A MESSAGE? Coordinated vandalism attacks on Muslim buildings in Europe

In Germany and France, mosques and other Muslim-owned buildings have been targeted at the same time with blood or paint that looks like blood.


IslamvsEurope  This is interesting not so much for the act itself. There are graffiti attacks on mosques and the like in Europe quite regularly now. But it’s curious that two similar incidents have occurred at the same time in two different countries. As far as I know, none of the newspapers reporting the incident in each country have picked up on the fact that something similar occurred in another country at the same time. Is this the start of some coordinated, continent-wide anti-Mohammedan action?

On May 19th, the Arab-Nil-Rhein assocation in Mainz was splashed with fake blood and had posters showing a mutilated Afghan girl (from a Time magazine cover) affixed to its windows and walls.

bibi_time_coverMeanwhile, on the same day, in Limoges in France, a mosque was splashed with real or fake blood.


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