KUDOS Alabama, the state that just passed anti-sharia legislation, now defeats zoning request for expansion of an Islamic Center in Mobile

12833931-largeThe head of an Islamic group blamed religious discrimination for a decision by city leaders to block a planned expansion of a congregational center. Shafik Hammami, president of the Islamic Center of Mobile, and father of one of the most-wanted FBI terror suspects, said the Mobile City Council‘s vote against plans for the work was a “travesty of justice” prompted by bias.


SF Gate  Hammami, a retired engineer with the Alabama Department of Transportation, said he would seek legal assistance following the refusal, which occurred during a meeting Tuesday. (Calling Eric Holder! Time for you to come down and strong arm Mobile with your usual threats of withholding federal funds for whatever)

“I have been in this country for 41 years,” Hammami told reporters after the meeting. “I have never experienced any discrimination whatsoever as I did this morning.” (Get used to it. You are the father of a terrorist)

Current Islamic Society of Mobile
Current Islamic Society of Mobile

Hammami is the father of Daphne native Omar Hammami, one of the FBI’s most-wanted terror suspects, and a recognized voice in the Islamic community in Mobile. The father said his son shouldn’t be a factor.

“My son has nothing to do with it. My son has left this country six, seven years ago. He has nothing to do with this,” said Hammami. “This is just a total intolerance on their part and they have made up their mind. They want to do this regardless.” (Then why won’t you tell the FBI where he is?)

Opponents of the expansion deny that religion has anything to do with their position. They said inadequate parking could make traffic worse in the area, located near the University of South Alabama. (Religion had everything to do with it, but they aren’t allowed to say so)


“I’m ecstatic with the council,” said Storey Walters, who lives in a nearby subdivision. A planning commission recommended approval of the phased expansion provided adequate parking was provided, but the full council rejected the project amid complaints the center failed to meet the parking requirements.

“We will provide the total number of spaces as promised, for the entire phases 2 and 3 in phase 1 and they still turned it down. I don’t understand it. This is total politics,” said Hammami.

Omar Hammami, one of the most notorious Americans in overseas jihadi groups, moved from Alabama to Somalia and joined al-Shabab in about 2006. He fought alongside the al-Qaida-linked group for years while gaining fame for posting jihadi videos on YouTube.


Council member Bess Rich, who opposed the expansion, denied that concerns over the project were related to religious intolerance from neighbors. The road near the center already is stressed, Rich said.

Councilman Fred Richardson said he suspected members of the Islamic Center were being “punished because they are Islamic.” “I am concerned some people might not believe in their faith and are using parking to get them out of there,” Richardson said. (Well, duh!)

Chuck Biddinger, the owner of an electronic repair store in Alabama, makes it a point to include humor in the signboard outside his shop.
Chuck Biddinger, the owner of an electronic repair store in Alabama, makes it a point to include humor in the signboard outside his shop.