The blood from the beheading of a British soldier is barely dry and the only thing Muslims in the US are concerned about is “Islamophobic backlash”

imagesFrom that notorious cesspool of jihadist glorification, Islamic terrorism denial, and counter-jihadist slander, Islamophobia-Watch, comes the moaning and groaning about the Islamophobic backlash. Not a word of sorrow for that poor soldier appeared on the website. Probably they were too busy celebrating the successful Muslim terrorist attack.

Rumor has it, as news of the beheading spread, they were handing out sweets in Gaza again
Rumor has it, as news of the beheading spread, they were handing out sweets again in Gaza

Islamophobia-Watch  Following the murder of a serving British Army soldier in Woolwich, London, the UK’s Muslim population has been subject to a wave of racist hate.

The BBC’s Nick Robinson led the way, saying that the attackers were “of Muslim appearance”. This was immediately picked up by multiple media outlets. To his credit, Robinson has written a piece apologizing for using the phrase:

That phrase “of Muslim appearance” clearly offended some who demanded to know what it could possibly mean. Others were concerned that it was a racist generalization.


The EDL immediately mobilized and skirmishes with police on the streets of Woolwich were reported late into the night, Daniel Trilling has a piece here:

Woolwich deserves better than the attention of murderers and EDL racists

The print media has received widespread criticism of the way they handled the attack in the following day’s newspaper front pages. Sunder Katwala has written a piece for the New Statesman  examining the coverage:

After Woolwich: how the media got it wrong and how the public can get it right

The anti Muslim hate crime reporting group Tell Mamauk estimated that 24 hours later there had been 6 mosques across the UK attacked, multiple incidents of vandalism and innumerable reports of threats of violence against Muslims online. There is an article on the BBC website documenting  some of the incidents. 

Rise in anti-Muslim attacks after Woolwich soldier killing

Sunny Hundal documents attempts by the EDL to claim that Muslims in Oldham were celebrating the murder.

Police trying to disperse 100s of Muslims on Victoria St Oldham from celebrating the murder of British soldier


Oh, Boo Hoo. Stop whining, Muslims, the hatred you feel you bring on yourselves with your supremacist attitudes and refusal to assimilate.  Consider yourselves lucky that the Brits don’t have guns or there would be bloodshed in the streets: YOURS!