Oh, NOES! Counterjihad paintball attack on Texas mosque?

CAIRvivi-viHamas-linked CAIR (Council on Anti-American Islamic Relations) is calling on state and national law enforcement authorities to investigate a paintball terror attack of about 24 paintballs on a McKinney, Texas mosque as a possible hate crime.

Maybe we should call out the National Guard to protect mosque?

Maybe Rick Perry should call out the National Guard to protect the mosque from another terrorist paintball attack?

CAIR  The statement did not indicate that anyone was hurt or provide a damage estimate. A vehicle owned by a congregation member was also hit by a paintball. The group also said increased police patrols are expected. Officials with the McKinney Islamic Association in Mckinney, Texas, told CAIR that up to two dozen paintballs were fired at the mosque sometime between 11 p.m. on Saturday and 5 a.m. on Sunday.

A vehicle owned by a member of the mosque’s congregation was also hit by a paintball after he left the facility. Worshippers have reportedly been verbally harassed recently by young people who gather near the mosque. Local police told mosque officials that they will recommend stepped up patrols in the area.

“If a bias motive is proven in this case, the perpetrators should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law, including appropriate hate crime enhancement.”


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  1. It is difficult to believe these fellows because they can do it themselves to malign others and then raise a hell. There are umpteen such examples. Hence it is just another bald stunt by these Islamists. I have not known another religion officially preaching its adherents to “Lie”. It is just not on…

  2. i figure that they will spend 20 million investigating this, about 19,999.00 more than if your your family was killed by muslims

  3. The solution for this egregious crime is to immediately pass a law for paint registration. Spray cans, paintball guns, and paint sprayers definitely, and later on paint cans in the 1 and 5 gallon size can be registered also. Many painters will scream bloody murder as they will have to roll paint on all surfaces to avoid the registration, thereby taking much longer on jobs, but that is a small price to pay for the safety of mosques. The NPA(National Paint Association) will rage on and on, how registration will lead to bans and confiscation. They will say, “If paint is outlawed, only outlaws will have paint.” Don’t listen to these paintnuts.

  4. Thats what I’ve always said-Baptize them with BACON. Bacon blended up in water and inadvertently spilled everywhere where the Mooztards are

  5. Oh you poor little things.
    Doesn’t you heart go out to these poor downtrodden peoples.

    Machette and cleaver attacks are one thing but paint ball, that’s about as bad as it can get.

    What can we do to help?

  6. Aargh, graffiti ! AND PAINT !!! A WMD ! Take cover, call in the feds, dangerous murdering terrorists at large !

  7. More whining from the usual suspects. The FBI is most likely getting real tired of these trivial complaints. They should be.


  8. Naw, not the National Guard, a wrecking crew of “good ole boys” with a crane and huge wrecking ball – Problem solved!

  9. “Growing national trend of ‘Islamophobia”?!!……Oh boo —-ing hoo….STFU CAIR (Council of Arselifter Intimidation Relations)!!…..And if you don’t want your precious —-ing mosquetrosities “desecrated’, I suggest you GTFO of the U.S.A and go to one of the 57 pislamic sh–holes already in existence in other parts of the world! Those of your ilk do NOT belong here, trying to push your Sharia sh– and your customs in CIVILIZED society!!……Ooooh, was that “hate speech”?!…..Well. Excuuuuuuuse meeeeeee!!

  10. I have a theory why muslims are always so pissed off. Sometime ago Allah updated the savages telling them that in the afterlife they will not have 72 virgins, but one 72 year old virgin!

    And you’re damn well right it’s a hate crime. They HATE you. Get it?

  11. Hmmmmm they can behead us, blow us up, rape our children, torture animals, bit no one can “harmlessly” paintball a building. Oh, and a car. Islamaphobia…..oh boo hoo!

  12. I was born in McKinney, Texas and still live only 30 minutes away.
    It IS possible they did it themselves for attention.
    However! IF they didn’t? YEAH!
    Someone is making a point.

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