20 Muslims get a slap on the wrist for for their part in a deadly attack on the US embassy in Tunisia last year

A mob of some 2,000 devout Muslims attacked the Embassy compound on Sept., 14, 2012, destroying cars, property, burning the American flag and a nearby American school, ostensibly in response to a movie in the U.S. that allegedly insulted Islam. Four protesters died in the attack. Yesterday, 20 rioters on trial for the attack were handed two-year suspended sentences.


FOX News  (h/t Kenneth N) Only 20 people were prosecuted for the assault, and the court gave them two-year suspended sentences Tuesday night for attacking property and violating a state of emergency.


“We are deeply troubled by reports of suspended sentences,” the embassy said.  “The verdicts do not correspond appropriately to the extent and severity of the damage and violence that took place.” The sternly worded statement said Tunisia’s government must show there is no tolerance for those resorting to violence to achieve their goals and that the court’s “decision fails in this regard.”

The leader of the ultraconservative Ansar al-Shariah organization, Seifallah Ben Hassine, is being sought in connection with the attack, but he remains at large after slipping through a police cordon at the time.