What about the immigrants in the peace march?

      I personally judge hate filled bigots more, no matter who they are or where they come from. And I quite like pizza & kebab. It’s always the same argument; “they come here, stealing our jobs and taking our welfare”. Well, you know, you sort of have to pick one or the other. I’m going to put forward a radical theory; maybe some of these people have money because they *gasp* work hard? How many Swedish cleaning ladies do you know? I know pretty much all of them in my schools were foreign. How many Swedish women do you know who would take a cleaning job?

      You should try living in a different country for a while, it’s quite interesting. And I didn’t think you were cynical or sarcastic, just ill informed and very narrow minded.

      I know nothing I say can make you think, because you do think that it’s completely one sided.

      And get this, I’m not even saying every foreigner is good. I think that there are rotten apples in all baskets. Unfortunately, we westerners have people like the Westboro people, KKK and similar ilk. I’d hate to be in a situation where I was judged on their behaviour.

      Ah well, I guess most of you didn’t get through this post. Couldn’t keep it short as I’m trying to provide you with a bit of information and not just say “Fuck off”.

      Like I said, I didn’t expect an intelligent answer. Sad that you had to prove me right. But I know people like you, I went to school with people like you, and you lot frighten me a hell of a lot more than any Muslims I know.

        • I live in a so-called ‘foreign country’, ie. one I was not born in, I have lived in many countries I was not born in, and some I liked more than others.
          In some I was forced to work in jobs I did not like, mainly because I do like to eat. I have never found it necessary to incinerate cars, throw bricks at cops or smash things.
          This is the fault of education and a state which pays people to do nothing. Parasites must destry, it is all they are good at.
          The people should not receive monay for not doing anything, it gives them a false sense of entitlement.
          If they are unable to find jobs, they should at least be made to learn a trade for the cash, or sweep roads at least.
          Yes, one encounters predudice, I have been insulted many times – I just consider the source and shrug it off.
          Verbal insults do not justify violent action.
          Nope not a pacifist, if I am attacked, I fight back – but sticks and stones you know.
          These ‘youths’ believe the world owes them, just because they exists – wrong. Pay them and they demand more. Insist they work or starve and they learn true self respect and human dignity. Something these men serverly lack.

      • XX You should try living in a different country for a while, it’s quite interesting. And I didn’t think you were cynical or sarcastic, just ill informed and very narrow minded. XX

        How does ten years Sweden/Norway, 30 years England five years Scotland and fifteen years Germany suit you, wee village girl?

  5. Uh, I’m Swedish. Hi. I’d like to find out where you get the fact that this has anything to do with Muslims? The guy who was shot was 68, and from Portugal. His wife was Finnish (I know, Finns right, sheesh). In fact, the only info I have found, in Swedish and English, about this being Muslim related is from anti-Islamic websites like this one.

    I don’t suppose you’d like to post your sources? I can provide some of mine. Oh, and I also looked at the youtube clips you posted, apart from getting the Muslim lady’s name wrong the subtexts were very well done! Although they don’t mention anything about Muslims either. In fact, the only person who was clearly Muslim was the lady who was scared and wanted to take her kids and get out.
    I thought the second clip was brilliant, he’s absolutely right. We should judge less and understand why these things happen. And I can understand them being fed up with the police, but the comment the moron makes is that the police target young people in groups. That’s it. Nothing about targeting Muslims or even immigrants.

    The retard they interviewed in the other clip was a moron. He was also quite clearly white or possibly Turkish. You see, a lot of the people in Husby are Turks. Turks tend to be Orthodox Christians (I know, Christians right, sheesh).

    Now, some genius is going to tell me that I’m wrong, and that I’m clearly blind, but you know what? I can read the news stories at the source. I have visited these places. And before you tell me I have been brainwashed by some Islamic Illuminati, let me just say that if they can manage that, They would be able to control the media.
    Go ahead, prove me wrong.

    Surprise me with a balanced and informed answer. Because all I’d expect from you is more hate and jumping to conclusions.

    • WOW Swedish Faye, what would we do without your information ??!!

      Of course, they were all white and hey Christians ! Turkish Christians no less!
      I live in the Netherlands where we have many Turks, and I have never yet met a Christian one. Considering there are very very few Christians in Turkey , this is hardly surprising.

      And I don’t care what reasons these jneducated barabric imbeciles have for rioting and destroying property, it is a crime and shoud be treated as such.
      Civilised people sort their problems out through the law and through democratic voting, not vigilante Savagery.This is just anarchy and no place here in the West for that.

      Keep up the blah blah, we are sooo impressed with your amazing knowledge….NOT

      • Yes, I do apologize, I did base that fact on the Turks I know. I guess that might be why they left.

        I haven’t said anything about reasons, I’m simply stating that nothing posted here says anything about Muslims.

        Vigilante justice is never good, but what exactly are you promoting here? Look at the London riots from last year… most of those rioters were white, middle class kids. Why do you think it’s different in Sweden?
        It is a crime, which is why they are being prosecuted. Which is what the police should do.

