MISSOURI ‘dhimmi’ Governor Jay Nixon vetoes anti-sharia bill. But the Republican majority can and must override this traitorous veto

Missouri BNIers, please contact your State Senators and Representatives and tell them to override this veto. Both the Senate and House have veto-proof Republican majorities. Don’t let the terrorist supporters from CAIR have a victory.

OH, LOOKIE HERE! Useful idiot Christian dhimmis falling all over each other, prostrating themselves at the feet of CAIR and sharia law.


Pitch  Gov. Jay Nixon got out his veto pen today to strike down one of the more bizarre and meaningless bills that the Missouri General Assembly actually passed this year. At issue: Senate Bill 267, better known as the “Civil Liberties Defense Act.”

The name makes the legislation sound good, but the language in is vague and strange. The bill purports to outlaw any court or administrative ruling that’s based on foreign law deemed “repugnant or inconsistent” with the Missouri and U.S. constitutions.

JAY NIXON being honored by terrorist front group CAIR
JAY NIXON being honored by terrorist front group CAIR

Nixon took the tack that such legislation would throw an unnecessary barrier before Missouri parents looking to adopt children in other countries. “This legislation seeks to solve a problem that does not exist, while creating the very real problem of jeopardizing Missouri’s families’ ability to adopt children from foreign countries,” Nixon said in a written statement.

The bill’s sponsor was Sen. Brian Nieves, one of the more conservative Republicans in the Missouri Senate.


Faizan Syed, Executive Director of CAIR-St. Louis advocating for sharia law in America: