WHAT A BARGAIN! Italy gives North African Muslim refugees 500 Euros (US $642) to go to Germany

You take them. No, YOU take them. NO, YOU take them. The city of Hamburg has offered its new homeless residents free train tickets back to Italy, but so far, no takers. Hey Germany, why not offer them 600 Euros and free tickets to Belgium or Sweden?


The Local  (h/t Susan K) Some 300 refugees currently living behind Hamburg’s Bismarck monument reportedly received €500 from the Italian government to leave for Germany. Officials are unsure what to do next, as they have no shelter and no money. (Put them on welfare like everyone else in the EU does)


Swathes of refugees turned up in Italy after war broke out in Libya and, according to a letter from Germany’s Interior Ministry seen by Die Weltnewspaper, thousands of them recently received €500 each from the Italian government to leave the country.

“Refugees were slipped the money under the advice that they would go to Germany,” the letter, addressed to refugee advisors, said. In Italy they were offered temporary accommodation, the EU funding for which has since dried up. 


Around 300 of these refugees have set up home behind the Bismarck monument in Hamburg, where there is no shelter and, according to refugee rights activists Karawane, cold, wet weather has left lots of them ill. Karawane are reportedly looking into whether charges can be filed against Hamburg city for bodily harm through neglect or failure to offer help.

“They have no legal right to accommodation or state support and it would be irresponsible to give them false hope,” Hamburg Social Affairs Minister Detlef Scheele, told Die Welt. “There is no alternative other than for them to go where they can work and have the legal right to reside, be it Italy or their home country” he added.