HUH? Pregnant British woman arrested by several fascist police for carrying a Union Jack flag

Has England lost its mind? What are they afraid of – offending some Muslim savages on their way to behead another soldier?


48 comments on “HUH? Pregnant British woman arrested by several fascist police for carrying a Union Jack flag

  1. But apparently it’s NOT racist to hold up signs saying ‘behead those who insult islam’ and generally calling for the death of westerners and british soldiers. OK then, when do the lunatics get removed from office?

  2. Did this Lady really get arrested and taken to a Police Station somewhere to be charged with anything,?? the Police would have maybe forsaw a potential situation up ahead with the muz-scum and dropped her off at a safer place because she was Pregnant, does anybody know her or know of her,?? what happened after she was “arrested”,?? can anybody throw any more light on this.??

  3. That would surely be the Straw that broke the Camels Back if he did, after all it was widely rumoured at the time of Diana’s “accident” in France that she was about to give birth the a “pig-child” of Doddie Alfied(scuse the spelling) his Father was trying to get a Brittish Pasport or Citizenship for years and was getting blocked left-right-&centre,this would have given the muz-scum free access to the Palace by blood-line,and THAT would see the end of Great Brittian, i think the Queen would rather pass on the Crown to William as he has fought against these animals,if these rumours do hold the slightest evidence of truth then God help us.

  4. Lyn Leahz,

    I believe that idea was created by Islamic propaganda because Muslims have openly admitted they intend to force the Royal Family to convert to Islam and that they intend to make Buckingham Palace a Mosque. To conquer Britain Islam must take out the Royal Family.

    The CEC also publishes a lot of lies about the Royal Family and the CEC never speaks against Islam.

    I am not a fan of ‘Royalty’ and I support the creation of an ‘Australian Republic’ but I do have the highest respect for Queen Elizabeth, I doubt there shall ever be another Royal person with her very high level of dignity and behaviour in status.

    Not one Muslim not even ‘Pedophile Muhammad’ can ever match the true high strength of character and decency that Queen Elizabeth II lived. In fact all Muslims are inferior to Queen Elizabeth and that includes Muhammad.

  5. Absolutely no freedom of speech at all whatsoever for the infidels of Britain; unless you fight and risk going to prison for it.

    It is time for British citizens to overthrow their traitorous communist government. Starting with degenerate lunatics such as David Cameron and Boris Johnson, along with their gestapo, it is time for British citizens to throw all of these vicious traitors out of office. Just give them all the old heave-ho and take out that trash!

  6. you can see the pigs talking to the Muslim before they arrested her. I agree what the hell is wrong with those idiots. Imagine if I was carrying an American flag and some Muslim scum objected. I would hope those around me would have the balls to stand up and speak out. This is America and I can fly my countries flag when I want. If it upsets any muslims, they can take a flight back to the shit hole they came from.

  7. What is not commonly known is that mosques and muslims are being attacked currently here in the UK. There are many instances of low level vandalism, assaults etc in most localities, but those in charge are hushing it all up for fear of it becoming worse. Things really are tense.

  8. Where is the large pile of testicles that have been removed from all the British men? They should be marching every day with their Union Jack at full mast! How do these cowardly police sleep at night? And to say that England once ruled the world!

  9. This is a joke right? Everyone back to there own countries where they belong. These socialist leftist scum have ruined every country when you go to there shit holes you have to carry a rule book with you power to the nationalist!

  10. My story.

    Born German, lived in Britain from five days old until university. In the Roayl Military Police, and the civilian police (Liverpool) .

    Left Britain 15 years ago, and came to the home of my Parents, Berlin.

    In the 15 years I have been away from the police, and Britain, I just can NOT believe the difference. Both in the police AND the public.

    It is hard to put a finger on exact points that are differnt. It is the whole PICTURE that is wrong. As if Salvador Dali tried painting the Mona Lisa.

    Some one said above “Kafka”… SPOT on.

    Kafka, 1984, “V”, Brave new world, all of those.

    After 30 years there, and I do not recognise the place any more.

    Are they putting something in the water, or what?

    The idea that “We are only doing our job, what the law sais.” Was blown out of the water at Nürnberg.

    Did they learn NOTHING?

  11. I would love to know what the charge is for carrying your national flag in public, notice know one knows who this woman is, or the little old lady of 85 they arrested for shouting at the Saracens.

