EXCUSE ME? Muslim ‘morality’ police chastise a Canadian woman for her ‘slutty’ attire

In Canada, yes, CANADA!

Muslim woman with a full face-covering bag on her head says to Jane: “Why don’t you pull your skirt up higher so you can show your ass? Your clothing offends me.”

Jane’s response to Muslim baghead: “Your clothing offends me, too, and I would gladly tell you face to face if only I could see it.”

SUN NEWS (h/t Susan K)


92 comments on “EXCUSE ME? Muslim ‘morality’ police chastise a Canadian woman for her ‘slutty’ attire

  1. I am not Muslim, nor do I consider myself Christian. I guess I am trying to find a faith that makes sense to me. They say Muslims are evil and Christians are not but, I think we need to look at this very carefully. Most of the time it’s just one mans belief verses another mans or woman’s belief. The biggest problem we face is religious war far and intolerance. I wish I knew the answer to all the indifference in this world. We are all different yet we are all the same. Nothing will change in this world if we keep looking at the differences. Be the change you want to see in the world and pray that you make the right choice. Take a good look at your self and change that what needs to be changed with in ones self and maybe just maybe we can learn to love instead of hate. The world needs this change now more than ever before in recorded history. If not for yourself do it for your children!!!

  2. Jealousy makes you nasty………. that muslim hoe probably has nothing to show but a fat ass and cellulite and her husband probably has 10 other hoe wives he is screwing to death. Talk about sexually frustrated…….. pfffff……

  3. I had a friend taking city transit around Christmas time and a young lady had a Santa hat on and the young lady on the bus was approached by a Muslim woman and she told her to take it off she said no and screw off. The Muslim woman was angry and this was not a request to her This did not happen to my friend just she saw this going on The Muslim woman was offended for her wearing the Santa hat

  4. lol i just wanted to reply to the comments, that muslim women and men are so ugly
    i am in muslim country and the men here are so nice looking, we see british and american women coming over her and i swear they are not so nice looking but they come her for the handsome muslim men. me and my husband wonder at it and my friend remarked to me one day that the british women dont find men in uk so they come here you see them with the sweetest young men lol
    i dont mind if they come here for the men, lol, but it is funny

  5. Muslims, the new vampires.
    Vampires, out for blood. Muslims too.
    Vampires hate sunlight. Have u seen Muslim women?
    Vampires hate garlic. Muslims hate garlic ham
    Vampires drink blood. Muslims will eat body parts.
    Vampires prey on young women. Ditto Muslims.
    Vampires try to make more vampires. Ditto Muslims.
    Vampires live in huge mansions. Have you seen the gaudy Muslim temples?
    Vampires believe they are superior and disdain all other races. Ditto Muslims.
    Vampires will kill to get what they want. Ditto Muslims.
    Vampires lie. Muslims lie more.

    But Vampires are elegant and seductive. Muslims dress baggy and are hairy.
    And vampires pay their own way. Muslims get financed and welfare left and right.
    Conclusion : vampires are far better than Muslims even on their off days.
    Muslims are the new vampires, what a let down.
    Rather be a vampire than a Muslim any day. Rather be unholy and undead than unholy and killed for my opinions.

    • Forgot to add a few.
      Vampires hate the church, the cross and the bible. Ditto Muslims.
      Vampires sleep in coffins. Muslims sleep over the dead bodies of innocents.
      Vampires turn to dust in sunlight. Ditto for Muslim arguments in the light of truth.
      Vampires are good at running and hiding. Ditto for Muslim terrorists.
      Vampires obey the oldest vampire. Ditto for Muslims and their old imams.
      Vampire hate holy water. Muslims hate holy wine.
      Vampires hate dogs and fire. Muslims hate dogs and flaming mosques.
      Vampires desecrate holy sites. Muslims do it better.
      Vampires can brainwash people. They are Amateurs compared to Muslims.
      Vampires love the dark. Muslims love the dark ages so much they are bringing it back.
      Vampires have eternal life. Muslims think they will get it after death.
      Vampires love virgins. Muslims will get 72 after they die. What do girls get.?.
      Vampires love women. Muslims love women……….just kidding!

      Yup I think this will be enough to get a fatwa or something….. They are so fond of those.

  6. This is a case of neglect by Muslim men. You are supposed to keep your animals on a leash. They are your property. If they snarl at others when out walking they should be Muzzled.When we see these animals on the street that have been Muzzie Muzzled we will know that you are following the law.

  7. Here is a math problem what would be the cost in fuel, drugs and manpower to deport all the Muslims funded by the Saudi’s from Canada? What would be the conversion costs for mosques into native Indian drop in centres? Lastly, is there an easy to use cloth dissolving spray that works fast and effectively on black niqabs?

