OUTRAGEOUS! UK ‘Hope for Heroes’ charity tells English Defence League to take their contributions and shove them up their ass

imagesArmed Forces charity ‘Help for Heroes’ has announced that it will not accept any donations raised by the leader of the English Defence League Tommy Robinson. The charity has said that donations from EDL leader Tommy Robinson will be refunded to the contributors.

(Good, I will take my refunded donation and send it to the English Defence League)

Guardian  The charity will check for any further donations from EDL members and said they would not accept any donations from the group.

A Help for Heroes spokesman said: “He is the only one that has come to our attention but tonight we will be doing a cross-count to make sure that anyone else saying they are EDL will not be allowed to fundraise for us. “It is the same for any political party, we do not allow political fundraising. As a charity, we are non-political.” (The EDL is NOT a political party)


Robinson’s Just Giving page shows that the EDL leader has raised more than £3,300 so far and was aiming to raise £5,000 with a sponsored walk across London.

On the page, Robinson wrote: “On Saturday the 29th June I am going to walk from Westminster in West London to Woolwich in East London (Just over 17 miles) to lay a wreath in support of our troops (Lee Rigby RIP). I plan to raise as much money as possible for Help for Heroes.


“As you can probably tell the last time I exercised was at school, I think a 17 mile walk might be end of me! The chance of me popping my clogs due to my fitness or the likely threat I will have from the religion of peace throughout the route might even tempt David Cameron and the rest of his weak leadership to sponsor me on the off chance that this was to happen!”

Earlier on Monday, more than 1,000 far-right supporters gathered outside Downing Street, where Robinson addressed the crowd. The EDL demonstrators chanted “Muslim killers off our streets” and “There’s only one Lee Rigby” as they marched through London.

Robinson told the demonstration: “This is a day of respect for our armed forces”, and “They’ve had their Arab spring. This is time for the English spring.”




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  1. Whatever the EDL is doing is good, I’m not supporting them till they purge the Neo-Nazis from their organization. Now that Combat 18 has joined the EDL, they’re a no-go zone for me. And before people say that the EDL doesn’t have Neo-Nazis in it, they’d best speak to Roberta Moore, who once led the group’s Jewish division. She left because of the Neo-Nazi pick-ups. They especially need to dissociate themselves from the so-called “Sweden Democrats”, who are well known as being a party of the National Front.

    • Cast, Roberta Moore is an idiot. The EDL does not welcome neo-nazis and throws them out once they find out who they are. Anyone can join, and until they do something to expose themselves as nazis, they can’t be weeded out. The EDL is a big supporter of Israel so any nazis joining it are doing so for subversive reasons.

      We suport Sweden Democrats and the National Front here. It’s you whom we don’t want.

      • XX We suport Sweden Democrats and the National Front here. It’s you whom we don’t want.XX

        WELL said!

        To make a misquote… “An enemy of my enemy is a friend!”

        WE can discuss dewtails later. FIRST we must win.

  2. Mapleleaf,

    For this to happen, there must be ‘Anti-Freedom of Speech’ legislation that has been approved by Parliament; that probably the majority of British don’t even know exists. Does anyone know what this legislation is? I would like to read it.

  3. Here’s the posting I just made to the Hope for Heroes face book page;

    “Your decision of rejecting the donation from the EDL is about as childish, and inflammatory, as removing all the floral tributes laid down for Lee by Muslims.

    Shame on you, I hope the EDL gives you the money as anonymous donations, just to spite such infantile stupidity.”


    • PS The more I think about this the more I think this is an attempt to divide Britain even further by the Marxist dhimmis.

      They know full well that the military will be split over this issue, and if this hasn’t brought us closer to civil war we’ve been since 1642 I don’t know what has.

  4. Enoch Powell was a professor of Classics before entering politics. In his famous speech he was quoting the Classics, “I see the River Tiber foaming with blood”.
    A much more apt phrase of his to remember is:
    “We must be MAD…”

  5. Do not be confused by military “aid/charitys” in the U.K.

    You have all heard of “the Poppy fund” I presume? Whereby people give a donation, get a poppy, and the money goes to old soldiers…. or DOES it?

