UK Officials: “We don’t have the power to kick extradited Muslim terrorist Abu Hamza’s family out of their $1.5 million taxpayer-funded luxury home”

abu_hamzaOfficials admitted yesterday they are ‘powerless’ to throw out Najat Mostafa, the hook-handed cleric’s second wife, from the five-bedroom property in an exclusive west London street. Mrs Mostafa has received thousands of pounds in benefits during her time living there and the house has twice been refurbished during the past decade, costing taxpayers tens of thousands of pounds.

UK Daily Mail  Hammersmith and Fulham Council, which pays her rent, asked her to downsize last year after discovering that only two of the couple’s seven children were living there with her.

Hamza's Council Home
Hamza’s Council Home

Hamza was extradited to the United States to face terrorism charges last year, having delayed his deportation in the courts since 2004. He is accused of hostage-taking in Yemen and supporting attempts to set up an Al Qaeda training camp in the US.

But it said it had changed its mind after recently carrying out an audit and discovering that two more of her children have since moved back into the house, meaning she is no longer classed as ‘under-occupying’. 

Maybe they need the room for 3 more wives?
Maybe they need the room for 3 more wives?

The local authority declined to reveal the ages of the children or how much rent is payable for what is the only council property in the street in Shepherd’s Bush, an area popular with bankers and City lawyers.

His Moroccan-born wife moved into the large property in 1995 after claiming that the couple had separated. But neighbours said the hate preacher was often seen at the house until his arrest in August 2004 over allegations of incitement to murder and racial hatred. 

The cleric, infamous for his firebrand preaching against Britain and the West at North London’s Finsbury Park mosque, was previously jailed in Britain in 2006 for incitement to murder and racial hatred.