PAUL WESTON, Liberty GB Party, on political pandering to Britain’s most dangerous domestic enemy – Islam

If/when the people of Great Britain wake up, Paul Weston will be their next prime minister.

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26 comments on “PAUL WESTON, Liberty GB Party, on political pandering to Britain’s most dangerous domestic enemy – Islam

  1. Islam are the new nazis! There enablers, are the media. Cops, and current crop of Marxist leaders who are in control of the eu countries and eu government.

    We need to start outing these enablers, these traitor journalists who are hiding the
    Truth with there PC lies and fabrications, euphemisms and Orwellian schemes, these
    Evil bunch of traitors are leading us all to our deaths at the hands of this cult of murder, rape and violence!!! Islam = nazis


  2. There cannot be a peaceful outcome. Look at any
    Country with a big Muslim population. Muslims are
    a backward cult that only understand force. You
    cannot reason with a parasite ideology that devours
    the host. Only a strongman leader and force will

  3. For the tide to change we need people to realise the implications of what is occurring. How can be people be encouraged to open their eyes? Perhaps the debate should be shifted to: What will it be like to live in a country with a majority that practises sharia law? Or: What will it be like to live in Britain in 2050 taking into account current growth rates? People need to wake up as ‘m sure f they were the tide will turn!

  4. Well done Paul Weston. Paul Weston for Prime minister of England, I pray for a fearless, Allan West type of leader in every democratic country, who is not afraid to tell the truth about the threat of islam. I pray that we all wake up before it is too late. We must not give up, ‘outing the muslim threat with the truth of their atrocities. We need a list of people that could use support in every country, such as Greet Wilders, Paul Weston, Allan West and so on. They will need our support.

  5. We need Paul Weston for Prime Minister!

    Non-Muslims live in DAILY FEAR from Muslims in many countries. Once Muslims attain a majority, life becomes a non-stop living HELL. It’s all over once Muslims attain a majority. We CANNOT let this happen to Britain, Europe or any Western country! Britain has Muslims from many different countries. The majority of Muslims are from Pakistan.

    Pakistani Christians told, ‘Protest again and you will die’ March 16, 2013
    Many in the Lahore area are living in shocking conditions following the violence there which saw about 200 Christian homes torched and two churches burned to the ground

    By Dan Wooding
    Founder of ASSIST Ministries

    LAHORE, PAKISTAN (ANS) — Outraged Pakistani Christians have taken to the streets of Lahore (and other cities in the country,) to protest against the terrible violence they have suffered following a blasphemy accusation against a young Christian.

    The demonstrators denounced the burning of about 200 Christian homes and two churches by a frenzied Muslim mob of about 3,000, amidst claims spurred by allegations that a Christian man made remarks against the Muslim prophet Mohammed…

    The violence that tore through Lahore’s Badami Bagh community on Saturday, March 9, 2013, followed the arrest of Sawan Masih, a Christian in his 20s accused of blasphemy.

    “But Masih’s arrest wasn’t enough to appease an angry mob of Muslims irate over the alleged crime,” added CNN. “(The) mob wanted police to hand them over the alleged blasphemer, said Hafiz Majid, a senior police official in Badami Bagh.

    “The mob also looted some shops run by Christians, he said. Majid said Christians have fled the area for fear of being killed.

    “If convicted, Masih faces the death penalty. He denies the allegations made by the two men who filed the blasphemy complaint against him with police on Friday (March 8, 2013), Majid said.”

    Since that time, hundreds Pakistani Christians become homeless in Badami Bagh, said ANS correspondent, Shamim Masih, who also reports for the British Pakistani Christian Association.

    He said, “Two hundred homes were turned to ashes and poor Christians are now living in the streets, desperate for food and other needs. Their children cannot attend school or college due to the destruction and fear. Many Residents have expressed great dismay and sorrow and depression is seeping through the entire community.”

    One Christian that Shamim Masih spoke to, Sajid Masih, broke into tears as he said, “I feel helpless and unable to do anything for myself and my family.”

    Shamim Masih went on to say, “Christians around the country who have been incensed by the recurring theme of a blasphemy allegation followed by the attack and burning down of our vulnerable communities, held protests across the country in a concerted effort to vent their disgust at this most recent incident and to show solidarity with the victims.