    The British legion (The charity that do the poppy collection along with the “Haig fund”, have an “associatemembership”. This is for familys of soldiers/ex soldiers(sailors/airmen).

    I was Booking officer in the cell block one night, and some 16 year old skunk is dragged in. Pissed as a fart, fighting, filthy, stolen goods found on him, offensive weapon, burgalry tools (going equiped).

    “I want bail!”

    Calls Father. An hour later the Father, a Solicitor (Lawyer), and some other person turn up at the holding block.

    “We are here to stand bail for XYZ.”

    With this the “Some other person” steps foreward; “I am ABC from the British legion. Because he is, through his Mothers brothers second cousins dog walkers sister, (or whatever) an associate member, WE, through the poppy fund, will stand the bail of 6,000 pound”

    He then handed over the CASH(!).

    NOW ask me why I will NEVER give a single damn red CENT to ANY “military charity”.

  6. Now don’t you english wish your government did not take your guns away? Piers Morgan is over here in the USA telling us Americans that Britain is peaceful without guns… Hmmm sounds more like victims to me. You should demand your guns back and next time you see some rag head killing someone take your gun which is your god given right to protect yourself and blow the bastard back to hell.

  7. Enoch Powell was a British politician who gave a famous “Rivers of Blood” speech in the 1960s about the consequences of unchecked immigration from the Third World, and was forced to withdraw from public life because of it.

  8. I remember a comment that was made many years ago about Enoch Powell that one day they would replace Nelson s Statue on the Victory Monument with that of Enoch Powell its coming.In Australia we had the Media anf both political parties attacking Pauline Hanson for similar views.Hopefully she will stand again and the people will check what she stands for and ignore what the media bullshit.

  9. Why not give the monies to the murdered British soldier’s fiancée (wife) and son. They probably won’t get a dime out of the British government to live on.

  10. Just heard on Sun News that British police stormed into a home at 3 am because
    the owner said on twitter that, “they should go back to their own country” the guy did not clarify who they were. But he was still arrested.
    Way to go UK. free speech is dead.

  11. Utterly amazing, despite everything that’s happened in England, Boris Johson gets it completely wrong; David Cameron gets it horrendously, traitorously wrong, and now the “Hope for Heroes” is just as stupid–all of them can’t see past the cancer that is killing the entire western world.

    Personally, I’m infuriated with this masochistic lunacy, as it seems to me Tommy Robinson and the E.D.L. are at least patriotic Englishmen. I can’t say that for anyone in “government”. I’m also disappointed beyond words with the English people who should be in the streets in their millions, with the police, the army, the monarchy, and the (muslim) Church of England.

    We are seeing the country that survived the Blitz, marching to cultural oblivion.

  12. I was in the throes of re-writing my Will to leave money to Help the Heroes. No more. This is unbelievable. This so-called charity is anything but charitable. Picking and chosing who they will accept gifts from is an utter disgrace when generous and kind people only want to help our wounded soldiers and their families out of love and gratitude and not for political reasons. this what our military deserve. They do not deserve to be denied one penny of charity. I feel my blood boiling.

  13. This is political correctness.

    The Tory government doesn’t want Islamic allies to perceive them of resisting their jihad. This is DHIMMITUDE.

    It is the price to pay to have Moslem governments cooperate with the West.

    Flowers won’t help the wounded, but the British people are saying the want the Mozzies gone.

    The government should immediately find a way to stop further Moz immigration.

  14. The dhimmi asswipes in Britons government make a cowardly statement that the EDL is to blame for the elevated risk of terror attacks on British troops and now this bullshit from what appears to be another dhimmi organization. All vets who are true patriots love the EDL. Please post the email address for these assclowns so I can send them a personal fuck you. As for fuckwits like you turtleshroom take your bitchlike comments over to loonwatch where all of your fellow retards post.

