Awwww….For the first time since the terror attack, Boston Marathon Bomber gets to talk to his mommy in Dagestan

Recovering from his injuries in a military prison in Massachusetts, Muslim terrorist Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was permitted by authorities to have one call with his drama queen mother and clearly delusional father.


Dzhokhar’s mother plays back the telephone conversation she had with her terrorist son. As tears stream down her face she finds it impossible to accept the reality of what her sons did. She tells her son that everyone loves him, “Muslims and non-Muslims.” The parents seem in denial and can’t accept their kids might be guilty. They’ve set up web sites campaigning for justice for their son who they believe was set up. 

Gee, for people who allegedly ran away from Russia to the US for political asylum and all the welfare benefits they could grab, they seem to be living a pretty comfortable life back in Russia. No KGB in sight anywhere.

Journeyman TV