    “In Youhanabad and Kot Lakhpat, Lahore police used this opportunity to beat the innocent Christian protestors, shot tear gas at them and beat them with sticks, yet when the Muslim attack took place they stood back and watched till the town had been razed to the ground,” he said…

    Mr. Masih said that Muslims of Jhelum City, located on the right bank of the Jhelum River, in the north of Punjab province, “then threatened to burn Christians homes like those in the Badami Bagh community, in response to the protests.”

  6. Remember, when the shooting starts, go for the leftist first. The musloids are the secondary target. Why this order? The leftist are traitors who are using the koranimals as their attack dogs. Always shoot the brains first, muscle second.

  7. Don’t forget the dynamic Oskar Freysinger who has just been made the chief of Education and Security in his Swiss Canton of Wallis. He fought fiercely to stop the building of mosques in Switzerland and he will be a very positive force for getting rid of the Muzzies. He has often spoken with Geert at demos in Germany, he is a thrilling speaker and is getting poised to have a much larger influence in Switzerland, and all of Europe.

  8. 31,603 That was EDL’s membership at breakfast time it’s 6pm BST now and there’s now 31,727 EDL members. Britain is awaking!

      • How many folk from the military are joining I wonder with EDL creating an Army Air Force and Navy divisions and these have been created by the military personal themselves.

        Look at the heavily armed trucks the US troops were given to use in Afghanistan, compared with the flimsy trucks our army were using, that got every one blown to bits if they hit a mine.

        The British servicemen have got a lot of reasons to be very pissed of with the Westminster Dhimmis, and this should give Cameron something to get brown trousers about.

  9. You won’t hear Mr Weston on the mainstream media as the truth is an offence these days in britain The U.K. is sleepwalking into hell………….

  10. Bonni,
    The world insurrection will not be much longer. They have saturated Europe and the UK. We have muslims here living all through the heartland of America. They are IN PLACE for whatever play comes next.
    All that is needed is one lynchpin event here to have civil war. I wake up every day expecting it to start this day.
    Kindness, compassion and grace are forgotten concepts in many places in America today.
    The progressive, liberal, democrat, socialist mindset has set Americans against each other. It has taught people to covet what the next man has worked for and grown an entitlement class who only want what they have not earned!
    And should what they already have coming be cut due to national debt/austerity issues they WILL take to the streets to loot and burn for what they want!
    And that is when the jihadists/islamists will make their move!

    • very true Ken. Cultural Marxism cleverly aligned with Islam Insidiously at work destroying the Judeo-Christian values they both so hate and must eliminate completely to ensure full take-over !

  11. England has Weston, Holland has Geert, what about us? what about Australia? what about Canada? There are others in Europe, but outside Europe? Someday these leaders, these appeasers, Cameron, Obama, Gilliard, they will be looked down upon in history; that is, unless the Muslims win and get to write history!

      • And although I’m British, he’s in a different league to Weston.

        A great speaker. Authentic. Fearless. Military record. Forceful.

        And his ‘blowing sunshine up my ass’, comment to the CAIR piece of slime in Florida has to be one of the best ripostes I’ve ever heard.

        Can we borrow him?

        • logdon, I DON’T agree with you! Brits don’t need Allen West! This was a conversation; NOT a speech. Paul Weston is a terrific speaker and a very great leader! His analytical skills are absolutely brilliant! He has written the most outstanding articles! A huge number of Paul’s articles are on Gates of Vienna.

          Deeply patriotic Paul Weston and his party, Liberty GB, are desperately needed by Brits.

          One supporter of Paul Weston declared that Paul has the qualities of Winston Churchill, Enoch Powell and Geert Wilders. I agree!

    • Unless Muslims win and get to write history. I hope not. If Muslims win then humanity has lost it’s way. Instead of a democracy there will be a dictator.

      Every person should be allowed to practice their religion and have the freedom to speak without violence. The cultures of Great Britain should not be changed by force.

      Tony Blair along with Cameron , Clegg and Swinson are only interested in power and money. Citizens of Great Britain should be the priority of our government just as a father protects their own child before anothers.


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