“Too much tolerance of Muslims can be dangerous to your health”

Violent jihadists have NOT perverted Islam, they are following their religion to the letter of Islamic law, and under Islam are considered ‘good’ Muslims. Perhaps even the best Muslims.

Muslim (and John Brennan) propaganda that jihad is all about self-reflection is a lie, a damned lie. Violent armed jihad is sanctioned in the quran and endorsed by all Muslims, even the so-called ‘moderate’ ones. Otherwise they’d be out in the streets protesting it, but they never do. It’s time for a worldwide backlash against Muslims…the eternal threat to mankind. And yes, terrorism has everything to do with Islam.

Wild Bill for America also weighs in with commentary on the ‘Jihad Slashers’ that the pantywaisted dhimmi media could never bring themselves to say, even with a Muslim knife to their throats.