    • In fact, they do believe in women or girl circumcision as they believe “it protects the woman’s vagina from evil satanic experiences or seductions” :)

      • That in itself tells you something: lauding Female Genital Mutilation (which their “circumcision” really IS) as being something to save their women from the very same Satan that they worship under the name of “allah”!!!

        To boot, they believe in magic and sorcery – totally prehistoric Untermenschen of the worst possible sort!!!! If kuffar (non-Moslems) are “lower than cattle”, I say that Moslems are lower than EVERY LIVING CREATURE UPON THE ENTIRE EARTH-PLANET!!!!

        DEATH TO ISLAM as well as all other totalitarianism!!!!! And BRAVISSIMA to Jane for retorting back to that female terrorist-in-training…

  8. Around here in Alabama, we keep certain items on our person to handle the Jihadists…I have an Inglis MK 1 * in my belt, just in case they try violence. I know that this is hororfying to some of you in GB and Canada, but down here in the South, that is the way it is….(Legal and no problems here–so we get no trouble from the Muslims……)

  9. All the countries in Europe and America will pay a price for letting all the Muslims in and build their mosques and they trying to get a foothold in our government and Obama has his arms wide open. Their true agenda is taking over the world just like it was Hitlers dream. History tells us that Hitler had an alignment with the Muslims during world war two! People really need to wake up before it is to late!

  10. I think the best retort would have been, “I don’t dress for sandstorms. We rarely have them in this part of Canada.”

  11. Canadan’s Muslim population is now at 3.2% of the total population

    Here’s what happens when that increases in increments.

    But in hindsight, a better response would be, “Where’s your male escort, because I don’t think he’d allow you to talk to me.” I still give Jane an 8/10. Our Crusade got a boost because Jane works at a News Organization that put it on air. 😉

  12. Good job reporting this. The media here in the US would NEVER cover this story because it isn’t politically correct, and it would hurt the poor Muslims feelings.
    Send them ALL back where they came from.

  13. I’d tell her ” It offends me that your husband can have sex with you and three other women, has one-day stands and numerous other concubines. How does it feel to know that when your husband’s pr*ck is inside you, it’s been in numerous other women’s vagina’s or up their *sses? Just how many venereal diseases do you have anyhow!”

    There is nothing like hitting the sweet spot!

  14. Love the “Pork!” suggestion, it’s allergy season and you can pass it off as a cough and follow them for blocks doing that. Also showing the cell phone first. That’s a good excuse for an upgrade, right there. Michael Zakyan makes an important point: always treat the muslim like an unwelcome guest. Give ’em a taste of “feeling themselves subdued” that they want to impose on us. Stare at them, smile, and invite them to “Come back when you can’t stay so long.”

  15. That’s exactly the come back to use when they dare say they are “offended” : that the sight of you OFFENDS YOU on a daily basis, but since they don’t care, why should you.

    And of course, as they sooner or later practically always use the “this is my home” or whatever crap like that, no it’s not : they’re only guests and like all guests who overstay their welcome, we throw them out.

    You have to go for public humiliation : works every time and they hate it. Oh and if they want to call the police, call the police for what ? That crap phobia of theirs ? Turn the tables on them on that one, and if they even try playing the racist card, we never will say it enough : explain and prove how that cult of theirs is a race ?

    Could stay here for hours giving you tips on that kind of crap, we’re so savvy with that over here, but I’d overstay my welcome and Bonni would boot me out :-)

  16. In Ontario, Sharia law was **this** close to being passed by the former Premier. Once the populace learned what it was, the bill was quickly taken off the table.

    Another interesting angle is that the current Premier of Ontario is a lesbian who has actively courted support from the Muslim community. Of course, if she were in a Muslim country, she may be killed/executed for being a lesbian.

    Strange times.

    • Makes total sense to me. Use the stupid infidel blasphemer to destroy the system that protects her then hang her with sharia law that she was too stupid to research. As they say, a frog boiled slowly will never jump out of the pot. (I think it would but she won’t)

  17. If the muslim whore from hell had called the cops, no doubt the infidel would have been hassled. The media would have reported on the incident as backlash against the ever so “peaceful religion” of allah, and cair would be all over it.

    The vileness of islam is indescribable.

    Here is zonation on pc insanity.

  18. Our countries are NOT Muslim!
    Muslims: move back to your Muslim countries where you will NOT be offended!

    Muslims HATE our countries, our clothes, our music, our dancing, our joy, our culture, our religion, our happiness, our GOD, our NON-Muslim political system, our beliefs in freedom and human rights and our no-sharia law courts…

    The only thing Muslims DON’T hate is FREE welfare benefits.

  19. Sharia law says Islam is perfect, complete and eternal, and Allah hates criticism. Allah and Mohammed freak out with rage when criticized. The worst thing is: they won’t allow you to take it back, even if it’s an accident. An apology for blasphemy doesn’t get you anywhere….kkkkkkkkpt! Off with his/her head!