  15. I’m horrified. EDL are beautiful, caring HUMAN RIGHTS activists who are viciously persecuted by UK ruling elites because they hold street demos protesting Islamification and Islamic sharia law. Most of all, the EDL are persecuted by ruling elites because EDL hold street demos protesting the violent gang-rapes by EVIL, demonic Muslim monsters and the forced prostitution of Britain’s children by cruel Muslims.

    Paul Weston of Liberty GB declared: “I am convinced the media broke their silence over the Muslim rape and grooming cases ONLY because of pressure the EDL successfully brought to bear via street protests.”

    The EDL are ANGELS!

    Join the EDL! http://englishdefenceleague.org/

    Join Paul Weston’s Liberty GB! http://libertygb.org.uk/v1/

  16. Tommy should set up a fund for this soldiers children and wife, l am sure they would appreciate the gesture and financial help, stuff the Help for Heroes organisation, let them rely upon the goodhearted response from the muslim community to raise funds, that will be, zero dollars. I hope every patriotic Brit will donate to the EDL instead of Help for Heroes. Britain is doomed if the people don’t back patriotic movements like the EDL.

  17. Just when I think I can’t get anymore pissed off about this event, this happens. Who the hell is the enemy anymore?

  18. Has hope for heros lost their minds? Wake up England. Even Churchill knew that the muslims were ‘bad news’. Full support for the EDL and Tommy Robinson.

  19. They are “non political” in other words cowards, and appeasers. Britain I think is a lost cause, too many cowardly wimps willing to pretend nothing is wrong.

  20. Drop dead hope for heroes! What’s your idea of hope??? Kumbaya with islam???You disgrace the heroes you claim to represent. Donate to EDL and not this dhimmi bogus organization. Thanks for trying to do the right thing Tommy and I hope those who recently donated directly to this hopeless org. ask for a refund.

  21. Brits have lost their collective backbone. They might wake up when their beloved pet dogs start being slaughtered. Their children being kidnapped, raped and pimped out hasn’t seemed to made much of an impression. Tommy Robinson is appreciated by those of us who are awake. Support EDL!

  22. I’m sure another charity would honorably receive your contributions for the military service. I am proud of what Tommy Robinson is doing for his country. He’s waking the UK up.

  23. I tried twice, to order some items from H4H , and each time, they were out of the items. I am now glad that I didn’t get my order placed, and I will inform them that they can” shove their organization up their ass.”

    • I was going to by a t shirt from them but they don’t like patriots apparently. Strange how left wing politics has poisoned the west.

  24. So, “Help for Heroes”, you think money from Tommy Robinson and EDL isn’t good enough for you to accept?! Does that mean you’ll be accepting donations from the Arselifter Brotherhood?!…..You have just succeeded in boosting the support for the EDL by your self righteous hypocritical declaration!!…Oh, and —- you too, stupid-ass dhimmis!!

    • Enoch Powell was a British politician in the late 1950’s who warned the government at that time, that they would rue the day in the future because the government was allowing thousands of immigrants into the country. Enoch Powell was no fool, that’s for sure.

      • He was a conservative who gave a prophetic but controversial speech on
        ” rivers of blood” about what was to come due to immigration and he was pelted with rotten eggs, subsequently dismissed from his position as foreign secretary. Polls showed however that a majority of the British public agreed with him.
        His speech comes back to haunt many today !

  25. I’ve heard that Help for Heroes is sitting on a pile of money and couldn’t organise a piss up in a brewery. Not certain if it’s true, but after this I can believe it. They’ll not get a penny more out of me. I expect many squaddies are sympathisers/members of the EDL,and this comes from some PC practitioner of solitary vices

  26. Find another worthy cause or start donating to people directly…tell them that is fine and do good for yourselves…the best revenge is to succeed

  27. Ah! But I’d be willing to bet they’ll be more than happy to accept monies from the muzzies, right?
    If any vets still have their balls intact, they should shun the “Help for Heros” assholes and ostracize them publicly.
    The EDL is doing nothing more than bringing to light the very reason British, American and other national troops are now fighting and dying to eradicate. It’s called EXTREMISM.
    How hypocritical can one be???

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