A new video from the courageous Jewish 16-year-old who marched alone with an Israeli flag at an anti-Israel protest in Los Angeles in 2010

ilflag1vi-viBack in 2010, Israeli-born teenager, Daniel (the lion-hearted) Pereg, confronted a very hostile crowd of pro-Palestinian Jew-haters at an anti-Israel protest in front of the Israeli Consulate in Los Angeles.

Amidst an angry mob of Muslim and far-leftist anti-Israel demonstrators, a lone 16-year old Jewish boy marched against a global blood-libel against the Jewish state of Israel. American Daniel stands-up against the “conventional wisdom” of the street (and the mob’s agitation). His bravery evokes a mob reaction of religious rivalry, not political opposition to Israel’s intercepting the sea blockade busting, militants’ ship.

Daniel in 2010:

Daniel in 2013: A message of peace to Iran from Israel