    Gee, Mozzies are touchy. They immediate get instant jihad syndrome going from nice, ‘moderate’ Mozzies to rage-boy Mozzie in one second! A bipolar religion.

    Everyone should merely stare them in the eye and not say anything. Then smile. They are very unsettled by that. Maybe it will cause one or two of them to think.

    • Of course they are, because they are allowed to get away with it. If the Brits., Canadians, Americans etc. were to clamp down on them things would change very quickly.

      Drummer Lee Rigby was murdered in England as you know, the people are furious (well, the decent ones) but the police hold the people back, and even beat some of them, while the politicians say the Brits. “Should become more Islamic!”

      Now just imagine if some Brits. were to stab and behead anjem choudary???

  20. this is just the beginning, they come to your countries begging for food, jobs and welfare.
    then they treat you with disrespect and demean every single citizen
    then they populate like animals and vermin
    then they claim to have a will to integrate in the society but they never
    they just preserve their sh*t…
    they don’t work or produce, they eat and consume
    they don’t treat people equally, they just discriminate and hate
    they don’t believe in equality of man and woman, they just demean women for they are from the “devil”
    (Where mohammed come from … ? Heaven ?)

    Your countries folks, are being ruined and occupied socially
    Sooner or later, if you don’t deal with it, there shall be no more Canada, USA , Brazil, EU, Australia ………….

    • PJ, please change your user name. The reason is because a majority of Muslims who post here call themselves “Proud Muslim.’ We don’t trust anyone with ‘proud’ in front of their name and people will think you are a Muslim pretending to be a Jew so you won’t get banned.

      • BNI…No PROUD JEW? How about Proud JOO or Proud Ju or Proud Jude, man, these muzzies f*ck up even user names! I’m going over to one of the Palestinian sites and mess up THEIR user names if I can….time to change MY name and browser again!

  21. David Menzies, the journalist in the video was punched by a Muslim woman in Dundas Square in downtown Toronto for photographing a Muslim woman. I think his camera was damaged. Anyway, the Toronto sharia police sided with the Muslim woman.

      • BNI, so true! But much worse in Toronto than anywhere else in the country. Ontario is terrible, but in Toronto the police and the School Board are unbelievable—truly Kafka-esque.

        • Peter, I’ve posted several horrifying stories about Muslims in Ontario. Quebec seems much more willing to put them in their place…somewhere not in Quebec.

        • Absolutely right Bonnie, a year or two back in a small place in Quebec (Herouville, I think) the locals attempted to put muslims in their place—and the rest of Canada jumped on the Frenchmen!

          Why must our own people be so blind and cowardly?

    • Thanks for telling me that. I might go to Dundas Square this summer with my old DSLR and photograph a few Muslim women.

  22. Excellent response, Jane! These diaper heads are getting more offensive by the day.. A couple of years ago some of these sluts called a friend of mine “whore”, because she was wearing knee-long shorts in a shopping mall on a hot summer. day.

    It’s the summit of megalomania. They think they can impose their perverted dress code everywhere.

  23. Obviously a deliberate provocation by the baghead bitch for the purpose of catching a filthy kafir in the act of “Islamophobia”. Western women need to be prepared to shut down this sort of behavior without being harrassed via 911 calls and “hate crime” accusations.

    What would be the most efficient way to shut up a mouthy muslima and make sure she, shall we say, feels herself to be subdued and that if she tries to make trouble she will wish to allahoochiekoochie that she never set eyes on you?


    • Every single citizen of Canada, should treat muslims in a demeaning and humiliating manner, so that they know, that they are GUESTS

  24. Most prbably a fat, shpeless bitch hiding hr offensive looking blob of a body inside her louse and nit habitat of veils and headbags.
    The odor wafting from some of these wrapped women suggessys that theyk don’t bathe. They just get dipped to confound the little pests that live in their nice, protected, warm environment.

    • Bob, you do have a point; a couple of times I’ve walked past muslim women in a mall in Victoria (British Columbia) and thought to myself: ‘No wonder muslims say women are unclean, if these are anything to go by’, they always look ‘grotty’ to me.

  25. Maybe Jane should have said, “Your religion offends me. It’ offensive to all humanity. And, please don’t ever take off that garbage bag so as not to additionally offend myself and my fellow citizens from having to look at your twisted, hateful face. Have a nice day. Bitch.”

    • My reply, had I been her, would have been, “Your religion offends ME. I will wear what I want, and if you don’t like, YOU can get the f**k up OUT of MY country and go back to where all the stinky bags dress like you do.”

