So, whatever happened to “Allah will provide?”

Kevin of HillBuzz broke this story about a proliferation of Muslim female beggars in the streets of Chicago. Gee, the highest gun murder rate in the nation and now this, Muslim beggars in the streets. Nice job, Mayor (“never let a crisis go to waste”) Rahm Emanuel.


HillBuzz  Kevin tells of going downtown Chicago to take photos of all the beggars in the streets. But what surprised him was how many Muslim women there were begging all up and down Michigan Avenue, in front of the tony shops likes Tiffany’s, Burberry, Apple, etc.  This is the part of town that’s called “The Magnificent Mile” and is heavily trafficked by tourists; sometimes, the crowds are so dense that there are traffic jams in the middle of the sidewalk, as people get stopped in bottlenecks while trying to walk down the street.  Further hampering movement these days are the Muslim women (who appear to be Pakistani or Bangladeshi) who now are allowed to sit on the sidewalk, camp out, and beg like this in the nicest part of town.

Since these women appear to be from Pakistan, Bangladesh, or elsewhere overseas and describe themselves as immigrants to passers-by (also pretending they speak little or no English, as a means of winning sympathy), I also wonder why in this county people allow the Left to so aggressively import third world peasants.  Instead of, say, doctors, education professionals, and other hardworking and respectable immigrants who would not be begging on sidewalks.  Rahm Emanuel seems to have placed an urgent order for the importation of Muslim female beggars…and I think people need to ask WHY IS THAT? READ MORE