        You can’t seriously think that I’m defending these idiots? Good god, you’re dumber than I thought. I’m just saying they’re not who you think they are. You’re basing your judgement on prejudice instead of using your brains. for something other than stopping the top of your skull from caving in.

    • FAYE: You’re right! It was Christians, Buddhists and Jews attacking the police, torching vehicles and vandalizing. How in the world could I ever have imagined it was muslims?

    • Hello Faye dear, Like most people on this site I’m so happy things are going so well in “Gamla land”, Sweden has for over a hundred years been one of the world’s “show countries’, and I’m sure things have now become even better with input from muslims, such an advanced people!

      With superior Islamic ‘know how’ Sweden is bound to become even more of a world leader, particularly in the field of aeronautics, where we wait with baited breath for news of the first supersonic carpet, and huge advances in….in,……well, bound to be advances in something, I mean these people are world-beaters!

      Certainly, we’re bound to see more muslim Nobel prize winners, since so many of these wonderful people now live in Sweden, but anyway they’ve won so many–oh, wait, no that was the Jews; you remember the Jews, Faye? The people you got rid of so you could stock up on the REAL winners, muslims! Funny, up to the end of 2010 I see Nobel Prizes; Jews 129, muslims 7. Can’t be right, can it?

      Let’s face it Faye, Sweden is fast becoming a 3rd world country, and you dear (at half the price) are either a leftist loser or one of the muslim filth bringing a formerly great country to it’s knees; either way you’re a bloody disgrace. Hilsen, Peter

    • keep dreaming that Turks are Christians… keep dreaming that Muslims are harmless and that Swedish only take advantage of them… and don’t forget to keep dreaming about Islam as the religion of peace. Do you know where you’ll wake up from your dreams? in an Islamic Europe full of poverty and terror, rapes and murders , a mirror copy of Egypt and Syria, where Muslims have been murdering and torturing each other (and Christians as well) for the last 3 years. Thank God I don’t live in Europe, but I’m watching you guys and I’m asking: Are you idiots or something?

    • Oooh Faye – you dumb. You ignorant too.

      The “youth” rioting in Sweden has now lasted for 7 or maybe 8 days and nights at the time that I write this comment. Are you still trying to understand its causes? Has the destruction remained in Husby? What is that? It has spread beyond that city? Are you still formulating a thesis for this uprising?

      So, you can read the news stories at the source. Then tell us please, why have the police stated that they will not take any action to stifle the burning? Why have the authorities mobilized to put down the Swedish patriots that have gathered to expel the rioters and restore law and order to their neighborhoods? Do the police likewise want the lawlessness to continue so that they can craft a social theory to explain this aberrant behavior?

      Please tell us, Faye, you have all the answers… NOT!

      hehe, you dumb.

  6. They want jobs but don’t go to s bool and they want to be treated as all Swedish citizens yet they refuse to integrate. What a pile of double speak they spoke on these videos

  7. Perhaps they can sooth the savage breast by giving them a good raise in their benefits for the year.

  8. The rioting was ABSOLUTELY justified!!

    In the first video the young man gives the reason for the mayhem–“The police patrol every day”. EGADS!! COPS OUT ON PATROL!!

    Would this person prefer that cops stay in station houses all day eating donuts and just send out the drones?

  9. Stockholm riots spread south on fourth night


    Multiculturalism’ blamed for violent Muslim riots

    As the debate over immigration raged, the Sweden Democrats party, which seeks to implement broad restrictions on further immigration, has now become the third largest political party based on recent polls.

    In certain areas of the country, which have become virtual “no-go” zones for native Swedes, almost the entire population is either foreign or born to immigrant parents.


  10. What a croc… no one believes you mohammad… living in an environment of burnt out wrecks and rubble is just the islamic way. Lets have a pork sandwich and make up… you’ve got to feel sorry for the pathetic sod.

  11. Muslims who follow the religion of intolerance, tell others that they should be more understaning? … Yeah!

    • Take that you stupid, ignorant useless Swedes and Fins and Brits and all the other “Civilized” Dum Dums of our once glorious Europe. “No” they said to the Balkan people “Muslims are peaceful people of infinite wisdom, pure innocence and paragons of virtue” while muslim raiders murdered and pillaged their way across Croatia under Osama and renamed the land Bosnia, a fabrication that only gives them a base of operation in Europe’s heartland.

      “The muslims are the real victims here” they said, while a part of NY lay burning and as its people chokes on ash of their dead relatives.

      “We have everything under control” they are saying right now “these immigrants are innocent souls who will teach us Europeans tolerance and save us from ourselves. Shame on you, you evil Nazis, for not kissing their feet and giving them all you own, from your money and job to your daughters and faith!”
      You asked for this, you seem eager to have your heads chopped off and freadoms striped away, but why are you dragging Greece, Serbia, Croatia and Italy with you?

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