  26. How come if a “normal” person was to say to a “non normal” person “muslim” to remove the Burqa it is an offense to me, or impersonating a Nun is offensive (kidding) to me, they in turn will be savaged by the savage, screamed at, abused, called a racist and even face Racism charges in some places, it seems there are Two Rules in the World, now, 1 is, Muslims can say, do whatever they like and it is ok, yet we don’t have the same privilege.
    They yell in Jubilation when a “non human” decapitates a “Human” and our Leaders say nothing, yet Obama the “non human” attacks the Leader of Myanmar for abuses against “non humans” after these parasites had already Murdered a Monk and others, he never said boo about that, just got all upset when his Brotherhood and brothers copped a payback
    Not all Muslims are “non humans” I call them that, because to call those scum Animals, would be an insult to the animal Kingdom. The decent Muslims must be pulling their hair out, they should openly condemn these scum that enjoy, raping young girls, women, honor killings and beheadings, then people may realise they are not all like the radicals, trouble is, we can’t tell the difference, no way of knowing if they are friend or foe.
    What a Sad state this World is in now and mainly because of the so-called religion of peace

  27. In the Torah/Bible, Tamar, Judah’s daughter-in-law, covers her face to disguise herself. Judah asks for her as “the prostitute” who was recently seen standing beside the road. Gen 38:15 “When Judah saw her, he thought her to be a prostitute, for she had covered her face.” Gen 38:21 “He asked the townspeople, ‘Where is the temple prostitute who was at Enaim by the wayside?'”

    Covering oneself is not a sign of humility or piety in the Ancient Near East. It’s a sign of prostitution – which is exactly how Muslim women are oriented toward their husbands, their faith and the patriarchal society that uses them like objects. Covering the face is dark, deceitful and shame based. It’s not about freedom, but enslavement to others and to one’s own wantonness. It allows Muslim women to be abused (indeed, it is a form of abuse itself) and it allows them to act anonymously, deceitfully, which is not the choice of honest women who live in the light of day, fully recognizable with nothing to hide.

    To reiterate: Face covering implies being a whore, a slave and a deceiver. Uncovering implies honesty, virtue and freedom.

    Tell that to the next bag head you see.

  28. Maybe Jane would find herself in deep doodoo for commenting so. Probably for political incorrectness that is considered a type of hate crime.

  29. Jane should have said, “Your religion offends me. It is offensive to all humanity. And, do me and my fellow citizens a favor. Never take off that garbage bag so as to spare us the additional offense of having to see your twisted, hateful face. Have a nice day. Bitch.”

  30. I would have said sure; as long as you pull off your hijab and shove that up your arse, as an encore.

  31. I absolutely LOVED “Jane’s” come-back. That was freaking awesome…sadly I’d have never thought that one quick enough…I’d just be too shocked it happened to begin with. I’m thankful we only have a few muslims in my town…thank God for that, and I pray it stays that way. My husband loves to bark the words “Pork”, “Bacon”, or says, “mohammed was a sick pedophile” to them as he passes them. He’s even gotten muslims to eat pork at a buffet that he used to work at…that was always great!

  32. Awesome, now we cant even dress up the way we want becouse it is offensive to the muslims. Becouse of the muslims half of my rights are harassed day by day. They come to your home and tell you what to do. Imagine if you would travel to sauid arabia or egypt and told the muslim woman that she offends you with her hijab and made her undress….

    • Oh, please no, spare my eyes. Centuries of inbreeding, hard slavish work, beatings, discolored skin due to the dies used in their clothing, rancid sweat due to wearing too much in a hot country, hairy and fat would turn me into an eunuch. Maybe there is a reason for wearing the hajib or whatever. They have nothing to advertise. Also explains why Muslim women have no qualms stoning other prettier women. Which might also explain why Muslim men rape non Muslim girls…… Okay maybe I’m thinking too much. Muslims both men and women are arrogant and bitch ugly!

  33. Ban the burka. If a muslim dressed in a garbage bag does anything illegal we would not be able to identify them in a court of law and there fore not have justice. We must ban the burka. Always be ready for every and all events that you encounter. Keep your cell phone handy to record all of this type of nasty stuff. Be the first to show your cell phone and that you are recording the events for the cops.

    • My reply would have been, “Your vulgar tongue offends me. Why don’t you pull out your tongue and cut it off?”

      • Right on Didi, a perfect reply to that vulgar vile Musllim woman. We have got to stop these muslims and stand up to them

    • What offends me, is why did they leave their country to come where they know our dress codes are far different (and apprently offensive to them.)? Why don’t they stay where they are comfortable and not try to impose their moral codes on we the people, who love OUR COUNTRY. We don’t go to their birth countries and impose our dress codes on them. Why, also, are we so uncomfortable with their criticisms of our dress codes? Rarely, if ever, do we read where someone has defended our beliefs, publicly, if a Muslim finds us offensive. I do believe they should stay where they are most comfortable and leave us to our own choice.

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