  12. My understanding is that Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles, and the entire royal family practice Islam on a more ‘private’ level…that could be wrong..but that is what I have heard and seen in some videos. Of course, it could be a bunch of garbage. Who knows. Regardless, if it’s true, it would explain the ‘rapid’ growth Islam has made in such a short time over in the UK.

      • Did you know Prince Charles as been urged by his mates in the Arab world to learn Arabic,they get him to convert and that will plunge us into civil war.

        As it is, he wants the coronation vows altered so he’s coronated as The Defender of Faiths, and not The Defender of The Faith

        • Wasn’t “Charlie” one of those responsible for the infamous Finsbury Park mosque? Certainly he’s very friendly with that crowd. The royal idiot.

        • Well if he gets his way, he’ll be crowned not as Charles III, but rather styled as, Charles ibn Philip, Emir of the United Emirate of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Crowned, or rather girded with the Sword of Osman, by none other than the Grand Mufti of Canterbury, at the Masjid e Westminster of course.

          God forbid that ever happen. How chilling.

        • Correct your spelling Randy

          it’s: C U N T E R B U R Y

          ever since that Rowan Atkinson git cheered sharia.

    • The rapid growth in Islam here entirely due to dhimmi politicans.As for Charles he is an idiot of unparalleled idiocy,traitor.

  13. The commies can’t allow symbols of national sovereignty messing up their plans global citizenship agenda. In their world there should not be any borders or separate nations.

  14. You’re kidding me? No, actually this is one of those “you just can’t make this stuff up” moments. You see, among elitist circles, common sense and common decency just isn’t fashionable.

    Yes, the UK government has lost it’s mind and moral bearings. Bad is good, good is bad. Sort of like islam in that respect in so much as vice becomes virtue. Yes, they’re stark, raving mad in their quest to be a recipient of the Darwin Award, government category.

    “Mad Dogs and Englishmen?”

      • I know, it’s quite chilling how things have degenerated so far in the UK. We have many good friends there who regularly post here and I absolutely do worry about their safety and well being in the face of an unresponsive government that has it’s own agenda completely at odds with the public they’re supposed to represent. And the same dynamic is playing out here too.

        We’re in for some rough times ahead.

        • Hey, first post here.

          Pretty much everyone I know here is in favour of the government’s Islam bootlicking sessions actually. People are generally dumb and stupid but we WILL wake up. It’ll just take a lot of time.

      • Were the arresting police (How many in the picture? Six) members of the British Moslem Police Association?

        Yes, there is such a thing. Why?

        Are there similar associations for Buddhists, Jews, Sikhs, Atheists, Pagans, Wiccans…?

        What crime will she be charged with? What chances of suing the police and who ever concocted whatever ‘law’ she allegedly broke?

        Over at trash site, they have claimed that mohammedans are ‘more British’ than the average citizen.

        Move over Orwell and Kafka, you’ve been replaced by mohammed!

        • XX Are there similar associations for Buddhists, Jews, Sikhs, Atheists, Pagans, Wiccans…?XX

          “christian Police association, certainly. The first one withing the British police forces.

          As far as I am concerned NON of them (“religions”) should be allowed to have “associations”.

      • Mind you BNI imagine how proud that lucky kid will be one day, he or she will be able to say; “my mum got arrested just for carrying the union flag in the street”.

  15. UK cops are tough! 85 yearold grannies and pregnant women. Thank God the cops were there to protect that frail muslim man! God knows what a pregnant woman would have done to his frail weak ass! Britain is like a kfka novel these days.

    • It’s a good job it was the Union Flag and not our English St Georges flag, the cops would have probably given her a kicking pregnant or not if it had been.

  16. A man was arrested (later released without charge) for walking his dog in front of a mosque, in CANADA. The UK is an excellent model of what life will be like as a result of Muslim immigration…twenty + years or so and this will be us. Everything we, the collective West represents, is offensive to Muslims and will eventually be considered a hate crime in the name of dhimmi diversity.

    Interesting how it took the police 20 minutes to respond to the broad daylight beheading of a fine soldier by Muslims but mere minutes to arrest an actual patriot committing NO crime.

  17. Insanity just keeps on and on and on…. Moooslimes cry and the citizens get arrested – something’s very WRONG with this picture! What is it going to take because it’s going to have to be something HUGE to get these idiot’s to wake up….but then again, they’d just keep on appeasing as not to hurt the asslifter’s pooor little feelings. GIVE me A BREAK! It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to actually Understand this!!~

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